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Wishcasting Wednesday–Treasures

What treasures do you wish for?

A long healthy life!

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010, during what some call Spring and we in the Upper Peninsula call Winter, I felt cursed.

As a teenager, I had endless infections: tonsillitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. I was told I had IBS in my 20s. My doctor told me I had Chronic Fatigue in 2000.

In 2004, I had to close my massage due to a slow to heal injury.

I had to walk away from my next job as well.

And another.

(You get the idea).

My list of symptoms, long.

My list of options, short.

Today is a new day. Thanks to a clear diagnosis.

Each day I feel stronger. I find more mental clarity. I feel nourished. My endurance is wonderful. I’m not fatigued. Healing is such a blessing. I am looking forward to the day I reopen my practice. It might be a slightly different plan, but I’ll get there!

The treasures of this life come from the experiences that have shaped my reality and views on life. Healing is a daily event. We are active participants in the process. We have to be. It is the way to discover the course of action, navigate the ups-and-downs, and make it to the next shore.

My 4-year-old grandson likes pirates. I like sword fights. We are caught up in the possibilities of the open sea, treasures, and spitting into the wind. I think he and I really do believe we can fly. He takes a leap off the bed. I take a leap from one point to the other (quite frequently), too.

Funny that I bring up pirates? (Raise of my eyebrows.)

We steal moments of truth and freedom between the hard spots, the diagnosis, the somewhat pessimistic comments of doctors and others. We have to see the gold sparkle as the healing surfaces like a treasure in a deep cave filled with tide. It is the patience and the make-believe that keep hope shining.

I see abundance in a chest of experiences and creative projects. I see it in the touch of hearts and hands. Deep in that chest of treasure are smiles, hugs, and laughter. Deep Comforts!

Will you sail with me?

(Stay tuned for new adventures with Create with Kim!)

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy with Jamie Ridler Studios!

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Is Your Greatest Wish?

I love Wednesdays for the focus that arises from Jamie Ridler’s prompts.  This week she asks viewers, “What is your greatest wish?”

My focus has concentrated on healing and making energetic shifts. I’m making steps to rebuild my dreams.

I love how happy I look in the “Selfie” from last week. I was working my gallery shift at Zero Degrees and the morning sunrise had the gallery aglow! I felt blessed to be working in the gallery for the second day in a row. Later that day, I sold my largest piece, 12×24 image of the dock pilings in Marquette’s Lower Harbor. The photo had a wide-angle perspective and was outlined in bold black, to me the image speaks of hope, of shifting energies and the lines in the photo draw you toward your future.

I remember taking that image into a local frame shop and having it matted. The 12 x 24 image now stately in my mind. I thought, I am doing this? Now, as I feel a stronger  pull toward my future I can state, I am doing this!

What is this?

Good Question, eh?

My this, my wish is a lifestyle where I help others find beauty and healing. I would sustain myself by making my living through photography, art, yoga, and massage. I’ve long dreamt of a business with wide open windows that housed a variety of options. Massage and healing arts, soup of the day, community art space, a large room for yoga and tai chi. It would be a spa and art studio rolled into one. A place to heal self and community. There would be many teachers and participants. This is my greatest wish. This is what I am moving to each day.

Full Frost Moon–What Will Come

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I take part each full moon and make a DreamBoard with Jamie Ridler and others. Jamie says, “Under the Full Frost Moon it is time to deepen our dreams, to grow powerful roots of support as we move into the colder months. Allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let’s choose to give our energy to the things that nourish our hearts and our lives, while releasing what no longer serves us. Let’s fill not only our dreamboards but also our calendars and lists with what we dream of.”

This moon’s question: “What dreams would I like to grow roots for?”
What are you dreaming under this Full Frost Moon?

Mostly, I am trying to unfold and breathe. I am moving into my dreamtime and watching for what gifts come my way. I am allowing myself to believe in magic and miracles.

I have many interest, dreams, and visions. I was once told I had too many interests. I went on the defensive after that comment. I love to run. I love yoga. I love photography. I love massage. I love nutrition and learning how what we ingests can heal us.

Health and injuries have had me rethink my path many times.

It seems I’ve been caught in a pattern of doing things cautiously. I run to protect the knee. I move into asanas with caution. I give tiny-short massages to people in wheelchairs that cannot give verbal feedback.

I dream of managing a unique business! One that brings creativity, health and wellness together. One that helps individuals and community heal.

I know part of this dream means I must continue self-care.

I know this dream needs revenue.

My dream board I see as embracing what is to come, what will come.

Wishcating Wednesday–Who do you wish to have tea with?

Tea Cups at the Butler Theatre, Ishpeming Michigan

Who do you wish to have tea with?

I used to work at the Marquette Food Cooperative in Marquette, Michigan and Michael Hainstock (the Younger) used to be in charge of stocking the bulk tea herbs. Michael was very into learning about the herbs and blending them to suit your needs. I was working both as a grocery and produce worker. Working with produce can be chilling work and a mug of tea served in one of Ryan Dalman’s mugs was perfect to keep me healthy and warm.

Michael the Younger and I would hike and look for sources of herbs. His father’s garage was filled with drying herbs. There were mason jars everywhere. If someone at home started to get the sniffles Michael would steep herbs strong. Tea balls, muslim bags, tea presses. I learned tea is not just a dainty thing in pretty delicate tea cups. Tea can be a “spell” brewed for a purpose.

I fell in love with Michael’s father Mike the Elder. And then Michael the Younger fell in love with Beth Millner who is a silversmith and jewelry artist. They now have a hobby farm in Marquette Township called Badger Creek Farm. I miss hiking with Michael the Younger and I miss his tea (smile). Being family we ought to have more time together.

My wish is for me to get my butt out to the farm and have tea with Michael the Younger.

You can join Jamie Ridler and others to be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt above on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box below. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment saying “As (insert name) wishes for her/himself, so I wish for her/him also.” It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together.

Movements–Meditation with Trees

Self Portrait -- Meditation with Trees

November, and I’ve dedicated myself to movement, art and meditation. This intent has brought me great blessings. Today three eagles flew over head talking to each other as they rode the wind. I hiked the Olympic Trail in Al Quaal Recreation area with my camera and with my MagicMan, Mike.

Earlier on Saturday I had taken a workshop that went over Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques. The class was with Jennifer Silverston of Marquette and the class was held at the Marquette Arts and Cultural Center.

This week, as I create movement and new energy patterns in my life, I will be doing Yoga, QiGong, Energy medicine techniques and clearing more clutter from my home. I will also be working at the Zero Degrees Artist Gallery on Friday November 11th from 5-8pm and Saturday from 9-12pm. If you are local to the Marquette area I hope you will come in to the gallery to chat.

I’m looking forward to the coming week. I hope yours promises much healing and fulfillment, too!

Gazing at our world…

When you travel far from yourself, what brings you home? How do you keep your living authentic? And when you journey away from your soul how do you step back and regroup?

I’ve been working at moving back toward myself.

Yoga brings me to the now and I root myself to the earth and breathe. I become aware of the sensations in my body, where I am holding tension and fear. Here I can coax myself to let go.

Sometimes our gaze on the world can be rushed, skewed, fractured, but we must still ourselves to look.

There is always hope between light and shadow. Or as yoga teaches us in that small pause of breathe between inhale and exhale.

Wishcasting Wednesday–How do I wish to nourish myself?

Jamie Ridler asks her viewers today, “How do you wish to nourish yourself?”

As we head into our winter months here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I plan to nourish myself with the activities that bring me freedom from panic and doubt. I always feel best when out in nature. In the photo above Mike and I are on the shores of Lake Michigan on a boardwalk area in Gladstone, Michigan.

October was full of travel opportunities and special moments with family. My youngest son Randy was between trainings with the Army and came home to spend some time with family. I never looked happier than I do in this photo. That is my soldier on the left of the photo, grandson on my shoulders, and my oldest son, Tim is on the right.

Our trip to Duluth helped me reconnect to my deepest self by plopping me down in the middle of an unknown city where I had several hours to myself, a backpack, twenty dollars and a tri-fold brochure map of Downtown Duluth. I listened to my intuition and followed its lead. I found out how adventurous and confident I am. I was far from my usual daily influences. I remembered who I am at the center of my being and I rediscovered my dreams.

Keeping in mind what nourished me in October I want to build upon those expereinces as we head into the long months of winter.

I wish to nurture myself with more:

  • Nature & Space
  • Self-discovery & Play
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Family-time

AEDM Day One–Gluten Free Pizza

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I’ve been bored with my gluten-free diet and all the best laid plans of trying something new were subverted by working a 3pm-11pm work shift. I kept things predictable and easy. But today, I had Tuesday off work and I wanted adventure!

This was my first attempt at gluten-free pizza. It was made easier by the fact I recently re-introduced eggs and dairy to my diet.

This pizza had less than an hour prep and cooking time. I used the Gluten-Free Bisquick Pizza Recipe on the box with organic Canola Oil and local eggs. I topped the pizza with Muir Glen tomato paste, Applegate Natural Pepperoni, and diced red pepper and onions. After some research on my checkbook balance, and mainstream grocery shredded cheeses, I decided on Kraft Mozzarella.

Normally I am a little more of a non-GMO, natural foodie. But a recent dent or two to my budget has me making compromises.

I have to say both Mike and I were happy with this pizza. The crust was light and crisp. It did not fall apart and the taste was good. I would use more sauce in the future.

Next Pizza attempt I want to use a dough that is more whole grain and promise something my co-op friends might enjoy!

Happy November–Art Every Day Month, 2011!

30 days Hath November!

Today the golden light played off the willow trees along Highway 41 near Grove Street. The slate sky over the lake, bits of sun dancing like leaves in a brisk wind. I was shopping for the ingredients for my first ever gluten-free pizza.

I tell people living this lifestyle is hard–but I’ve decided to make it artful, creative, and discover new ways of looking at my life. Out with the hard! In with the Play and Discovery!

This month I am taking part in two challenges–Art Every Day Month and a daily Movement Practice. Combined the two will move out the old and usher in new avenues of whole living.

Developing a Movement Practice

This month I will be participating with others as they develop a Movement Practice. Encouraged by Jame Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios, we will receive inspiration and prompts via FaceBook and Twitter.

30 Days in November! What will they look like? I’ve been working during the month of October on moving stagnant energy out of my life. Creating Flow! Connecting with my deeper stories! And I’ve made some great progress and it feels so wonderful.

Deep Breath…Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…

Yet I still have some pain issues to address and I want to build upon the momentum I created in October, so this month of movement will be a wonderful wave of energy.

I tend to take on work-outs that kick my butt. I run 10K races. I run down mountains. I over-do and go to excess. For my Month of Movement I want to work on healing. I want consistency. I want to create daily rituals. I’m thinking my month will include some of the following:

  • Yoga
  • Breathing
  • Dancing
  • Walks
  • Swims
  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong

I promise to journal along the way, post with others on Jamie’s Facebook page, and take a few photos too!

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