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Publication Announcement: All Things Girl, Through the Looking Glass

I am pleased to announce the new issue of All Things Girl for Jan/Feb 2010! I have two photos that made the issue Tyoga and Teal Mornings. I have been proud to have my work frequently chosen at All Things Girl and want to let you all know I have come onboard as one of the Art’s Editors. The first issue I am in charge of is the March/April issue with the theme, On Being a Girl. I invite you all to submit work via the Flickr Group for All Things Girl.


Recent Publications–All Things Girl

Please drop by All Things Girl to see the July/August 2009 issue. In the Arts area you will see three of my photos: Blue Web, Empty Nest and Bike Path. My friend Trina is also published in this issue: Rainy Day and Triangle Shadows. n certainly need to support publications that work to promote the arts.

Publication–All Things Girl

The May issue of All Things Girl is themed “On Display” it was the perfect issue to submit some “door” photos. The doors appeared on the New Wright Street extension in Marquette. My favorite, “She’s Come Undone” is definitely a on display moment. “Door Eye” is an ogle of sorts, a gawker, and intense. This is my second time appearing in All Things Girl they are very open to submissions by new artists and writers.

Sending Out Ships

Chellie Campbell talks about sending out ships in her book, The Wealthy Spirit. Lately, I have had some ships come in. And I have sent new ships out. My favorite new affirmation is:  Ships have some into Marquette’s Lower Harbor loaded with treasures for the whole community!

Today, I was contacted by Schmap Guide’s Managing Editor,  Emma Williams who informed me I had made it into the Schmap Chicago Sixth Edition for my Lincoln Park photo of Terry and Mike walking at sunset.

Organizing your photos at Flickr in city or destination sets with proper tags and descriptions is well worth it! I also try to join groups that can result in publication. That isn’t the only benefit of course! You also get inspired by other artists and receive encouragement and feedback.

When I was published at All Things Girl that came about from my contact with Trina at Gallery 32 who has an awesome blog and Etsy-shop. I was looking at her success and found a good fit for my artwork, too!

Today I visited Shutter Sisters and signed up for their newsletter. I explored the site and was intrigued by  their Daily Click and One Word Projects so I joined the Flickr Group for Shutter Sisters.

What ships are you sending out?

Publication Announcement–All Things Girl

All Things Girl is an online publication started in 2001. Their mission is “to allow women a place to showcase their stuff – their artwork, photography, poetry, prose, articles on health, reviews, thoughts on business, creative endeavours.”

I submitted work for their Harvest Issue, Sept/Oct. 2008 and the photo Harvest of Tomatoes was accepted! The photo was taken on a dark day in Marquette, Michigan at the Commons where a Farmer’s Market thrives. The Tomatoes pictured are from Seeds and Spores a community supported agriculture farm in Marquette County.

I found the All Things Girl website thru a fellow blogger Trina at Gallery 32. Trina’s work is exceptional and I love how she paints photos. Be sure to check out her site in your travels.

Please, also take the time to visit and browse thru All Things Girl,  a high quality thoughtful supportive site that is worth your time and energy.

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