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Noquemanon Ski Race 2012

Today, I tried my hand at event photography, the sun was out, the temps were mild and this was the weekend for the Noquemanon XC-Ski race. It was good to get out and tromp thru the deep snow and find accessible spots to capture some action. The last 3-days have been filled with positive vibes and people, warm weather and best of all sunshine!

Great job Skiers!!

For more information on Marquette, Michigan’s XC-Ski race visit Noquemanon Ski Marathon

For more photography from this year’s Noque see my Flickr Slideshow.

Getting Rooted

After yesterday’s Wishcasting Wednesday post I was able to get the courage to register for my race. Then I felt a click! I felt rooted.

I’ve been letting the wrong people have power in my life–The naysayers who question and judge what I am about.

I much rather be in the company of people who smile and say DO IT! I love positive people.

I spent today getting rooted.

  1. Proper rest, 9+ hours.
  2. Attended a gentle and restorative yoga class.
  3. Shopped at a resale store for beauty & colorful clothing.
  4. Purchased a red shirt–root chakra color :-)
  5. Roasted potatoes, golden beets and carrots.
  6. Spent the day in quiet stillness, homemaking.
  7. Worked on the next full-moon vision board by paging thru magazines and gathering images that inspired me.

I am prepared to make the changes in my life for me to succeed in a life of health, wealth, and beauty.

The roasted veggies started with six small golden beets which I peeled and quartered. 4 Medium sized red potatoes. A heaping handful of baby carrots. 1 onion. Minced garlic and ginger. And fresh snipped flat-leaf parsley. I tossed it all in extra virgin olive oil and roasted slow in a 350 degree oven. I should have broiled them a bit at the end to brown them up some, but they were delicious and needed no salt. The ginger was zippy and the minced garlic crunchy goodness.

Wishcasting Wednesday: Health & Wellness

Each Wednesday, I participate in a gathering of women who believe in making wishes and taking steps to achieve their desires. This week Jamie asks, What do you wish for your health & wellness?

I’ve set many goals and some I feel were such a stretch that I cannot possible make it to the goal. I want to believe. But I have fears that I cannot physically get there with my body, health, and my “diagnosis.”

I start to feel strong and then another setback comes in, and another. And the hurdles seem taller and taller.

Within the space of 5-days I was glutened twice (Celiac). I missed a week of exercise and a week of physical therapy. The arthritis in the ball of my right foot screams at me as I change my footfalls to a forefoot landing (heel striker). My knee and hip feel strong running 1 mile.

My goal is to run 13.1 miles on Grand Island. I need to register for the event. I need to do so, now.

I worry what people think. I worry what I think. I worry that I may be throwing my entry fee and an extra ferry pass out the window. (want Mike to come with me)

I try to bolster my faith and my self-esteem by saying the woman in the picture who is smiling ran a 10K (1 day prior) on a tough and highly technical trail. That the woman was once afraid of heights and is in a lighthouse, outside, high-up, leaning on the railing with wind blowing. That woman ran a race with a taped-knee and then hiked waterfalls going down stairs backwards (knee pain after race) because she is determined to enjoy life.

Today, (6-months after the photo was taken) I look in the mirror and I am fearful.

I want courage. I need stamina. I need to eat clean. Drop 10-20 pounds. I need to take my recovery seriously. I need to run that race. I will run that race. I will run that race. I will run that race.

My wish is that I continue to grow strong in body, mind and spirit so I can reach for my dreams and goals.

5-Days of Birthday Vacation

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This year for my 48th Birthday I took 5-Days of Birthday Vacation! This is from today, the last day of vacation where we went to Al Quaal Recreation Area for our Annual Birthday Snow-Tubing Event. The quality of these photos is fun not focus LOL! Grandpa Mike took the photos. Ceiri is my daughter, she is wearing the light-blue coat. My grandson is Liam, and he was a ride along. But next year, Liam will be too big and he’ll be zipping down the hill independently. I am wearing the brown down jacket.

I had lost out on some of my vacation fun due to being glutened seriously enough for a visit to the emergency room. Symptoms from the glutenization and Celiac Disease can linger for days. Today, to be healthy enough for physical exertion and play, was such a blessing !

Wishcasting Wednesday: what wish do you hear?

This week on Wishcating Wednesday with Jamie Ridler she asks, “If you listen closely, what wish do you hear?”

January 18th is my birthday, or as one of my friends said today the day my body met my soul. I turned 48 years-young today. And I started this new year trying to refocus on me, honoring my health, and recomitting to changing my life path. I want to focus more on the creative aspects of my life.

I did not plan anything for this day and what pulled me the most was my camera and the out-of-doors. I am drawn by textures and lines. A certain angle of light that offers hope and a sense of healing.

I took 5-days off work to listen to my soul. To follow inspiration. Clear clutter. Welcome what unfolds. And today I walked on a path with no footsteps. Just paw-prints from a squirrel.

On Monday night, I attened my first formal meditation class. I have decided to take my focus inward. To silence the mind that jumps a subject a second and s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n.

I wish to heal my body, mind, and rejoin my soul with purpose.

I wish to build a life of healing, inspiring others, and connect with the natural world.

Challenges: Creative Every Day 2012

This year I’m once again participating in the Creative Every Day Challenge with Leah Piken Kolidas  and others! I will do occasional blog posts and you can track my progress  by peeking into my Flickr Set.

Last year, I pushed my art further than I have in the past. But this year I’m hoping to explore new mediums. Learn skills with my new camera, a Canon EOS T3i. And to return to writing both poetry and nonfiction. I will be developing new products for the Zero Degrees Gallery and looking for new venues in which to show my creations. I hope to develop a photography website. Seek publication of a chapbook. And so much more!

I already signed up to make a Spirit Bowl with Ann Russ here in Marquette, Michigan. This will be a two-day workshop in February where participants will make a hand-formed pottery bowl.

Magnets of my photography were my best-selling product in 2011. I tried to jump-start my blogs, but stalled over and over again. I want to make a blog related goal or resolution but I am seeking clarity in this regard. The studio will be cleaned and many things filtered out to friends,a nd to resell shops as I need to clear space and refresh the energy in my upstairs creation zone.

How do you maintain focus? I wonder if I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g myself too far? But these artful challenges help me come back to goals through-out the year. They also connect me with the work of others who create there worlds.

Here is one of 2012’s early photos from my new camera, a scene from Founder’s Landing  in Marquette, Michigan.

Full Moon Dreamboard–January 2012

Full Moon Board -- January, Wolf Moon

Last night as I gazed out my windows I watched the moon rise full over my year. I knew at 2 a.m. it would officially be the full moon and I could not wait for Jamie’s prompt to start my board. Instead I dove in cutting, trimming, gathering the images that have spoken to me since the New Moon. There were colors, printed papers and textures that called out. By 9 p.m.  my board was complete.

I was eager to hear if Jamie’s prompt would fit my collage.

Jamie Ridler asks us this month,

“What are you hungry for under this Full Wolf Moon? The wolf reminds us to connect to our hunger, to notice what desires are calling for our attention. Our dreamboards can help us bring these desires to light and to being! This is an invitation to not just notice our desires but to begin the important work of tending them, stepping into what we can do to honour what we know of our dreams. What a beautiful way to begin the year.”

The Full Wolf Moon asks: “What are you hungry for?”

The interpretation of my board–>

I am hungry for adventure. Big City and Bright Lights. To go further. I dream of a BRIGHT FUTURE! One where Kim’s rules for living are a guiding factor. One of fitness and enthusiasm. One inspired by the things I love. I am in need of great views that spur my fitness and my photography. The word ULTIMATE is bold! I used yellow-gold textured paper, tropical foliage, and brown polka-dots. So along with these city lights from a big city are natural elements, textures, and colors. My earthy nature is present, yet I am being drawn toward something new, fast, sparkling! I am fit, free, and looking forward with gusto!

Now I get to take steps toward creating this future. I will be keeping this year’s vision boards in the same Strathmore Windpower Drawing pad, it is made from 30% post-consumer fiber and acid free. The pad is spiral bound, 11×14 sheets, and 80 pound weight. The product is made regionally by a company in the neighboring state of Wisconsin. This is my first time starting the practice at the beginning of the year with the intent of completing a collage every month on the full moon.

I am working on living an authentic and full life that is powered and inspired by guiding visions and artful endeavours.

Next New Moon: January 23
Next Full Moon: Feb 7 The Full Snow Moon

The next new moon is on my youngest son’s birthday and the next full moon is on my daughter’s birthday. I am anticipating a very powerful moon dreamboard to come of this time.


A New Year, A New Camera

(…an ever evolving Kim)

The Power of Intentions is a magical opportunity to change and manifest that which you need. I set a small advertisement on a bulletin board and told everyone that by the end of the 2011 I would have a Big Girl Camera, a Canon T3i. I stated that with this camera I would be able to change the way I make a living and quit turning down prospective clients. The camera manifested with help from my Fiance’ and my Father.

How fun is it that I now get to learn this camera! So much of the New Year will circle around camera outings.

I’ve always believed in setting intentions or evolutions for the each year. I have a whole year in which to create a better me, to evolve, and become a better Kim.

I have some big goals and some smaller goals here is a list–

  • Host a monthly family dinner.
  • Meatless Mondays.
  • Run 12 races.
  • Drop 12-20 pounds and lower my BMI
  • Edit the Long Haul Series and seek publication as a chapbook.
  • Explore gluten-free baking.
  • Run the Grand Island 1/2 marathon.

Gluten Free Lemon Pound Cake

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