AEDM Day One–Gluten Free Pizza

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I’ve been bored with my gluten-free diet and all the best laid plans of trying something new were subverted by working a 3pm-11pm work shift. I kept things predictable and easy. But today, I had Tuesday off work and I wanted adventure!

This was my first attempt at gluten-free pizza. It was made easier by the fact I recently re-introduced eggs and dairy to my diet.

This pizza had less than an hour prep and cooking time. I used the Gluten-Free Bisquick Pizza Recipe on the box with organic Canola Oil and local eggs. I topped the pizza with Muir Glen tomato paste, Applegate Natural Pepperoni, and diced red pepper and onions. After some research on my checkbook balance, and mainstream grocery shredded cheeses, I decided on Kraft Mozzarella.

Normally I am a little more of a non-GMO, natural foodie. But a recent dent or two to my budget has me making compromises.

I have to say both Mike and I were happy with this pizza. The crust was light and crisp. It did not fall apart and the taste was good. I would use more sauce in the future.

Next Pizza attempt I want to use a dough that is more whole grain and promise something my co-op friends might enjoy!


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  1. This looks great – My m-i-l has celiac disease… I might have to give this a try!


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