Freewrite, 6-20-2012

Goal: to write more often no matter how trivial the words are—monkey mind that we experience in meditation, that is often what a freewrite will feel like. But I am giving myself permission to let things surface.

Today I spent time renewing my spirit and refreshing my living spaces. I got another garden plant in the ground and weathered the extremes that the first day of summer threw at us here in Marquette Michigan. As I begin to type, I hear the rains come. The temperature has dropped 30 degrees.

The news of the day has been of Duluth with heavy floods and zoo animals washed from their pens, two seals and a polar bear lose (now recovered).

The back of my mind is full of the endless questions of how to better my life. Make more money. Wondering where to concentrate my efforts and talents? And wondering if I have to start all over again, run away. Take on a new identity.

Extremes of the day, or week. The ups and downs.

I’ve decided to take part in a 30-days to Clarity e-course guided by Deb Smouse to help me create space in my life. I’ve taken on the bedroom and the refrigerator. One box, one bag, and an assortment of footwear made it to Vinnies today.

My water bottle is missing. Maybe it is at work or in Mike’s vehicle.

I iced coffee today in the freezer.

I turned off the TV; it was noise.

Processing the death of a friend. The criticism of a family member. And remembering the dragon-heart and how it longs for love and peace, friendship and hope.


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Upper Peninsula Michigan Artist and Writer

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