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Wishcasting Wednesday–Fierce

Deyoungs Family Zoo~Photographer Kim Nixon

“Where do you wish to be fierce?” Asks Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios.

Mike and I planned his birthday trip last year and it was to be two-nights away from home, a trip to Deyoungs Family Zoo and a photo journey.

One of the days, I fell ill with Celiac related symptoms and had to lay upon a picnic table staring at the sky while he took photos and I pretended to be “just fine” as not to ruin his good time. It was wonderful. Seriously. I did not need to go back to the hotel. Laying on the picnic table with the sounds of lions and tigers roaring was exotic. But, yes, I was disappointed. Here I was in photographer heaven, too ill to play. But I’m always look for the silver lining. The hope. The light. The next breath where everything can change as we exhale.

My symptoms cleared and in the evening we went exploring and I found inspiration in new landscapes on the Menominee River. We decided to go back to Deyoungs the next day. I was learning to take what the creator gives me and persevere.

Menominee River Mystery-Boat ~ Photographer Kim Nixon

The coping skills learned on our vacation offered hints of where to go next in my life’s journey. They’ve been whispering in my ear ever since. At time I was afraid to listen. And so it has taken nearly a year for me to take serious actions toward a different future. I’m not being hard on myself. I was nurturing and mending my body and soul. Suckling dreams. So they can grow!

Snow Mercat ~ Photographer Kim Nixon

Where do you wish to be FIERCE? I will be fierce as I shift and change, create and live the life I deserve. I will use my talents to help others. I will look at my world with creative eyes. I will nourish and heal my body. I will share the wildness I see as photographer.

Wishcasting Wednesday–How do you wish to spend your time?

This is a photo from my backyard. I returned home from a day of facing-up to things. And I was still mulling over the question from Wednesday and I was disappointed for not accomplishing my Wishcasting Wednesday post.

I decided to make a post on Thursday, as I make necessary changes in my daily life the question of How do you wish to spend your time? is very pertinent. Pertinent and yet, frightful.

I was worried that if I am frightened how do I achieve abundant thinking? How do I make that energetic shift?

I needed hope after my physical therapist gave me the latest news which included–don’t practice yoga for a bit. No twists, No forward bends. No stretching. And sit with a lumbar pillow.

Facebook Status I

Bolstering Hope–the theme of my day as I face the challenges of my life/style. Bought myself carnations on clearance. Found a wonderful scarf at Goodwill. Counted change for a latte. Went to physical therapy. Documented on documents and set appointments to ensure a healthy future. Talked with artists, friends, and worked on building a supportive network. I am a strong person and I can rise to any challenge. And, yes, the tropical aroma of the carnations help ;-)

Facebook Status II

Planning brings certain words to mind: Positive. Social. Spirit-based. Energetic. Balanced. Service. Healing. Smiles. Assist. Beauty. Fresh. Natural. Organic. Warm. Eco-Conscious. Love. Light. Fit. Supportive.

But the big question still looms!

How do you wish to spend my time?

  • I’d like to read for long periods of time.
  • I’d like to take photos and publish them frequently.
  • I’d like to write articles and get back to journaling.
  • I’d like to heal my injuries and feel confident enough to retrain for a career.

There are many ways I wish to spend my time. Tonight, I’m going to finish some chores and return to daily journaling.

Join Jamie Ridler and her followers in WishcastingWednesday!

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to attract?

On this Wednesday Jamie Ridler asks her viewers, “What do you wish to attract?

And I joyously cheer …



S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-L-E Living!


It is a leap year month, and there is something about the 29-days in February that inspires me to break out of the norm and shake-up my existence with a little extra creative movement.

In February, I seek color. Blue Ice. Blue Sky. Pink Hearts. Brilliant orange of sunrise. Floating waves of the Northern Lights. A barn with billowing snow drifts and crisp sky on a country road.

Today, I stopped by the Zero Degree Artist Gallery on 3rd Street in Marquette, Michigan. I wanted to treat myself to some local art and buy a couple of gifts for Valentine’s Day. I am a participating artist at Zero Degrees and I really enjoy the space. Each artist brings a unique vision.

One of the changes I want to manifest this year is more art in my life! More time to develop art, learn new mediums, expand my knowledge of photography, and add new products. I want to pop off the 2D-Land of wall-art and  into objects with purpose and play.

Artist Melissa Hronkin

I want to become sustainable, work for myself, increase my abundance and livelihood with my own joyful pursuits.

Today I was inspired by Melissa Hronkin and her “Bee the Change” shirts. I’ve been meaning to purchase one. I like having positive mantras and focal points in my surroundings and on my being.

Melissa is a wonderful artist and works with beeswax as both a bee-keeper and artist. She does wonderful encaustic art, greeting cards, re-purposed tee-shirts and more.

Bee the Change!

I have been trying to hop outta my box like it is a bad-thing, this box=bad box? But then inspired by Melissa I began to think of my box as a hive. Where my mind has been busy. Working. Forming, sweetness.

Stay tuned as I take flight and share sweetness!

Artist Melissa Hronkin

Full Snow Moon Dreamboard

I love the full moon! I also love that I’ve dedicated my focus to moon phases and making my life move and cycle. This February, Jamie Ridler asks her followers, “What desires lie deep within?”

I desire a life of movement and connection.

I want to connect even more with the natural cycles of the Earth and the progression of the seasons.

I want to concentrate on my health, body and mind.

Part of my journey will be receiving instruction in yoga and movement and then to pass on that training to others. I want to use my knowledge of nutrition for healing and bettering lives. I will return to helping others as a massage therapist.

Nature photography, writing, yoga, massage these are the passions I wish to grow in my life.

The feeling behind this board is very strong. I’ve been writing poetry again and the birds have been whispering secret knowledge to me (it is not always secret, though. The birds share with those who pause to listen).

Our next full moon is March 8, it will be the Full Worm Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Free Write Purge

Doctor has me off work for today & tomorrow. I follow-up with them on Wednesday. I think it is time to work on some writing projects. A little photo editing, perhaps? Tea in my cup. Brownies in the oven. I am thinking of that moon this morning at 6:45 am. It was large! Lopsided. Almost full. If I were to train for yet another career what would it be?

The moon is like a lop-sided egg. A potato chip moon, organic with a dash of sea salt and turmeric, because the moon is a mellow yellow. The moon chants drive away, a way up this hill there is a promise on the other side.



South Westerly breezes have rivers running early. The dogwood is red and willow is gold. I hear cardinals singing. It is leap year and only the sixth day of February.

My daughter  turns 27 on Tuesday.

And I am off work.

But have back pain.

I want to go to the park with my daughter and swing high, laughing, at potato chip moon as it grows full.

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