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Different Views of My Everyday Life

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I can view myself as ill and diagnosed with a genetic disease. Or I can view myself well.

I can view my life as full of restrictions. Or I can view my life as full of options.

I can view my life as changed. Or as changing.


3/21 Promises & Photographs


“Mike Reviews” was submitted for this week’s Challenge. The theme this week, The Face.  I chose the photo of Mike as my promise this morning ’cause this is the man that makes it all better for me. He is the one I wake to and come home to. In this photo Mike is reviewing digi-captures at Blues Fest 2009. This is a wise face, and the man gives great counsel, always encouraging my growth as a person and artist. I have promised to love him forever (sounds cheesy, eh? but it is true).

Oh, so the 21-Day Promise fits a couple ways here. First I did something that furthers my art by submitting to the weekly contest. Two I have woke this man and shared my love with him now for 5 years. Mike and I call our anniversary July 4, as I fell in love with him in 2004 during festivities. Mike and I are readying for another one of our hike to you drop fall trips–packing camera gear–choosing our adventures–I am fully aware of this connection he and I have and our and commitment to love, to grow, and it is a lovely promise..

PhotoFriday: Young & Old Submission for the theme, Young &  Old. The Photo “Liam Faces Shed” was taken by Kim Nixon during her Grandson’s birthday party. The image can be seen full size at Flickr.

Liam with Mower at Shed


My Grandson turned Two! Here he is with a Bubble Mower and an old shed. I cannot believe how fast he can run with his mower. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. It might be that grandchildren grow-up faster than our children. I loved the colors of the mossy steps and his soft hair in this photo. The moment had me wondering his thoughts.


Mike suggested I try BW treatments of this photo–I like the affect here. I used Virtual Photographer from Optikverve and chose the BW-Bygone Era action and then tweaked it to filter in the red tones. The image becomes and instant classic shot. I like how we do not know how old the toy is now–the plastic colors of the mower are gone.

liamis2_withmoweratshedbwfBACKbLUR_4894 copy 2

With this treatment I loved the blur–it adds to the Flashback mood. I love how angelic it make’s Liam’s hair. He is soft. The stairs grainy, murky and the darkness of the shed more forboding. Here is what I imagine he was thinking when I intially took the photo.

Hiawatha–Sunday Morn with Bass

all rights reserved

This photo was submitted to the weekly challenge: In Shadow.

To view this image in color. To view this image large and in B/W.–Extreme Close-up, Extreme Close-up--Dune Grass, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Picking a super-macro shot for the theme was difficult. Extreme Close-up is never easy when there is wind. I like how this shot turned out. Taken in November at the Illinois State Beach down from the retired nuke plant. The day promised storm with dark skies, wind and cold numbing my fingers as I crawled thru grasses to find this perfect frond.

PhotoFriday–The Team

Highland Dancers, Rock and Renaissance Fest, Ishpeming Michigan 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Highland Dancers, Rock and Renaissance Fest, Ishpeming Michigan 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon.

Visit! Meditation

Bishop Baraga Shrine, close-up, photocopyright Kim Nixon

Roadside America has a nice article on the “Snowshoe Priest,”  Bishop Baraga. The night I arrived the sun was almost down. I was torn between this man’s face and the sunset on the horizon. This is one of three shots I took in an instant. I was intent on the sunset–that’s where I meditated.

This is a 60-foot-tall statue raised up in the air. It is impressive. The size of the snowshoes, he holds. The cross in his hand. Holy Wah!

Visit the website for inspiration and wonderful digital images.–Disorder

Copper Pipe, Men at Work Series, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is from my Men at Work Series at Flickr, and the perfect submission for’s theme, Disorder. Isn’t it ironic? When everyone is out trying to order their lives with new day planners and calendars, making professional and personal goals. The people at PhotoFriday come up with Disorder. Many of my memorable photos of 2008 came from disorder such as “Nails on Yellow” a work belt emptied onto a metal table between camp and barn.–Weathered

Tab Benoit, Marquette Area Blues Fest 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is a photo from this past summer’s Marquette Area Blue’s Fest. The artist is Tab Benoit–you have to hear him play–but if you cannot you HAVE to read his biography. While searching my photos for this week’s theme “weathered” I had a wealth of shots. I scrolled through my photostream at and this one went by I got all giddy. Love the weathered guitar.

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