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Wishcasting Wednesday + International Soul Art Day

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Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler asks us, “What do you wish to jump into?” Oh how I LOVE the question, for on Wishcasting Wednesday I had  jumped into International Soul Art Day. A restless night waking at 5 a.m., followed a 9-hour day at work with no lunch, picking up my framing for a gallery hanging later this week, and I still committed to take part. So at 7:30 p.m., I began with the thought of the light beyond an image in a photograph. That we are all energy. That I need healing. And also staying mindful of my preparation for the Reiki course I’m taking part in later this month.

I knew I would map my hands or feet. I meditated and set my hands to the drawing pad and my head followed.

I want to jump into Art and Healing and the belief that my creativity will sustain the life I choose.

Wishcasting Wednesday–How do you wish to spend your time?

This is a photo from my backyard. I returned home from a day of facing-up to things. And I was still mulling over the question from Wednesday and I was disappointed for not accomplishing my Wishcasting Wednesday post.

I decided to make a post on Thursday, as I make necessary changes in my daily life the question of How do you wish to spend your time? is very pertinent. Pertinent and yet, frightful.

I was worried that if I am frightened how do I achieve abundant thinking? How do I make that energetic shift?

I needed hope after my physical therapist gave me the latest news which included–don’t practice yoga for a bit. No twists, No forward bends. No stretching. And sit with a lumbar pillow.

Facebook Status I

Bolstering Hope–the theme of my day as I face the challenges of my life/style. Bought myself carnations on clearance. Found a wonderful scarf at Goodwill. Counted change for a latte. Went to physical therapy. Documented on documents and set appointments to ensure a healthy future. Talked with artists, friends, and worked on building a supportive network. I am a strong person and I can rise to any challenge. And, yes, the tropical aroma of the carnations help ;-)

Facebook Status II

Planning brings certain words to mind: Positive. Social. Spirit-based. Energetic. Balanced. Service. Healing. Smiles. Assist. Beauty. Fresh. Natural. Organic. Warm. Eco-Conscious. Love. Light. Fit. Supportive.

But the big question still looms!

How do you wish to spend my time?

  • I’d like to read for long periods of time.
  • I’d like to take photos and publish them frequently.
  • I’d like to write articles and get back to journaling.
  • I’d like to heal my injuries and feel confident enough to retrain for a career.

There are many ways I wish to spend my time. Tonight, I’m going to finish some chores and return to daily journaling.

Join Jamie Ridler and her followers in WishcastingWednesday!

Full Frost Moon–What Will Come

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I take part each full moon and make a DreamBoard with Jamie Ridler and others. Jamie says, “Under the Full Frost Moon it is time to deepen our dreams, to grow powerful roots of support as we move into the colder months. Allow that fresh chill in the air to wake you up to your dreams. Let’s choose to give our energy to the things that nourish our hearts and our lives, while releasing what no longer serves us. Let’s fill not only our dreamboards but also our calendars and lists with what we dream of.”

This moon’s question: “What dreams would I like to grow roots for?”
What are you dreaming under this Full Frost Moon?

Mostly, I am trying to unfold and breathe. I am moving into my dreamtime and watching for what gifts come my way. I am allowing myself to believe in magic and miracles.

I have many interest, dreams, and visions. I was once told I had too many interests. I went on the defensive after that comment. I love to run. I love yoga. I love photography. I love massage. I love nutrition and learning how what we ingests can heal us.

Health and injuries have had me rethink my path many times.

It seems I’ve been caught in a pattern of doing things cautiously. I run to protect the knee. I move into asanas with caution. I give tiny-short massages to people in wheelchairs that cannot give verbal feedback.

I dream of managing a unique business! One that brings creativity, health and wellness together. One that helps individuals and community heal.

I know part of this dream means I must continue self-care.

I know this dream needs revenue.

My dream board I see as embracing what is to come, what will come.

Opacity on Our Periphery

Seeking opportunities for scholarships and/or artist-in-residence opportunities. I’ve been pondering “opacity…the in between worlds, the structures in our periphery that guide us but of which we are not fully aware.” I am looking for “time” to explore in poetry, writing, and photography these concepts.

If you know of other artists, books, resources please share as I take on this new journey and study.

Full Moon Dreamboard

Full Moon Dreamboard–Full Buck Moon


The full moon of July is the Full Buck Moon.  I get off from work, most nights at 11pm. I get to see the  thru its phases and I always state this month I will do a Full Moon Dreamboard. Vision boards have been a powerful imaging tool for me for a decade. But I have yet to initiate the energy on a full-moon. This month I accomplished my goal.

I had wanted a rustic window and a board with depth and movement, layers of reveal. The gathering process led me in a different direction. It’s okay.

The I have to admit I struggled with time. I thought, there is no way. No time. No space. But I breathed into my worry and released it. I accomplished my board in less than an hour. No excuses anymore. I told myself, if I only managed to clip two images and put them on a bulletin board so be it.

But this came together, fluid. I love it!

Next month I’m hoping to find that rustic frame that’s deep, 3-5 inches deep. I can dream-it. I can create-it.

In the mean-time for this lunar month I am dreaming of: Massages, trail runs, rest, reading good books, beaches, yoga, and hugs. I’m dreaming bigger dreams too!

Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you mine!

You too can participate with other creatives developing dreamboards with Jamie Ridler!

Calling all Creative Thinkers!

Super Moon, Marquette Michigan

I need to get serious about bills, about getting a Big Girl Camera, and developing the online creative biz of my dreams. But how? How to create the funds I need. Find the time I need? (Explanation: As I am working a full-time job) (Explanation #2: And I have to cook all my meals do to my food avoidances).

Over the coming weeks we will explore, ways to progress!

Good progress has been made over the past couple months. Let’s boost self-confidence with the List Factor.

  1. I’m an artist at Zero Degrees Artist Cooperative.
  2. I also have work hanging in the Huron Gallery at the Peter White Library.
  3. I will have work hanging at the Peter White again in April/May.
  4. I met with an accountant to check my tax status perosnally and professionaly.
  5. Paid off two credit cards.

Great, pat self on back.  (pat, pat, pat)

Move forward!

How to develop additional incoming funds? To pay off medical debt. AND purchase new equipment? AHA! I need ideas, gimmicks, and get rich quick schemes (that work).

Photo: I went Super Moon hunting with life-partner Mike Hainstock who took this photo. I was again reminded of my camera’s limits. I use a Canon s5 IS and long for a full DSLR. I used some “actions” to create the photo above which to me looks like a spooky scene from a movie, a painting, but not what I wanted to take that night. I long to do thing like this.

Creative Every Day 2011–Week Four

A little late in posting my Creative Every Day Week 4 due to it being such a huge week! Full of accomplishments and goal setting. BOOST! That has been the word for January! I have given rise to such wonderful energies.

1.23.2011, Sunday

1.24.2011, Monday

  • Joined the Happiness Project.
  • Ran 3.1 miles, stretched and enjoyed the hot tub at the YMCA.
  • Donated clothes which equals less clutter!
  • Gifts arrived in the mail!
  • Stopped in the middle of the road to capture images of pigeons on a wire.

1.25.2011, Tuesday

  • Happiness Blog post at Create with Kim.
  • Watered Plants!
  • Another gift arrived in the mail!
  • Flipped the mattress for better energy flow in the bedroom, complete with fresh sheets.

1.26.2011, Wednesday

1.27.2011, Thursday

  • Yoga with Melissa.
  • Vinnies’ Bag day Sale. Buying used clothing makes me feel abundant!
  • Made my first ever cabbage soup.
  • Clipped magazines for new vision map.

1.28.2011, Friday

  • Supported a local business, Art of Framing for assistance with photo mats.
  • Entered the WinterCharm exhibit.
  • Weighed in for Biggest Loser competition at work.
  • Created new Vision Map.

1.29.2011, Saturday

Creative Sundays

I hung out with my demons today. When I do this, I visit the Alligator and I talk to him. He is a wise demon but likes to fool with me as well (sigh). But he reminds me not to take things painfully and he suggests a good dose of playtime. So where he is demonic and a bit of a trickster this gator is usually worth my time.

By the time I arrived home, after having played in the cool winter air, even after numb toes, I usually get a little creative so I decided to take a closer look at me with that Gator. What could the demon teach me about my visions?

So I zoomed in…

Then I thought, oh this is all much clearer now. I like this. Fresh air and the whispers of the Gator have brought some clarity to the questions demonizing me to wee hours of the morning.

  • Do I take a position that slows the momentum of this creative energy?
  • Do I try to do both?
  • Do I keep taking leaps of faith?

I plugged away all afternoon at creative projects. Here is one answer (below).

I love it when my questions lead to graphic messages! This is my new Etsy Store banner at Create with Kim!

Been Stormy

Change does not always come easy, or readily. But we must keep at it! Living a life we create comes from one simple step a day. Sometimes we climb to great heights like a rocket ship blasting into space. Some of us are using the old footstool in grandma’s kitchen. The footstool that helped her reach on top of the fridge. I remind myself that I come from greatness and I can reach for the mixing bowl on a high shelf, everyday.

What change are you making, today?

Is Autumn Awaiting You?

Too rushed! I feel panic most days. I want, so badly, to slow down. But I’ve let my choices get too confused and I am forgetting that we are entering a time of release and rest. I need to touch this season and watch it fall, watch it release, watch the fragility of leaves as they crumble.

I’ve certainly been fragile. My neck so sore. I’ve a great need for naps (and I do not let my head rest). I want to color with markers at a picnic table and write with pen on brown paper lyrics, and symbols, let out the mysteries that angels whisper in my ear.

How are you moving with the seasons? And is there a new choice to make? Perhaps you’re letting go?

Please share…

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