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What a 6-day vacation taught me…

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Driving home from a 6-day vacation in Minnesota I realized just how healthy and relaxed I felt. I never had a panic attack. I never broke out in a rash. I had taken the time to do daily tasks such as fetching water and wood. Slowing down the movements of my life and being present in each moment I allowed for the surprise of beauty to present itself around every corner. But most importantly I did not have to live up to anyone’s expectations of me.

I am happy with who I am. I love me. The man I travel with is an easy traveler and my best friend.

I know who I am. At that moment travelling in the car back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I tuned in deeply to the “place” I found within me, to the awarenesses that had surfaced.

I vowed to rebuild a life that nourished my soul, mind, body!

(more to come)

Full Frost Moon–What Will Come

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I take part each full moon and make a DreamBoard with Jamie Ridler and others. Jamie says, “Under the Full Frost Moon it is time to deepen our dreams, to grow powerful roots of support as we move into the colder months. Allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let’s choose to give our energy to the things that nourish our hearts and our lives, while releasing what no longer serves us. Let’s fill not only our dreamboards but also our calendars and lists with what we dream of.”

This moon’s question: “What dreams would I like to grow roots for?”
What are you dreaming under this Full Frost Moon?

Mostly, I am trying to unfold and breathe. I am moving into my dreamtime and watching for what gifts come my way. I am allowing myself to believe in magic and miracles.

I have many interest, dreams, and visions. I was once told I had too many interests. I went on the defensive after that comment. I love to run. I love yoga. I love photography. I love massage. I love nutrition and learning how what we ingests can heal us.

Health and injuries have had me rethink my path many times.

It seems I’ve been caught in a pattern of doing things cautiously. I run to protect the knee. I move into asanas with caution. I give tiny-short massages to people in wheelchairs that cannot give verbal feedback.

I dream of managing a unique business! One that brings creativity, health and wellness together. One that helps individuals and community heal.

I know part of this dream means I must continue self-care.

I know this dream needs revenue.

My dream board I see as embracing what is to come, what will come.

Life is full of curves…

Life is full of curves. Keep flowing!


Full Moon Dreamboard

Full Moon Dreamboard–Full Buck Moon


The full moon of July is the Full Buck Moon.  I get off from work, most nights at 11pm. I get to see the  thru its phases and I always state this month I will do a Full Moon Dreamboard. Vision boards have been a powerful imaging tool for me for a decade. But I have yet to initiate the energy on a full-moon. This month I accomplished my goal.

I had wanted a rustic window and a board with depth and movement, layers of reveal. The gathering process led me in a different direction. It’s okay.

The I have to admit I struggled with time. I thought, there is no way. No time. No space. But I breathed into my worry and released it. I accomplished my board in less than an hour. No excuses anymore. I told myself, if I only managed to clip two images and put them on a bulletin board so be it.

But this came together, fluid. I love it!

Next month I’m hoping to find that rustic frame that’s deep, 3-5 inches deep. I can dream-it. I can create-it.

In the mean-time for this lunar month I am dreaming of: Massages, trail runs, rest, reading good books, beaches, yoga, and hugs. I’m dreaming bigger dreams too!

Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you mine!

You too can participate with other creatives developing dreamboards with Jamie Ridler!

Beach Bound–Black Rocks

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Day III–Beach Bound at Black Rocks with no-Book.
Thursday was a day off work, the necessity of taking a book and loosing myself in some fiction wasn’t a pressing matter. The day was more-or-less mine. The beach held off until late in the evening and Mike and I had a camera walk on a different kind of beach. Presque Isle has an area on the sunset side called Black Rocks and it is a popular location for cliff jumpers. Even in the cool of this summer evening people were still jumping into Superior. My mood and energy levels are at an all time low today. I remind myself to ride the tide of energy and reflect with the help of that vast blue water letting this low of mine drift and flow.

Fairylands and Forty-Seven

Photo by Mike Hainstock

I’m blessed to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and to have The Wilds so readily at hand. Saturday I worked a 3pm to 11pm shift followed by the morning shift on Sunday 7am-3pm. I only managed 4 hours of sleep between the shifts. I think I surprised Mike when I came home and said, “Grab your camera–let’s go!”. So Sunday, around 4pm we headed out, guided by our intuition, and landed down a gorge near a waterfall in Fairyland where I fell in love with this tree. I could have taken a nap and listen to it whisper secrets!

Photo by Kim Nixon

Sunshine is like the equivalent to “the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down” allowing me to sing in the face of negativity and danger! And I’ve been focussing on spreading joy and disconnecting from the negative that tries to swamp us down. Imaging and Imagining the life I want to lead is key!

Photo by Kim Nixon

Blossoming and branching and keeping that sense of discovery is important. What will sparkle in the sunlight under trees near flowing waters? You’ll never know unless you venture down into the gorge. Facing fears and trying new things isn’t so bad. The last time Mike and I visited this particular bend in the Carp River I was very afraid to walk over a log bridge. My fear of heights and falling so irrational. The creek is really only a foot or so deep, come on fall in I dare ya! (I can laugh now). I walked over it twice with ease on Sunday. Magical!

Photo by Kim Nixon

I am forty-seven and it is a magical age. I’ve having another spring and I can unfold, blossom, soak in sun, and enjoy the wind. I’m going to grow, heal, learn. I feel like singing often. I listen to my intuition and I can hear the little magical beings of the deep forest calling.

2011 Happiness Project–January

Happiness Project

Okay, this past year was rough. Good things happened yet I still felt out of my element often enough. I did not have that strong can-do attitude and I felt the rug being pulled from under my feet, too often. In 2010, I had already decided to concentrate on small things, tiny things. To rebuild a positive base you have to start with gratitude. You have to know where you are a happy. One thing was I wanted dinners at home, and the ability to lie in bed and read a book! Such a luxury. I did not want to feel the need to work 7am-11pm. I told myself it was crazy to do so and to STOP!

So yesterday I ran across The Happiness Project and since I am already committed to the Creative Every Day Challenge 2011, I thought what a perfect friend they‘d be. Let’s concentrate on Happy!

Kim is Springing out of Boxes

The reminder came in the mail, yesterday! I took part in an abundance group with professional woman who desired to create change. In the mail, the most wonderful gift arrived on the same day as joining the Happiness Project!

It has taken me a bit longer to manifest the changes, but I am getting there. My Etsy Store is forming-up, nicely. I am a working artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative. Plus, I’ve my photography at the Marquette Art and Cultural Gift Gallery within the Peter White Library. With my day job I have gone through a couple changes, trying on differing aspects of the job to see what fits.


On my birthday I attended yoga at a new location, on departing there was a small bowl of stones with messages. I chose one that said, “Give.” My immediate reaction was muscles tensing and the defensive thought that I already give too much! I work in a Group Home. I give every day.  Then I realized I was looking at giving wrong. Giving does not deplete you when in the state of joyful giving. That I can also give to myself.

I went to the Gallery and a small birthday gift, so cute, delicate, colorful and joyful awaited me. It was from a friend that folds paper cranes. I was like a little girl when opening the gift. My next act was to take a photo from my display and march it down the street. It was a magical photo of a local business taken at dusk. It felt good to give of my gifts. Aha!


So just what am I reading? I am making time to read, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. He is an amazing writer, good flow, good humor, great subject.  On the nights I do not work at the group home until eleven, my lovely “off” nights, I read!

I have also picked up “Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way” by Susan Weed. It comes highly recommended and lately I feel this 47-year-old-body preparing for the next phase of life. I need to educate myself on alternative methods of healing for this time.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can also order, Gretchin Rubin’s, “The Happiness Project”

Action Goals

1. Continue working on the studio upstairs–Making it more welcoming, functional and less cluttered.

2. Make more time for family—outings, dinners, visits.

3. Simple chores that make me happy—water plants twice a week, declutter, cooking.

4. Read!

5. Enjoy one or two massages a month.

Found Altars, Sacred Spaces

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Mike was still asleep when I woke in the cold pop-up camper so I slid my shoes on quietly and in jammies went down the steep incline to the beach. The waves were calm, the morning mostly gray, the sun not having burnt off the mist and cloud cover. I came across a found altar. It was Sunday morning. I said my prayers and climbed back up a very steep incline to the campground above.

We camped at the Presque Isle Campground within the Porcupine Mountain State Park. It was only a two-day trip that started late on a Saturday but it helped me put the stresses I was feeling in the background. I came home with resolve to change, to slow it down, to take my healing to the next level.

Found altars can be a gathering of stones on a beach, or a space where you feel centered. This trip reminded me that I need to seek that space more frequently. Where is your “altar”?

Finding Creative Ease

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

~ Francesca Reigler

I have been taking what I’ve entitled my “Fly North (or is that South)” series of photos that are from Uplifting Walks. When the world feels a little too fast, or I am attending to information that might become overwhelming, I am taking my concerns out into nature.

Francesca says that amount of work is the same?

Oh Francesca! It seems so much easier to make myself happy in nature! I find ease with my world among the colors of sky and with the scent of autumn.

How do you find ease in your world?


Transitions…this image has different depths of field. My life has different depths of field. There is part of me that is faded into the background, there is the me that is in your face, and then there is the me that is coming forth.

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