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Finding the Images to Inspire

I like changing the cover photo on my Facebook page, often. Lately, this has taken the direction of adding text to images taken that day. I will be out with my camera and start framing an image in my mind. In framing the image prior to capture I remember that my profile photo will take a portion of the left hand side of the cover photo. I adjust for this almost automatically, now.

New Beginnings

What many do not know about my history as writer and photographer is I created a website for trucking families on my graduation from Northern Michigan University in 1997. The website was and I ran the website from my living room near Gwinn, Michigan. I eventually sold the website to and came on board as their managing editor. With, I traveled as a photojournalist taking photos with the ‘company camera’ at truck shows in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Louisville. This was my first experience as a photographer in a professional manner. I knew absolutely nothing, but I was developing an eye for what worked, what drew interest, and fell in love with color, light, and contrasts.


Life threw me some curve balls and due to a divorce, I walked away from my life in trucking to work on healing my soul. I worked as an AmeriCorps worker in Gwinn schools, attended massage school, and returned to my interest of nutrition and natural foods. Along with healing, came a new relationship to a man who hiked trails with a camera. On hikes, I would bring along a disposable camera and click carelessly exhausting my 27 images long before the end of hikes. I eventually purchased a digital point and shoot, then a bridge camera, and finally a big girl DSLR. I was discovering a new genre, photography.


Love of the trails led to becoming a trail runner. I often ran with a camera. But as I healed my soul, and gained fitness, I also began collapsing after races. Irony, as I healed my soul I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease. Try as I may to heal my body I was reaching roadblocks. I now had to learn to listen on a deep internal level to the needs of my health. I stepped away from running the trails and back to hiking with my camera.


As this autumn approaches, I am feeling the strength of brining my journey to others, to bring words, photos, and story together to help heal others thru my experiences.

WishCasting Wednesday–What do I wish to create?

Thinking on sunflowers, healing, and the scatterings of birds
bringing beauty to my day.

I wish to create healing. Once I went to massage school and started my business, but and injury and inflammation had me closing my practice, too quickly.

I wish to create healing. Once I bought a pair of sheets, emptied out a bedroom and placed items in a healing room where I would practice my skills as a massage therapy student. I had no idea how to pay for school. I had FAITH! The way was found.

I wish to receive healing. Once a bird feeder was hung in the backyard. I tended a flower bed, weeded, mulched, and was surprised by sunflower plants. The birds had scattered seed. I get to enjoy the unexpected beauty. This helps me renew my faith in the unexpected.

Healing means, less fatigue and inflammation. It means finding a direction/path that allows me to help others find their way to health. Through massage, food, fitness, Reiki, or other another direction I’ve yet to imagine. Healing means abundance will return and I will have the means to make the changes I desire and am guided to. Healing means running my own business and sustaining my health and happiness.

Steps I took today toward health, today: Chiropractic appointment, restocked my coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, created art, took things to an outdoor outfitter for them to be resold (de-clutter), and rested.

What do you wish to create? Come cast your wishes with us at Jamie Ridler Studios.

WishCasting Wednesday–What do I wish to experience?

I want to peel back the layers and experience the joy and abundance of a life that is sustainable and joyful.

I’ve been working in a place that feels, negative. I want the ability to support myself in a joyous, healthy atmosphere where I can grow and be respected as a professional. This could manifest as a new position, or running my own business.

I believe it is possible to support my financial needs and have joy. To look with beauty on the world and to surround myself with positive people who believe in the ideals I support.

So be it. I have dreamed it!

What do you wish to experience?

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