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Peeling Back the Layers

The sky today as I took the long way home from the chiropractor. I’ve spent a small fortune over the last 4-weeks just trying to let go of panic and pain. I try to tell myself I am right where I need to be. I am trying to let go of pain, worry, anxiety. I feel best out-of-doors. There I can breathe a little better. I hate to whine. But I hate feeling alone with the unknown as well. So forgive me. And instead join me in creating release of dis-ease. Today, I am peeling back the layers.

Wishcasting Wednsday: What do you wish for this summer?

This is my first time participating in WishCasting Wednesdy with Jamie Ridler and I am excited (see Kim smiling). I believe strongly in the power of intention. Once upon a time, I wanted to go to massage school. I had no idea how I would afford school but the intention was set in motion by cleaning out a spare bedroom in my home and buying the first set of sheets for my massage room. I understand the sky is the limit!

My wish this Wednesday is to develop the perfect wellness plan that will fit with the time and scheduling of my “day-job” which can be 7-days a week and any of the three shifts. My plan will include:

  • Partners and supporters I want my journey to include community
  • Weight training
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Tai Chi
  • Massage
  • Farmer’s Market

This will help me have more consistency, move me toward my goals, and help my immune system to heal. And yes, I want these to be weekly events.

This is my wish. My first step is to go to yoga tomorrow!

Prayers & Questions

03122011_prayers-5297 copy

It has been a week of muscles spasms and no exercise accept for a 90-minute restorative yoga class at St Paul’s in Marquette. I did not even feel like taking photos today. I just felt like crying. Thank goodness, I am blessed with a man who can lay beside me until I calm.

I chose a different adventure. To the Marquette Food Co-op for dinner fixings and a trip to Every Day Wines for a bottle of wine.

I know nothing of wine. I am nervous it will make my condition worse. But I am hoping, too for a bit of relaxation.

My muscles spasms have raged this week, at times incapacitating me. Then sometimes they are just annoying. I almost cried at the Marquette Historical Center when I was up on the second floor trying to shoot the dome straight up and a lean to the railing almost dropped me to my knees.

My legs are even sore. (They were not the week I ran three times.)

The cramps and spasms started Sunday (today is Saturday) on the trails of Presque Isle. My body had gone into a fit. I call these flare-ups. I hurt from between my shoulders, to my toes.

Some weeks I can run 3 times for a total of 8-9 miles, go to yoga, help with a special needs swim, and hike. I can shovel snow. I can do my job with ease. Then the next week a flare has me in its grip. All I can bring forth are tears.

I thought long today on “nests” and “nesting” how I wanted to be cradled and lulled.
Some may ask, “Kim, why are you writing this and why so negative?”

It is not that I am trying to dwell on the negative, it is that I am trying to cope and in a way examine the “messages” I am suppose to be receiving in my recovery.

I know I am more than my body. I know this.

Is it wrong to love the feeling of flying thru the woods on a trail full of roots and rocks. To feel the wind rush past? I think not.

Tonight I pray for healing. Understanding.

Not acceptance.

I cannot get my mind around the idea of acceptance.

Get Fit with Kim–Nourish Your Life!

Safe local products from Herbal Oasis!

I tried products that I thought would be safe only to have my eyes burn with irritation. Who knew it would be so hard to find products that were gluten-free and healthy for my skin. I’ve been avoiding parabens, and products with ingredients that I will never be able to pronounce. And since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I’ve slowly been calling manufactures to ask if the products in my bathroom and on my dresser are safe. Sometimes the companies have no clue. Many do not have a clear list of products I can shop for, instead it necessitates I’ve a product number already in front of me. Hard to do if you want to go to a store and make a purchase.

My waste basket fills up, quickly. Some products I contribute to family or donate to organizations.

I’m lucky to have Herbal Oasis here in Marquette, Michigan. I have known business owner, Deanna Attee for many years, but only recently have I re-stocked my personal care products from her line.

Celiac Disease has done a number on my skin. Maybe it’s because I have no wheat germ and little Vitamin E in my life. Maybe it is being 47 and peri-menopausal, the hormones are pretty funky these days. My skin this winter–irritated and dry–I called Deanna and pleaded, “Help!?”

The first two products I added in were Coco-Loco Body Balm and the Skin Smoothing Facial Oil. I could tell a difference in my face immediately. I love the essential oils, there’s an aroma therapy effect. I feel more centered, hydrated and nourished. Today, I added in two more products: Renewing Eye Treatment and Gentle Facial Cleanser.

I get the joy of buying local, supporting another artisan, and being able to talk face-to-face about the product. I can ask the source of Vitamin E and trust her response. Oh, and Deanna ships her Herbal Oasis products!

Be sure to email or talk to Deanna about which of her products are gluten-free. She is very knowledgeable!

If you need to research your personal care products you can begin your education at Skin Deep and The Environmental Working Group.

Passion–Himilayan Heart Activation

Himalayan Heart Activation

Last night I attended a wonderful event at St Paul’s in the Healing Chapel. It was a workshop with Roslyn McGrath of Intuitive Learning Creations called Heart Wisdom. While Roslyn was on a spiritual journey at Machu Pichu she crossed paths with  Jonette Crowley author of  The Eagle and the Condor.  Jonnette shared the Himalayan Heart Activation with Roslyn. Last night Roslyn shared the connection with workshop participants and we with each other.

In January, I had set the intention that I was seeking opportunities to participate as an energy worker and as a massage therapist and this wonderful opportunity came up. With this month’s theme for Creative Every Day being Passion, and the Happiness Project being Self Knowledge, this workshop was a great fit. I’ve also been moving through several challenges that have mirrored back aspects of myself that I wish to change. This night reminded me of the good within, the love I share. I feel I can move into February with more awareness.

The gathering included people I have not seen in quite some time. It was a wonderful evening of sharing energy and light. After guided meditation I drew the image above. Joy! Pure and playful joy!

So, for this month I am concentrating on, “What are you most passionate about? How can you have more of it in your life?” I’m also making time for nourishment and renewal. Both absolutely necessary for me to remain passionate and creative.

What keeps you healthy, passionate and creative?

Is Autumn Awaiting You?

Too rushed! I feel panic most days. I want, so badly, to slow down. But I’ve let my choices get too confused and I am forgetting that we are entering a time of release and rest. I need to touch this season and watch it fall, watch it release, watch the fragility of leaves as they crumble.

I’ve certainly been fragile. My neck so sore. I’ve a great need for naps (and I do not let my head rest). I want to color with markers at a picnic table and write with pen on brown paper lyrics, and symbols, let out the mysteries that angels whisper in my ear.

How are you moving with the seasons? And is there a new choice to make? Perhaps you’re letting go?

Please share…

Bright Blossoming Possibilities!

As I ready to re-launch my healing practice as an energy-worker I find the world full of bright blossoming possibilities! I will be at People’s Fest July 31-August 1, 2010 in Marquette, Michigan. My photos will also be on display for sale. Drop-by and visit!

21.5.800—Day 18 and Yesterday’s Run

(roughly written)

I am in the midst of dishes, laundry and packing for an overnight camping trip in our new/used 8-foot pop-up camper. It was raining this morning, but I am hoping for good weather tomorrow. I have a 3-day weekend that starts tonight (Friday) after my 3-11pm shift. I plan to hit the Marquette Farmer & Artist’s Market and pick up some Vegan Gluten-free bread from Sinfully Seductive Sweets.

So I am finding myself all in list mode, plan mode, and Capricorn all bizEness modes and the last thing on my mind is opening to a stream of consciousness writing drift.

For those of you in creative-mode, I will insert a photo.

I always pack too much, now we have a smaller camper and a smaller vehicle, and really, the important thing to me is dry clothes, memory cards and batteries. Oops hold on must load the battery charger. Be right back. (Reminder to self pack less!)

I’m back. Another set of batteries are charging for the camera.

And I am thinking I ought to do some yoga. Be right back!

Okay changed loads of laundry, took compost out to big bin, and packed shoes. Hope you are enjoying the randomly chosen photos from this week.

Yesterday, yes let’s back track now, I went for a run. It was my first run since June 3 and the 5K race that I miraculously came in third, seventh overall. It was a trail run on the south Marquette bike trails on National Trails Day.

Since this fall, my body does not do well with impact. The symptoms started sketchy at first back in September, maybe even August. I would go for a run and spend hours on the floor with fists shoved into my gut. Part of this was gastric and part was spasm.

Now, if I run on too hard of surface, too fast, or on a downhill I end up with terrible pain in my right side. A spasm that feels like it is bruised intestines and part a reacting psoas and illopsoas muscle. Needless to say I am cautious. I always fear running before a work shift. I like a good 12 hours from end of run to the next time I have anything planned just in case. And I like to have the money in the bank to see chiropractor, massage therapist and or physical therapist—just in case. But I LOVE to run!!

I had some creepy tightness last night as I attended the Healer’s Coffee at L’ Attitude in Marquette, but ti eased and today I am just dealing with neck and shoulder stiffness. I am pleased.

I ran 40-45 minutes at Lil Presque and Songbird Trails for what felt like 4 miles. But since my average seems slower than that these days it was probably only 3.5 miles. I did a fair share of cool down and I was a very relaxed gal yesterday.

I am on the mend. My intestines seem to handle impact better whether from exercise, or when I get gas attacks—the next day I do not feel so bruised.

I know most of this post fits into the or Enjoy Life Free blogs but I am meeting my commitment and making multiple posts all over the Internet is not possible today as I have to pack. Go to bank. Hit the co-op. Fold more laundry. Pack my dinner for work.

So at roughly 568 words, I am outta here. I will be doing Yoga in the woods tomorrow! I will have Mike take photos, too! Look for updates on Blog late Sunday night or Monday.

21.5.800–Day 16

21.5.800 Day 16

I told the story of my son coming into this world. How he and I were fighters long before he became a mixed martial art fighter. I share how we were homeless both before and after his birth. How angels surrounded us and kept us together thru a long battle. My son now fights with Michael the Archangel tattooed to his side.”

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I listen to the little voices in my head say that today your coffee needs a little ground cinnamon. The voice also reminds me to take batteries and camera to yoga class. Where I met my body on the mat and it told me many things.

It is difficult to remember to water the indoor plants when it looks like Seattle in Marquette and the rain came down heavy in sheets.

A fellow yogini told me the morning dawned with orange sky everywhere and that her dog is on robin-time. I woke to Mike closing a widow that was raining in the bedroom with winds challenging the movement of trees. They too found where their bodies were restricting and holding.

Sometimes our bodies deal with storms.

I shake my head in down dog trying to let go of tension. I arch to the left in gate pose. I thread the needle. Listening to what my body tells me.

I woke with spasm and fear in my colon and core. Thought I cannot possibly go to yoga. I thought the storm just proves the point. I cannot ride my bike. My car is on empty.

Mike said, but you seem to enjoy yoga.

So I was at Mukta.

I told the story of my son coming into this world. How he and I were fighters long before he became a mixed martial art fighter. I share how we were homeless both before and after his birth. How angels surrounded us and kept us together thru a long battle. My son now fights with Michael the Archangel tattooed to his side.

Our lives are full of miracles.

Healing occurs in the breath of a hummingbird at a red glass feeder.

I ought to thin the radish seedlings but I have a cloudy head full of storm-weather this afternoon.

I’m letting cinnamon work on me, internal.

I’m letting lavender work on me, external.

I’m letting the angels work on me, ethereal.

I want to seek a deep cave with room for art and remembrance and not rush this day.

This day I brought a life into the world.

We all have a part in creation.

How we chose to breathe.

Today I chose the yoga mat and cinnamon, to water the plants, to capture light and remember.

Word Count: 384

Monsters on Playgrounds


Head On–Today started with a headache (when it was suppose to start with a run), but I faced my monsters head-on. And I went gentle into the bright light. Sometimes there are monsters in my life. Sometimes they frighten me. Sometimes they play with me. Sometimes I come out of the headiness and make it all better (with a photo).

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