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Day Three–NaNoWriMo and Art Every Day Month

In My Own Backyard--Dogwood

What is your home? Is it a shelter made of wood or brick? Or is it more than a shelter. Is it the people in the shelter you share the space with? Or is it a sense of you, a self that is comfortable enough to let others come close and share in moments.

And are you comfortable enough with self to allow others to share with you? Can you breathe air with another and not feel stifled or suppressed?

At work do you feel suppressed or are you strong enough in the stance of your being to be rooted and unshaken?

I want more strong days. I am thinking of my core like xylem and phloem in a tree. I want sap to flow strong from root to leaf.

My dogwood just beyond the deck has found itself. The many colors of its being radiate in all weather. The snows will come and blanket the street where the crow calls me in the morning. The dogwood will watch how I listen. Witness the days unfolding.

Day Two–NaNoWriMo and Art Every Day Month

Art Every Day Month--Day Two--Harvey Bayou, Chocolay River

A new look on life seemed to be the theme of my NaNoWriMo and Art Every Day Month endevours.

My writings which came in two sessions today. I was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g myself today. And guess what! There was enough of me to go around.

Session 1 excerpts:

A pink geranium reminded me that with the season changing this momentum could spur my own growth and survival. Devil’s night I was bringing flowerpots from the front yard back to the shed and a pink geranium was about to bloom. I thought I will help you survive “little pink” and took the pot inside.

This pink geranium then spurred me to rearrange the whole healing-art studio upstairs. I now see this as a three-day arrangement complete with dust balls the size of guinea pigs. But the process will reach into winter.

Last night, as I drove home from the 3-11 shift at the group home the Wells Fargo Bank sign reported 32 degrees. The windows of my car had already started to frost. Mike reports he must finish fixing the snow blower, because snow is predicted for later this week. Heavy, wet,-first snow the kind you rather wait out in your home until the next warm day.

I woke to the golden glow casting itself through the living room and past the red orange dogwood. The cat is snoring next to me on the couch and I can hear crows outside.

Session 2 excerpts:

I think of the hostas in the garden that are decaying with each frost. I hear predictions of snow. I think of things I need to lay to rest over the coming days.

Dreams return.

They tell me how to fly. I fly. I photo. I clip and even sew. I look forward to this new endeavor.

I see new friends. I channel. I swim with the fishes.

Orange fish. Blue fish. Green fish. Two fish. Or the tiny fish swimming in the channel, today. Squirming in shallow water and travelling too quick for my camera. Away to new shelter.

Foot paths. Bridges. The suspension bridge at Song Bird. River sitting. Soup.

I must make soup and roast squash and bake goodness and share with many.

NaNoWriMo–Day One

In My Own Backyard--Abundance!

NaNoWriMo Excerpts:
Abundance and making things happen. All around me have been signs of an abundant life and sometimes I am lucky enough to take notice. Like yesterday when discovered the grapes withering on yellow grape vines in my own backyard. At first, my mind went straight to how we had wasted an opportunity. Then I looked for that unseen benefit and the birds jumping around the yard and I thought my little tweeting friends were happy due to the abundance in our yard. These grapes would keep songbirds happy and well-nourished. And the textures and color opened my eyes, brought me to a pause and centered me.

River Sitting--A New Pastime

River sitting, a new pastime. Saturday I attended the Farmer’s Market and bought potato soup from Dancing Crane Cafe. I took my tiny carton of soup out to the woods at Songbird trail and sat in a third world crouch, back up against a tree, camera slung over my shoulder, sipping soup and watching water flow. I could hear the roar of the waves at the delta. Lake Superior was a force. She was making herself hear. But I took refuge under pine. Wintergreen with red berries hinted of winter. It was Devil’s Night. Michael’s Birthday. I was coming to terms with working a weekend, working the 3pm to 11pm shift, missing Michael’s Birthday, missing Halloween and my Grandson, missing Mike.

Self Portrait in River

I looked at my refection in the water and I thought it is a good time for change, my body is healing from Celiac, and I now have the strength to move forward. The sky is not always blue like on this Monday morning where I write from the sofa in my living room. Some days are gray and raining drops fall on the river. But we have soup. We can create and choose inner warmth and we can still appreciate the day. These are the steps I am taking. This is the courage to change.

Squirrel Dayz

waxyfruit with frost-2057

Each morning I let the dogs out and glance up at this tree. Buddha has been moved from the garden bed to the door side.. Soon he will move to his winter digs in the studio, upstairs. The squirrel in me needs to prepare for winter and stock reserves, take count, and make rom for the long sleep. These may be our last snow free days.

buddha morningfrost-2062

Both these images are available. I have a wonderful 8×10 collage of this morning’s images for 10.00 plus shipping.

11/8 AEDM–Radom Bits from NaNo Writes

1. I am scared of lemons today. I am scared that all I have to sell are .05 cent paper Dixie cups of pucker. I am afraid that the cups will be squished and thrown into the street. I am afraid I will be left in the spray from a mud puddle on the side of the rode and no one will see my sadness. Why won’t they see my sadness?


2. I want to be a person who can sing a full song. Not some random phrase, worded wrong to a tune once sung by my mother. Like, “Oh yes! We have no bananas we have no bananas today.” ( Louis Prima)


3. Garlic it’s what for dinner. I love the tight little bulbs from Seeds and Spores that had pink and purple tinges to the papery wrappers. I love garlic minced, chopped, sliced and roasted. I love the power of garlic and the smell lingering on my hands the next day. I love a remedy of garlic soaked in honey.

Garlic makes a bad pan not so bad. Garlic seasons the bad pan. Garlic loves the bad pan. But it likes it’s friend olive oil to come along for the cooking.


4. Yesterday I ran past grey squirrels on the trail. They are super-fat with big proud bushy tails. They are so quick they will scare you.

I run with headphones on—not up too loud but just enough where I can get startled from time to time. Like when I see trolls.

They look like trolls—tree stumps—sometimes. Does this troll-man with the wizened bark and rotting face come to me as friend or foe. I laugh at myself and run on.

Be careful who you share your troll stories with as people will think you are pushing too hard. They will think you’ve lost it. Or at the very least that you are not taking in enough food to sustain your sanity.

But I believe I did see a troll even if at second glance the troll becomes a stump or rotting log with moss and ferns. I am positive that I am running past all kinds of magical happenings when I trail run.

11/3 Art Every Day Month


It’s true I feel like Popeye today. I’m on track for my word count in NaNoWriMo. I went outside in my jammies to take photos of snow. I showered and had eaten all before 8a.m. The Power of Popeye is with me–I’m strong to the finish, ’cause I eat my spinach!


Okay so it was not spinach this morning or last night. I think last night was fresh green beans and this morning was whole gain toast and peanut butter. But you get it right?

Today is Biggest Loser night and I am working 9am-5:30pm so I needed to get my creative tasks out-of-the-way so I can ride the exercise bike for an hour tonight. Plus I have the display and presentation for the Holistic Health Fair to work on.

No spinach tonight either!

But I have the Power of Popeye to remind me come 2:30-3pm this afternoon that I can avoid bucket’s of fun-size Halloween candy. I have grapes, and apple, a pack of gum, and even super-dark fair-trade chocolate, just in case.

My weight has been hovering from 149-151.  For those who have been following.

Enjoy your Tuesday! Make it Creative!

Will November Prove To Be Too Much?

To Do List:

Today my art for Art Every Day Month came easy. I took photos before my run this morning. It was a beautiful cold morning with clouds clearing to sun. I came across a tree that has been very creative. It had formed a tight bundle of growth, like a nest. Does anyone know why trees do this?


Like this tree I am trying to create something and make it grow very green and thrive. I am inviting change into my life. I am forming the habits that a creative entrepeneur needs. I am committing to huge acts of creation over the month of November. Let’s take a closer look at that tight bundle in the tree, eh?


If you are taking part with NaNoWriMo I am “CreatewithKim” and I am part of the United States–Michigan–Marquette and the UP, Region.

You can check-out my other photos today at Flickr or at Running Marquette.

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