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Union Spring


Porcupine Mountains,
Union Spring,

The day was washed out and our cameras wet, fogged, and spotted by drops, it was hard to keep dry. And I’ve dragged my feet editing the trip due to the challenges. Then I played in B/W with images to bring out a washed effect. Here is Mike with rain pouring off the umbrella and camera tucked under his coat.

3/21 Promises & Photographs


“Mike Reviews” was submitted for this week’s Challenge. The theme this week, The Face.  I chose the photo of Mike as my promise this morning ’cause this is the man that makes it all better for me. He is the one I wake to and come home to. In this photo Mike is reviewing digi-captures at Blues Fest 2009. This is a wise face, and the man gives great counsel, always encouraging my growth as a person and artist. I have promised to love him forever (sounds cheesy, eh? but it is true).

Oh, so the 21-Day Promise fits a couple ways here. First I did something that furthers my art by submitting to the weekly contest. Two I have woke this man and shared my love with him now for 5 years. Mike and I call our anniversary July 4, as I fell in love with him in 2004 during festivities. Mike and I are readying for another one of our hike to you drop fall trips–packing camera gear–choosing our adventures–I am fully aware of this connection he and I have and our and commitment to love, to grow, and it is a lovely promise..

Orange Float


On today’s agenda is the Carp River Gardens and fireworks in Neguanee. I am so far behind with sharing of photos and writing. I keep promising to do better–and I shall. I have signed up for the August Free Write Fling and I must gear up for Ludington Writers Conference in September. I also will be redoing my blog–website set-up and getting online sales of photos up and running in the next 3-6 months.

This shot was taken at the Marquette Community Gardens in the Park Cemetary, Marquette Michigan. Mike and I caught a few shots last night then dashed for the lake shore and storm shots over town and lake. I will process these soon. I took bracketed exposures and will try my first HDR images. All purely on accident–my camera just ended up in this mode most likely as I picked up the whole tripod and moved it to capture what was behind me and get past a railing that was in the way–So since the universe gave me this accidental camera mode setting of high, low and just right exposure. I think I ought to create with it.

Here is an image not played with yet. My Magic Man Mike!


Captured by Mike Hainstock

Captured by Mike Hainstock, “Kim in New Coat, Size 12.”

Earlier that day I had set out for a fast paced walk to downtown Marquette and the spring Holistic Health Fair. The coat I put on was a 1x and I was drowning in it. On my way home, I dropped into Getz’s and purchased the above jacket, a size 12. No way! That’s what the tag says said the sales-lady. I proudly wore home my new Descente ski jacket (which happens to be light enough to shove in a backpack).

Later that day Mike and I headed out for an evening walk and to capture some of the last images of winter. The snow was dirty, the ice was fine and thinning out, Just like me!  Seriously. We both took  awesome captures of crazy ice-fishing on Marquette’s lower harbor. Check out our Flickr sites, His/Hers . I will soon post some to A Winter Journal, too!

The Thinning Kim as Seen by Mike

Thinning Kim, February 14 2009, 179.6 lbs., Photo copyright Mike Hainstock

It isn’t as bad to see a photo of myself. My first action is not an overpowering urge to destroy the image. Here I am near Presque Isle taking photos of float ice built up on shore. Mike is the photographer (My Valentine). I stand here at 179.6 lbs., a pound and 4 ounces over my lowest posted weight, but where I seem to have leveled off for the last week and a half. I am wearing a size 16 jean for the first time in over two years. It is difficult still to see where I have to go (with my weight loss) but hopeful as I can see it happening. My face is aging and I make funny faces when framing a shot. I’ll have to work on a happy face while capturing images. I thank Mike for taking these images of me. Overtime I grow more comfortable with myself. It has helped motivate me, too.

To see a photo of Mike, My Valentine and Magic Man on this Valentine’s Day shoot visit A Winter Journal.

February’s 1st Shoot with Mike

Mike on Ice, Lake Superior at Mcarty's Cove, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Mike on Ice, Lake Superior at Mcarty's Cove, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Waiting Out the Storm, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Mysterious Saucer in Snow, photo copyright Kim Nixon

One of the things I like best when it comes to the Canon s5 IS is that I can hide it under a scarf when bad weather hits. Mike and I started this shoot in the sun and finished in a snowstorm with wind gusts up to 50 mph. For more winter photos visit: A Winter Journal, Notes from the Upper Peninsula.

Mike is standing far out on the ice at Mcarty’s Cove on the shores of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. I had shot this location in late Janaury, as did he. It keeps calling us back. Visibility was very bad as the storm blew in lake effect snows.

If you are a Marquette or Upper Peninsula inhabitant you will know that the last shot is not a U.F.O.

Birthday Hike–Seize the Day

Seize the Day, Keen Boots in Snowshoes, photo by Kim Nixon

Mike on Snowy Teal Lake Trail, photo by Kim Nixon

Kim in the Distance, photo by Mike Hainstock

Mike Looks Out at the Ridge and Snow Tubers, photo by Kim Nixon

These are the shots I love to share, a combo of both my own and Mike’s. They give a glimpse into our lives that words and stories cannot share. Today was my birthday and where I have been suffering from serious seasonal disorder with symptoms complicated by stress and my own drive to change, today was calm. Like the hush of snow. The laughter over on the next hill. The slient flight of birds. My day was a gift.

Mike I am so blessed to share these moments with you. I think of how many times we are on the trail together, your ability to play, to appreciate the day, scene, moment (even in yet another snowstorm), and I know that you, too, are a gift.

My years with you are filled with magic. Your better than the icing on my 45th birthday cake, baby!

See the digi-captures of Kim on a snowtube taken by Mike at A Winter Journal.

Journal Fragments, 2004

  • Before I picked my first blueberry of the season, I knew I could grow old with you.
  • There is a song inside me it raises with your palm.
  • Somewhere between the Yellow Dog (river), Little Garlic Falls and the blueberry patches on the Mulligan Plains, I lost my cell phone and it was like loosing my innocence all over again but different.
  • “…coming home to all these hippies cooking in my kitchen,” He said.
  • I garden for coffee.
  • I needed to drive 90mph with Zydeco, loud. See I am no different from your son crashing down the trail like a bear.
  • There were days of swords and ice, swords and ice…
  • As my chakras spin faster, butterflies let loose, lavender in the yard, in my hair, over my skin as your hands reach up…
  • I fly over the Altamont Bridge to lay by your side. Writing this brings me to you and again to our dance in the yard. That’s the challenge of writing isn’t it? Everything comes out sounding cliché and you can never freeze a moment. I have learned to like fruit salad at your table, kiwi and grapes, peach and plum. My tastes changed. If I told you, would you understand this? Fiddle Music plays in my heart. (It sounds like Daisy May smiling)
  • Art Every Day, 25/30, Giving Thanks on Tuesday

    The path that led me to Mike, well I never knew that there was this path.

    I remember being alone, hurt. My nest empty of children. I was injured in an accident. On the outside, I was spontaneous, full of hope, smiling. On the inside, I was afraid of being alone.

    But one day I look up and there was this path, and over the years many paths. I look ahead and I see Mike. Here he is again on a path to the beach. Magic.

    I look up and there he is, again, and again.

    I am grateful. I am filling with hope, again, and again.

    Come sit a little closer. . .

    Sit a Little Closer, photo by Kim Nixon (sepia tweaked)

    Perhaps we are too young to start thinking of the days when we sit and rock side-by-side. Is mid-40 too young for thoughts of when we get older. Mike and I dreamt of a swing hanging from an arbor where we could sit, rock, and look over the gardens and perhaps our grandchildren. Where we could watch humming birds, and doves bathing in the waterfall that trickles into the pond.

    I am always trying to get him to sit closer. I love him more everyday and I cannot get enough of his warmth. Often I feel like a too distant pumpkin in the patch trying to figure out how to roll my way over to where he stands.

    The grapevines are growing on the arbor now. The grass garden was wild, but a bit too dry this summer and blackberries are starting to take in the garden soil. This fall there are purple asters and bronze mums, lemon thyme going dormant, and tomatoes rotting on the soil.

    I think one of the reasons I can never get close to my man on the swing is he is almost always in motion. Tinkering. Puttering. Wait. Those descriptors are too old. I mean after all we are mid-40s not in our 60s. So, I suppose he is constructing, building, creating. I’ll let him putter in 20 years (wink). For now I will watch his fine body profile in the days fading light, the magic light, before the sunsets, and hope he will come sit close and hold my hand.

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