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Long Walk of a Pier, Pilings, Marquette MI

Open to the expansiveness of your life. Look for new angles, open pathways for your eyes, widen your awareness of what is and can be. Dream! Live a life of passion and hope.

I woke with the most awful headache today, and in the past it would have me calling to cancel all appointments and I’d end up diving back into a dark room. But today I am opening, unfolding, releasing and carrying forth to yoga, and to my shift at Zero Degrees Art Gallery.

This new way of walking in my life is a learning process but I find new contours to explore. Contours are soft edges in myself. I leap out of “box-thought” and think of softness and follow the desire to touch things. When a small child reaches out to a flower petal they do so with curiosity and hope. So do I when I find a new contour within myself. Instead of fear, anxiety, or dread, I reach forward. I might find a thorn, but I might find a furry underside that makes me giggle. I never know unless I try.

Perhaps, I should have chosen a flower image. (smile)

Passion–Himilayan Heart Activation

Himalayan Heart Activation

Last night I attended a wonderful event at St Paul’s in the Healing Chapel. It was a workshop with Roslyn McGrath of Intuitive Learning Creations called Heart Wisdom. While Roslyn was on a spiritual journey at Machu Pichu she crossed paths with  Jonette Crowley author of  The Eagle and the Condor.  Jonnette shared the Himalayan Heart Activation with Roslyn. Last night Roslyn shared the connection with workshop participants and we with each other.

In January, I had set the intention that I was seeking opportunities to participate as an energy worker and as a massage therapist and this wonderful opportunity came up. With this month’s theme for Creative Every Day being Passion, and the Happiness Project being Self Knowledge, this workshop was a great fit. I’ve also been moving through several challenges that have mirrored back aspects of myself that I wish to change. This night reminded me of the good within, the love I share. I feel I can move into February with more awareness.

The gathering included people I have not seen in quite some time. It was a wonderful evening of sharing energy and light. After guided meditation I drew the image above. Joy! Pure and playful joy!

So, for this month I am concentrating on, “What are you most passionate about? How can you have more of it in your life?” I’m also making time for nourishment and renewal. Both absolutely necessary for me to remain passionate and creative.

What keeps you healthy, passionate and creative?

Happiness Project–Choosing a new dawn…

Choosing a new dawn...

Get on with it…face the demons of the day. Today I woke early and nervous. I faced something scary. Then I got on with it and grabbed snowshoes, layered up and headed out into the rest of my day.

I’m learning new aspects of myself. Some I like. Some scare me. Some just make me itch. I caught notice of woodpeckers today and it made me consider the pecking order of things. Then I harkened back to the idea that it was a new day. I attempted to let go of what was troubling me.

Pecking Orders

Winter, February, Cold, they are all things to survive. Change, something to adjust to. So when you get a little sunshine in the cold Upper Peninsula winter it is time to make endorphins. Time to soak up some vitamin D. Get the blood pumping. Listen to the wind howl down hillsides, through pine boughs. Notice signs of life from chickadee to woodpecker, track animals.

Make a new path...

Make a choice for Happiness. In fact make it a project! That’s what I am doing this whole year. I am choosing magical happiness for 365 days. I know who I want to be inside and out. I know what it will take to get me there. Today it was that hike in snowshoes on Baby Lake Trail in Ishpeming’s Al Quaal park. One bank sign said it was 9 degrees farenheit. I know there was wind. But the crisp day moved me along. And I saw beauty.

Baby Lake Trail, Ishpeming MI.

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