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Art Every Day Month–My Top Selling Photo

Blue Web, Marquette Michigan

My current top-selling photo at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative is “Blue Web”. I sing with joy every time I sell this photo of a dead fly! It’s a moody piece yet I feel it speaks of hope and offers promise.

This photo is also available at my Etsy Store.

NaNoWriMo–Day One

In My Own Backyard--Abundance!

NaNoWriMo Excerpts:
Abundance and making things happen. All around me have been signs of an abundant life and sometimes I am lucky enough to take notice. Like yesterday when discovered the grapes withering on yellow grape vines in my own backyard. At first, my mind went straight to how we had wasted an opportunity. Then I looked for that unseen benefit and the birds jumping around the yard and I thought my little tweeting friends were happy due to the abundance in our yard. These grapes would keep songbirds happy and well-nourished. And the textures and color opened my eyes, brought me to a pause and centered me.

River Sitting--A New Pastime

River sitting, a new pastime. Saturday I attended the Farmer’s Market and bought potato soup from Dancing Crane Cafe. I took my tiny carton of soup out to the woods at Songbird trail and sat in a third world crouch, back up against a tree, camera slung over my shoulder, sipping soup and watching water flow. I could hear the roar of the waves at the delta. Lake Superior was a force. She was making herself hear. But I took refuge under pine. Wintergreen with red berries hinted of winter. It was Devil’s Night. Michael’s Birthday. I was coming to terms with working a weekend, working the 3pm to 11pm shift, missing Michael’s Birthday, missing Halloween and my Grandson, missing Mike.

Self Portrait in River

I looked at my refection in the water and I thought it is a good time for change, my body is healing from Celiac, and I now have the strength to move forward. The sky is not always blue like on this Monday morning where I write from the sofa in my living room. Some days are gray and raining drops fall on the river. But we have soup. We can create and choose inner warmth and we can still appreciate the day. These are the steps I am taking. This is the courage to change.

Finding Creative Ease

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

~ Francesca Reigler

I have been taking what I’ve entitled my “Fly North (or is that South)” series of photos that are from Uplifting Walks. When the world feels a little too fast, or I am attending to information that might become overwhelming, I am taking my concerns out into nature.

Francesca says that amount of work is the same?

Oh Francesca! It seems so much easier to make myself happy in nature! I find ease with my world among the colors of sky and with the scent of autumn.

How do you find ease in your world?

Dance Like No One is Watching

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take I

Photographer: Kim Nixon
Clothing Artist: Eclectique Art Studio, Catherine Brunet

While at the 32nd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival this past weekend I admired how the light was playing with these slips at a vendor’s booth. The wind would make the slips dance. The traditional music and sunshine had everyone in a playful mode. I was walking over to see the children’s parade when I passed the slips and had to turn back to take photos. I took this photo with the idea of playing with “actions”. It was the first time I can recall having these thoughts before taking an image. I framed it with post-processing in mind.

The image directly above is processed in Adobe LightRoom and no actions were applied, yet.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take II

The clothing vendor is Catherine Brunet of Marquette, Michigan. She has a studio on Washington Street called Eclectique Art Studio.

I wanted to play-up highlighting so I used Optikverve’s Virtual Photographer and applied the “Cinnamon” action. I have Virtual Photographer as an add-on to my Adobe Photoshop Elements version 7.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take III

In this version I added a gradient to play up mystery.

Hiawatha Music Festival is an annual event in Marquette, Michigan featuring traditional music the event is always the 3rd weekend in July and starts on Friday afternoon and runs thru Sunday night. Mike and I have attend 6 Festivals in 7 years. We camp, even though it is minutes from our home. We like the magical feeling of the event.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take IV

In the final version of the post-processing I faded the image, bringing in the softer, sensual feel. This image looks magical, and private.

I have ordered it in an 8×10 from and I hope to add it to my Etsy Store.

Which version is your fave?

Living Joyful

Living Joyful! I started with a run at Blueberry Ridge on Sunday (5.4K) and picked blueberries. Yesterday, I rode my bike to do errands and get new books to read at the library for a total of 5.7 miles. Today ,Belly Dancing with Kate and I rode bike there with wonderful floral aromas all thru town and along the lakeshore for an additional 3.5 miles. Tomorrow is Yoga at Mukta with Lisa! Friday starts the Hiawatha Music Festival which last for 3 days. Each morning I will wake to Yoga and each night I will dance, dance, dance!

July 8–Summer Candids

Today, I’ve been preparing the house for a guest! We have a spare room all cleaned out thanks to Mike’s hard work this past week. And made magical by a fun sprite (me)! I cannot tell you how excited I am in a simple blog-post, but I’m more excited than these two girls at the beach.

I’m in the kitchen tonight, gluten-free, dairy, egg, corn, and oat free cooking! I’m making my own “canned” fruit to avoid corn syrups and starches and using a gluten-free cake mix to make a dump-cake. To make the fruit I’m using either fresh or frozen fruit, some water, lemon juice, raw sugar and a bit of tapioca starch. I’m aalso making apricot glazed chicken thighs and apricot quinoa stuffing. I am taking these to a dinner tomorrow evening.It was necessary to cook tonight as I’m watching my grandson Liam in the morning. And of course Liam wants to play with Grandma :-)

Lion, Thai, & Yoga

I hopped on a Midnight Blue bike wearing a Red bike helmet. My backpack cradling my camera and a soft shirt. I went down Craig Street to Founder’s Landing and rode past Pink and White Roses, and Purple blooming milkweed. The Thai Bistro’s window had glowing sun. I dedicated my yoga today to Opening, and Openings. When we Open to the possibilities we relase our fears of Lions. We let go of pain.

July 6 & 6-minutes in the Garden

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Sometimes all we have is 6-minutes in the Garden–Sometimes that has to be enough.

July–The Day After

It is all about the Day After for me. The Day of I Slept In (due to festivities in Munising the night before), I processed a few photos and headed to work on July 4rth! That’s right I had my usual 3-11pm shift. I left work to a trail of headlights leaving Marquette after the big boomers. No fireworks for me. So, before work on Monday I headed downtown. It was amazing. There was hardly a sign that the night before this town was overloaded with people. We recover well here in the North!

This is the barge next to the old pocket ore dock in Marquette’s Lower Harbor. Mattsson Lower Harbor Park is where people gather to watch Marquette’s Fireworks. It is where I fell in Love with Mike Hainstock in 2004. We have chosen July 4rth as our anniversary and it was sad not to be at his side on Sunday Night.

But my Magic Man was sitting on a bench in the backyard as I pulled up from work around 11:20 Sunday night. He had gone down to take photos, a little late, and he was a little wet from the scattered rain showers. But there he was. Home.

Life is work. And love can be, too. A balancing act of what you gotta get done and what you want to get done. Like working 3-11pm, 4-5 nights a week. It’s not what you WANT. You want to be gardening in the evenings in this magical place called home. But the balancing act is bringing in a paycheck and then getting the loving and gardening in when possible.

The man in the photo (below) was taking care of sand barrels on the shore. Cinching them up with a rope so they did not tumble. I think they were part of safety precautions for the fireworks. He said good morning. He was happy.

It’s all in how you view things! You can be happy wherever you are. There are blue skies all around you. It can be grand. Like a view from a new condo with stylin’ bright red chairs. Grand! A shout of Look UP Here!

Or it can be a bit more humble. Yet full of bright beautiful color and JOY! With tall skies of hope and a whisper of yellow curtains fluttering in the wind.

Whatever your view of the Day Afer is, I hope it is YOUR view. Not someone else’s vision of what you should be, should do, should think. This weekend I got to see myself in various views. In various ways. I was blessed to see so many hearts beating in individuals. They came from a place each called HOME.

Bliss in Munising

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(Photos taken in Munising Michigan on July 3, 2010)

There’s something liberating about going on a boat ride with 20-some-people who do not know you. Do not know you were in the hospital just a couple days ago. Do not know you have Celiac Disease. But do know your boyfriend from the graduating class of 1980 (Munising High School). Most were too busy to pay me much mind at all.

I enjoyed the freedom of Lake Superior and blue skies as we went on a glass bottom boat cruise.

Put this girl next to a big lake and she is happy.
Put this girl on a Great Lake and she is in bliss!

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