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Full Frost Moon–What Will Come

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I take part each full moon and make a DreamBoard with Jamie Ridler and others. Jamie says, “Under the Full Frost Moon it is time to deepen our dreams, to grow powerful roots of support as we move into the colder months. Allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let’s choose to give our energy to the things that nourish our hearts and our lives, while releasing what no longer serves us. Let’s fill not only our dreamboards but also our calendars and lists with what we dream of.”

This moon’s question: “What dreams would I like to grow roots for?”
What are you dreaming under this Full Frost Moon?

Mostly, I am trying to unfold and breathe. I am moving into my dreamtime and watching for what gifts come my way. I am allowing myself to believe in magic and miracles.

I have many interest, dreams, and visions. I was once told I had too many interests. I went on the defensive after that comment. I love to run. I love yoga. I love photography. I love massage. I love nutrition and learning how what we ingests can heal us.

Health and injuries have had me rethink my path many times.

It seems I’ve been caught in a pattern of doing things cautiously. I run to protect the knee. I move into asanas with caution. I give tiny-short massages to people in wheelchairs that cannot give verbal feedback.

I dream of managing a unique business! One that brings creativity, health and wellness together. One that helps individuals and community heal.

I know part of this dream means I must continue self-care.

I know this dream needs revenue.

My dream board I see as embracing what is to come, what will come.

Life is full of curves…

Life is full of curves. Keep flowing!


Being Selective

This is a thimbleberry blossom. I attended a car show with Mike and I ended up entranced by thimbleberries, indian paintbrush and dandelions. That deep inner voice was telling me to be selective. And I recalled how this week I will have ups and downs. Even my day planner forecasts this as my shifts vary from one day to the next. I do not have two days off in a row and I will be pressed to find the time to train for the next race and take care of my health. Selective. Look for small blessings. Look for lush renewal in tiny places in the in-between worlds. Like the blossoms of summer.

Fairylands and Forty-Seven

Photo by Mike Hainstock

I’m blessed to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and to have The Wilds so readily at hand. Saturday I worked a 3pm to 11pm shift followed by the morning shift on Sunday 7am-3pm. I only managed 4 hours of sleep between the shifts. I think I surprised Mike when I came home and said, “Grab your camera–let’s go!”. So Sunday, around 4pm we headed out, guided by our intuition, and landed down a gorge near a waterfall in Fairyland where I fell in love with this tree. I could have taken a nap and listen to it whisper secrets!

Photo by Kim Nixon

Sunshine is like the equivalent to “the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down” allowing me to sing in the face of negativity and danger! And I’ve been focussing on spreading joy and disconnecting from the negative that tries to swamp us down. Imaging and Imagining the life I want to lead is key!

Photo by Kim Nixon

Blossoming and branching and keeping that sense of discovery is important. What will sparkle in the sunlight under trees near flowing waters? You’ll never know unless you venture down into the gorge. Facing fears and trying new things isn’t so bad. The last time Mike and I visited this particular bend in the Carp River I was very afraid to walk over a log bridge. My fear of heights and falling so irrational. The creek is really only a foot or so deep, come on fall in I dare ya! (I can laugh now). I walked over it twice with ease on Sunday. Magical!

Photo by Kim Nixon

I am forty-seven and it is a magical age. I’ve having another spring and I can unfold, blossom, soak in sun, and enjoy the wind. I’m going to grow, heal, learn. I feel like singing often. I listen to my intuition and I can hear the little magical beings of the deep forest calling.

April 27, 2011–Dogwood Droplets

Dogwood Droplets -- In My Own Backyard

This yard is a blessing and a resource of inspiration. When I committed to a photo-a-day during April I was worried that I could not possible d0 this and also train as Resident Supervisor of an Adult Foster Care home. But again and again, the yard brings beauty. This fine wet day filled with fog and reports of snow in the forecast also caught me off my best, feeling a little under all this weather, and in need of a slow lazy morning.

It May be Late April…

It May be Late April...But it is an early Upper Peninsula spring.

It Gets Complicated

The April 30-Day Project


The Wreck This Journal Project,
Fruit Sticker Pages

It get’s complicated and things get lost. I lost a set of rechargeable batteries and an 8 Gig SD card full of cherished family photos. And I did not have back-ups of the data.

Mike suggested leaving out a bowl of electrons and seeing if the SD Card will come home to me.

So Here goes…come home SD Card we miss you and all your little pieces of data. Want to cuddle, go for a camera walk? I am here. I am sorry I ignored your needs. I have a pen to store you in–I promise I will take time with you.

Other things that have fallen away? The Wreck this Journal Project which was to be a March Madness workshop. (sigh)

These things will come back to me ( I Hope).

BTW I am good at Fruit Stickers. It is one of the only pages I’ve worked on! I eat a lot of fruit.

The April 30-Day Project was a commitment to my art that I underwent when taking a full-time middle management position. I felt it would be a step back, creatively, so I ought to pick a focus. The project has been a challenge. But it keeps my eyes open for the creativity in my daily life.

Creative Every Day–April 17, 2011

April seems to be getting away from me. But I stop often enough to notice the robins in the backyard. Today, the birds are rioting in the crab apple. Mike helped them out by placing a lid to 5 gallon bucket and filling it with seed. The birds have put up with two days of spring snow. The cowbirds fill the apple tree by the fence. Everything is coated in snow.

Budding at the Fence

Some days you feel like you are up against the fence. There is too much to do. You cannot possibly accomplish the tasks. You are sleep deprived. You want to throw up your hands. But you pick the one thing that might shift your day. I chose to go up to the hospital to see a friend and help them eat lunch.

This life is what we choose. We can bud and soften and green. We can heal.

Marquette Sets a Guinness World Record!

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Guinness World Record: “Largest Skateboard Parade” in Marquette, Michigan on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

Marquette Informal Longboarding Foundation
 And NMU Skate and Snow organized a Skateboard Parade to break the world record, and of course they were successful! Whoot!

I was on hand to take event photos. You can check out the full slideshow at my Flickr account.

As for me? The only record I set for myself was a long list of incomplete projects and piles of chores that I now have to squish into my Monday evening.

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