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Finding Creative Ease

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

~ Francesca Reigler

I have been taking what I’ve entitled my “Fly North (or is that South)” series of photos that are from Uplifting Walks. When the world feels a little too fast, or I am attending to information that might become overwhelming, I am taking my concerns out into nature.

Francesca says that amount of work is the same?

Oh Francesca! It seems so much easier to make myself happy in nature! I find ease with my world among the colors of sky and with the scent of autumn.

How do you find ease in your world?

21.5.800–1600 Words in Photos

1600 Words in Photos or 2-Days of No Writing


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I was lost to the world of vegetation  for two days. Farmer’s Market and Garden. I will let the photos speak. Both Mike and I spent all of our Sunday in the Garden. It is wet and wonderful, wild and green, with the promise of foods to come.

June Florals–Rhoddies at the Courthouse


Practice at the Courthouse Grounds, today. The wind was blowing pretty hard today. Just trying to get flowers still enough. Love getting the details.


Sylvia’s Magic Garden II

Sylvia’s Magic Garden I

photo by Kim Nixon

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