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Broken Windows

The first time I did a photo shoot of this abandoned building was with a DXG.1 megapixel camera purchased for under $100.00. That camera was an upgrade from using a Fuji disposable camera and I thought I had it made. But the photos always had a bit of blur, especially if I was taking shots with a migraine. This abandoned building is just down a two-track driveway from our camp in National Mine. The whole house has fallen and lays on a slant. I love the mossy wood. The rusty metal. The sparse furnishings. I will be sharing more of these shots in the month of October. Why?

I think part of October is preparing us for the forgotten. That’s what is eery, spooky, we know the long months of winter are to arrive and remind us of all we have put on the back burner or not faced. Like a long car ride home without the radio on, the brain begins to surface these details. October starts to slow us down. We look to the colors of leaves, we look to our living spaces, we stockpile supplies for winter like little squirrels. But we also remember a few distractions, order in books, buy new sketch pads and paints. Think how do I keep from going crazy.

Who went crazy in this dwelling? You want to ask that, don’t you? I do.

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