WishCasting Wednesday–What do I wish to create?

Thinking on sunflowers, healing, and the scatterings of birds
bringing beauty to my day.

I wish to create healing. Once I went to massage school and started my business, but and injury and inflammation had me closing my practice, too quickly.

I wish to create healing. Once I bought a pair of sheets, emptied out a bedroom and placed items in a healing room where I would practice my skills as a massage therapy student. I had no idea how to pay for school. I had FAITH! The way was found.

I wish to receive healing. Once a bird feeder was hung in the backyard. I tended a flower bed, weeded, mulched, and was surprised by sunflower plants. The birds had scattered seed. I get to enjoy the unexpected beauty. This helps me renew my faith in the unexpected.

Healing means, less fatigue and inflammation. It means finding a direction/path that allows me to help others find their way to health. Through massage, food, fitness, Reiki, or other another direction I’ve yet to imagine. Healing means abundance will return and I will have the means to make the changes I desire and am guided to. Healing means running my own business and sustaining my health and happiness.

Steps I took today toward health, today: Chiropractic appointment, restocked my coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, created art, took things to an outdoor outfitter for them to be resold (de-clutter), and rested.

What do you wish to create? Come cast your wishes with us at Jamie Ridler Studios.


WishCasting Wednesday–What do I wish to experience?

I want to peel back the layers and experience the joy and abundance of a life that is sustainable and joyful.

I’ve been working in a place that feels, negative. I want the ability to support myself in a joyous, healthy atmosphere where I can grow and be respected as a professional. This could manifest as a new position, or running my own business.

I believe it is possible to support my financial needs and have joy. To look with beauty on the world and to surround myself with positive people who believe in the ideals I support.

So be it. I have dreamed it!

What do you wish to experience?

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes by visiting Jamie Ridler, here!

Freewrite, 6-20-2012

Goal: to write more often no matter how trivial the words are—monkey mind that we experience in meditation, that is often what a freewrite will feel like. But I am giving myself permission to let things surface.

Today I spent time renewing my spirit and refreshing my living spaces. I got another garden plant in the ground and weathered the extremes that the first day of summer threw at us here in Marquette Michigan. As I begin to type, I hear the rains come. The temperature has dropped 30 degrees.

The news of the day has been of Duluth with heavy floods and zoo animals washed from their pens, two seals and a polar bear lose (now recovered).

The back of my mind is full of the endless questions of how to better my life. Make more money. Wondering where to concentrate my efforts and talents? And wondering if I have to start all over again, run away. Take on a new identity.

Extremes of the day, or week. The ups and downs.

I’ve decided to take part in a 30-days to Clarity e-course guided by Deb Smouse to help me create space in my life. I’ve taken on the bedroom and the refrigerator. One box, one bag, and an assortment of footwear made it to Vinnies today.

My water bottle is missing. Maybe it is at work or in Mike’s vehicle.

I iced coffee today in the freezer.

I turned off the TV; it was noise.

Processing the death of a friend. The criticism of a family member. And remembering the dragon-heart and how it longs for love and peace, friendship and hope.

Full Moon Dreamboard–June 2012

June 2012 Full Moon Dreamboard

This is the month of the Full Strawberry Moon, and Jamie Ridler asks her viewers, “What would I love to delight in this month?” Aaaaaaaahhh! Well, it appears I am still trying to figure this out. My dreamboard took a different look at my month ahead. My board reminded me of miracles, to reach high, make choices, to give up my worries, and if I don’t like the directions I’m headed to take a left turn and continue down the road. I am most drawn by the child and the tree, that I can lean, bend, and shape my world if I put my mind to it.

I’m so happy to be active with this practice. I’m looking for opportunities to share my process with others. I plan to share my 12 months of dreamboards at the close of the year.

I hope you’ve a delightful and healing month of June!

Full Moon Dreamboard — Full Flower Moon

Jamie Ridler prompts her viewers that the Full Flower Moon asks: “How would you like to bloom? Who are you when you’re in full bloom?” And this month I feel my process did not bring that question to the surface. What I do notice in my dreamboard is simplicity and a lot of space. I see I’m being drawn by the idea of summer, space, the beach, and the open feel of imaginative living.

I asked a yoga instructor in my community for a private session. I want to develop a home practice that honors my body where it is now. I’ve been coping with injuries and perceived limitations. It messes with my mind and spirit. I am trying to let go, blossom, and unfold.

I would like to bloom, like a flower mandala each petal a lesson I can share with others. I am a healer and envision running and owning a healing spa with art and bodywork.

May Full Moon Dreamboard, 2012

Magic Froth

On my last day off work for the next 13 days, I headed out to the woods, driving far to avoid the crowds at popular locations in Marquette, Michigan. I found myself at the Yellow Dog Falls out on County Road 510. I needed to reconnect to the energy of the earth and believe in the magic that shapes and shifts thru our days.

I thank all those who have visited this blog recently and for the kind and supportive comments. I feel neglectful for not having more time in the day to visit all of your blogs–but the day will come where time is abundant and self-directed. I feel the energy you’ve shared and my heart is grateful.


Wishcasting Wednesday + International Soul Art Day

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Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler asks us, “What do you wish to jump into?” Oh how I LOVE the question, for on Wishcasting Wednesday I had  jumped into International Soul Art Day. A restless night waking at 5 a.m., followed a 9-hour day at work with no lunch, picking up my framing for a gallery hanging later this week, and I still committed to take part. So at 7:30 p.m., I began with the thought of the light beyond an image in a photograph. That we are all energy. That I need healing. And also staying mindful of my preparation for the Reiki course I’m taking part in later this month.

I knew I would map my hands or feet. I meditated and set my hands to the drawing pad and my head followed.

I want to jump into Art and Healing and the belief that my creativity will sustain the life I choose.

Full Moon Dreamboard — Tending Dreams

What Dreams is it Time to Tend?

Jamie Ridler asks viewers this month  what we’re dreaming under this Full Pink Moon and what needs tending. Finding the answers elusive I turned to the phrase, “What is Essential to me?” I waited for images and words to surface. I listened for that inner knowing. Each time I’d grasp for a dream, my body would ache and mourn.

  • My dreams of running a half marathon seem elusive as I’m nurturing a back injury, mending, albeit slowly.
  • My dreams of returning to my healing practice as a massage therapist seem elusive as well due to my physical connection. My National Cerification lapsed, and new legislation is pending in the State of Michigan that will require me to re-test.
  • My dreams of building my yoga practice are on hold as I heal from injury.

Each time I reach for a goal or dream, I have to edit, shift, breathe, and adaptat.

I feel held back by my physical body, medical debt, and the slow healing process.

There was a time in my life where I could make a strong intention and make steps toward fulfilling that dream.

Now, I tell myself the universe must be trying to tell me something I cannot yet realize.

I do feel forward motion in the following areas:

  • Many years ago I took level 1 and 2 of Reiki. But since so much change has occurred in my life, I felt compelled to participate in a new class. Later this month I will be attuned with Reiki energy and work toward an energetic healing practice.
  • I have left my old “day job” and found a new full-time position.
  • I continue to take photos and develop skills as a photographer.
  • I am able to walk, again, and hike short distances.

The plan to move forward will be to honor my body and it’s needs in order to facilitate healing. To allow myself rest and creative outlets. And to listen for what the Creator has planned for me.

My dreamboard shows I might be willing to walk, rather than run (at least for now). That it is essential to be outdoors, to have options, choices and adventures. I see a nest with a feather which symbolizes nurturing, safety, and eventual flight. This is hopeful (smile).

You, too,  can join Jamie Ridler, myself and others in making vision boards on the full moon.

Soft Focus, Gentle Gaze

Making Michigan Magic with Kim Nixon
April 1, 2012
In my own backyard
Apple Tree Budding

Today is cool and misty, fog blows in off the big lake. I am coping with back pain and must make do with a couple of shots of the backyard. I hope that spring will not pass me by.

Making Michigan Magic with Kim Nixon
April 1, 2012
In my own backyard
Grape Hyacinth

The trees are getting soft with young leaves. My life feels misty and out of focus. I try to look at what’s unfolding with a soft gaze, not judging, but letting it blends with my psyche. I try to exhale.

Full Moon Dreamboard — What’s Stirring?

March Full Moon Dreamboard, 2012 ~ Artist Kim Nixon

Jamie Ridler asks this month, “What’s stirring?” March is the Full Worm month, the month when “…the earth starts to soften and the burrowers of her soil find their way to the surface.”

How exciting to start experiencing change in my life. I’ve been seeking clarity and direction.

I am experiencing change in my:

  • Health
  • Employment
  • Friendships
  • Family
  • and in my Dreams.

With change there is some upheaval, but I am trying to stay in the moment and at peace.

The images in my collage were surprising. The elephant, Ganesha, is often seen as the remover of all obstacles. The Hummingbird a tireless winged creature that survives in spite of its small size. The woman is not running but walking, and she is walking into the future or into the unknown. Free your mind and your body will follow is a strong message as injuries have been bothersome and my health very challenging the last few months.

I want to be running, but seem willing to walk. And I am willing to walk into the future. I asked God to provide me with clarity, to assist in narrowing my focus so I’m less scattered. I am trusting the process.

Join Jamie Ridler and others at Jamie Ridler Studios to learn more about Full Moon Dreamboards.

Next month is the Full Pink Moon on April 6th. You can start gathering your images under the new moon March 22.

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