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Peeling Back the Layers

The sky today as I took the long way home from the chiropractor. I’ve spent a small fortune over the last 4-weeks just trying to let go of panic and pain. I try to tell myself I am right where I need to be. I am trying to let go of pain, worry, anxiety. I feel best out-of-doors. There I can breathe a little better. I hate to whine. But I hate feeling alone with the unknown as well. So forgive me. And instead join me in creating release of dis-ease. Today, I am peeling back the layers.

Messy Magical Garden

This past weekend, I took a little time  in the gardens. The cold front that moved through last night brought much needed rain. Bumble-bees are loving the Echinops today. I once read that placing globe thistle near entries and doorways brings protection. I did a search on the Internet today and could not find the mythology of this and I am hoping to write a short-short-story so hope to come back across this information soon. I am most creative and poetic in August. August is a month for no work and I am  going to find a way to re-invent myself so I can take whole months for play. My first goal will be the months of August and October! I am thinking perhaps a kickstarter project is in order. A big girl camera should be on a shopping list. I can dream and make it happen. Magical!

April 27, 2011–Dogwood Droplets

Dogwood Droplets -- In My Own Backyard

This yard is a blessing and a resource of inspiration. When I committed to a photo-a-day during April I was worried that I could not possible d0 this and also train as Resident Supervisor of an Adult Foster Care home. But again and again, the yard brings beauty. This fine wet day filled with fog and reports of snow in the forecast also caught me off my best, feeling a little under all this weather, and in need of a slow lazy morning.

Creative Every Day–April 17, 2011

April seems to be getting away from me. But I stop often enough to notice the robins in the backyard. Today, the birds are rioting in the crab apple. Mike helped them out by placing a lid to 5 gallon bucket and filling it with seed. The birds have put up with two days of spring snow. The cowbirds fill the apple tree by the fence. Everything is coated in snow.

Day Three–NaNoWriMo and Art Every Day Month

In My Own Backyard--Dogwood

What is your home? Is it a shelter made of wood or brick? Or is it more than a shelter. Is it the people in the shelter you share the space with? Or is it a sense of you, a self that is comfortable enough to let others come close and share in moments.

And are you comfortable enough with self to allow others to share with you? Can you breathe air with another and not feel stifled or suppressed?

At work do you feel suppressed or are you strong enough in the stance of your being to be rooted and unshaken?

I want more strong days. I am thinking of my core like xylem and phloem in a tree. I want sap to flow strong from root to leaf.

My dogwood just beyond the deck has found itself. The many colors of its being radiate in all weather. The snows will come and blanket the street where the crow calls me in the morning. The dogwood will watch how I listen. Witness the days unfolding.

July 6 & 6-minutes in the Garden

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Sometimes all we have is 6-minutes in the Garden–Sometimes that has to be enough.

21.5.800–1600 Words in Photos

1600 Words in Photos or 2-Days of No Writing


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I was lost to the world of vegetation  for two days. Farmer’s Market and Garden. I will let the photos speak. Both Mike and I spent all of our Sunday in the Garden. It is wet and wonderful, wild and green, with the promise of foods to come.

Clean Water Forever!

Clean Water Forever for my Grandson!

Clean Water Makes Everyone Happy!

Walkin’ in the Hood

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Went for a walk in the neighborhood with Mike this evening. Things are changing.

An Ordinary Wednesday (with migraine)



Suffering, today, I headed home with a photo-sensitive headache that caused me to draw the blinds all-day at work. Blue skies up the hill in Negaunee, and heavy dark snow clouds hanging over the big lake in Marquette, this is one trigger of headaches, weather fronts that cause a drop in barometric pressure. Other triggers, fears of money , lost shifts, and how I will survive the month of January. The doubt of how on Earth I can follow a dream when broke. Luckily, the sun cast a golden light reminding me of my “sight” my gift of framing up a photo even when in pain and fear. I went with the flow and listened to that voice in my head. The voice that says no, not here drive up the hill. Click. Click. Quick now to the harbor. Click. Out to the island. Click.



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