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Full Snow Moon Dreamboard

I love the full moon! I also love that I’ve dedicated my focus to moon phases and making my life move and cycle. This February, Jamie Ridler asks her followers, “What desires lie deep within?”

I desire a life of movement and connection.

I want to connect even more with the natural cycles of the Earth and the progression of the seasons.

I want to concentrate on my health, body and mind.

Part of my journey will be receiving instruction in yoga and movement and then to pass on that training to others. I want to use my knowledge of nutrition for healing and bettering lives. I will return to helping others as a massage therapist.

Nature photography, writing, yoga, massage these are the passions I wish to grow in my life.

The feeling behind this board is very strong. I’ve been writing poetry again and the birds have been whispering secret knowledge to me (it is not always secret, though. The birds share with those who pause to listen).

Our next full moon is March 8, it will be the Full Worm Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Challenges: Creative Every Day 2012

This year I’m once again participating in the Creative Every Day Challenge with Leah Piken Kolidas  and others! I will do occasional blog posts and you can track my progress  by peeking into my Flickr Set.

Last year, I pushed my art further than I have in the past. But this year I’m hoping to explore new mediums. Learn skills with my new camera, a Canon EOS T3i. And to return to writing both poetry and nonfiction. I will be developing new products for the Zero Degrees Gallery and looking for new venues in which to show my creations. I hope to develop a photography website. Seek publication of a chapbook. And so much more!

I already signed up to make a Spirit Bowl with Ann Russ here in Marquette, Michigan. This will be a two-day workshop in February where participants will make a hand-formed pottery bowl.

Magnets of my photography were my best-selling product in 2011. I tried to jump-start my blogs, but stalled over and over again. I want to make a blog related goal or resolution but I am seeking clarity in this regard. The studio will be cleaned and many things filtered out to friends,a nd to resell shops as I need to clear space and refresh the energy in my upstairs creation zone.

How do you maintain focus? I wonder if I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g myself too far? But these artful challenges help me come back to goals through-out the year. They also connect me with the work of others who create there worlds.

Here is one of 2012’s early photos from my new camera, a scene from Founder’s Landing  in Marquette, Michigan.

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