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Mist on Presque Isle, Marquette

Presque Isle day of Mist with Rock, photo by Kim Nixon

Mist Day Careful Approach, photo by Kim Nixon

What is Hidden, photo by Kim Nixon

Some Live in Mist, photo by Kim Nixon

Superior Sampler–Presque Isle, Marquette

Duck Couple on Lake Superior, photo by Kim Nixon

Blue Bird on Fence at Shiras Pool, photo by Kim Nixon

Duck Family Moosewood Nature Trail, photo by Kim Nixon

A quick walk around Presque Isle in Marquette brought these opportunities, today. The first was taken on Lake Superior before the mist moved on shore–a fine couple out for a swim. The second was taken on the fence that surrounds what used to be the Shiras Pool that will now be operated by the Moosewood Nature Center–bluebird sit pretty. And the last is inland on the Moosewood Nature Trail– Duck Family. The Canon s5 has a 12x optical zoom and I wanted to see what I could do with it–fun.

Quenched Garden

Iris Prayer, photo by Kim Nixon

Hover Capture, photo by Kim Nixon

Iris and Fly, photo by Kim Nixon

Iris with Tear, photo by Kim Nixon

First Clematis, photo by Kim Nixon

Simple Iris

Simple Iris Near Pond, photo by Kim Nixon 6/08

Classic Marquette Shot

Marquette Michigan Lighthouse, photo by Kim Nixon

“Getting to know you…getting to know all about you.” I am aquainting myself with the Canon s5. Frustrated, last week, with wind while taking super macro shots I headed to the beach to take landscapes. This is a classic lighthouse shot taken from Picnic Rocks looking toward McCarty’s Cove.

Feel Me

Flower Feel Me, Garden 2008, photo by Kim nixon

Channeling passions and remaining centered as a creator are often difficult tasks, and this year as I headed into Summer Solstice, I found my own axis too tilted. This correlated on a physical and emotional level, manifesting pain.


The physical is the easiest to address: Sit on an exercise ball while typing and editing; Walk beaches barefoot, especially when light breezes bring summer storms; Pull weeds, plant perennials, stopping of course to run hands through thyme; Tai Chi pond-side with birds singing and bathing: Sit in wet sand as cool breezes blow off Lake Superior causing mist to arise at fingertips. Chiropractic and massage. Cry, laugh, sing and release all that has pent up over the last quarter year.


The emotional, mental, spiritual is the challenge for me. How do I know what I think until I write, or speak, express and quit hiding from my self? The only way I know to stay in balance is to do that which makes me, Kim. Sit at the keys and write. Tell stories.


Yet I push and push, the first sign was that low back pain from hips sidling out of place, the tightness of breath, the lack of power in my legs while hiking. The feeling that those around me do not love, enough. I want to scream at everyone-feel me!It is a cycle that ignored becomes serious illness and miscommunication. I get hyper and cannot settle in at the keyboard or journal I cannot even slow to read poetry. My pain spreads external to others.


There is only one cure, to share my love with me-the one person I hold it back from the most.

Backyard Play with Poppies

Poppy, photo by Kim Nixon

Poppy Play 3b, photo by Kim nixon

Poppy Play 2, photo by Kim Nixon


Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park,
I asked God who I’m supposed to be.
The stars smiled down on me,
God answered in silent reverie.
I said a prayer and fell asleep.

–from Dream, by Priscilla Ahn (song/pop)

Old and New

Picture of my DXG 5.1 taken with Canon s5, photo by Kim Nixon

This is a photo captured with my new Canon s5. The camera in the picture is a DXG 5.1 and is what I have been using this past year. I am a  bit of a copycat. Mike bought a DXG 3.1 megapixel which we did several hikes with–this was back when I was using a Fuji Disposable camera with flash. Jealousy set in and I took a leap to digital, buying a 100.00 camera that I could not yet afford.

Then Mike bought the Canon s5. I was instantly jealous of the clean images. I was also jealous of the optical zoom capabilities. This is around a 400.00  camera but I acquired mine by watching sales and eventually bought through Dell (also when I could not afford to).  I have borrowed Mike’s camera a couple times but all I knew was how to turn hsi camera on and how to zoom. Now I must learn the many capabilities of this camera, as when I arrived home on Friday my camera had arrived on the doorstep–early!

The following photo was taken with the DXG of the new camera. Instantly you can see the difference in crispness. The DXG is 5.1 megapixels and the Canon is 8. I have sized these photos to 500 pixels before upload. (The DXG photo had to be played with in Photoshop to get it to this point. The photo above had no adjustments made in Photoshop.)

Photo of new Canon s5 taken with the DXG 5.1, photo by Kim Nixon


Friday the 13th and a Trip to the Copper Country

Portage Lift Bridge before 10am, Friday the 13th, June 2008, photo by Kim Nixon

I woke Friday morning in a very soft bed. I felt everything was in a hush and I tiptoed around my son’s apartment past his sleeping guests and loaded up my gear for my adventure. I was taking framed and unframed photos to the Copper Country Community Arts Center in Hancock. I headed across the Portage Canal that separates Houghton and Hancock and arrived too early. So, I went for a little walk down to the boardwalk. It was still before 10a.m. but the sun was so brilliant that I could not avoid sun-dots. I was working with Mike’s Canon S5; I had ordered mine before the trip and it was set to deliver on Monday.

Copper Country Community Arts Building, photo by Kim Nixon

Excited nervous, already noticing the first signs of a migraine, I walked into the Copper Country Community Arts Building with a stack of framed and unframed photos. I had an inventory sheet in a folder along with a photo of myself and a biography. I was uncertain to the process but the volunteers and staff made it a smooth process. i learned that the jury would meet on Tuesday and after that I would hear which photos made it in. I browsed the galleries. There is a Youth Gallery, the Kerredge Exhibition Gallery for featured artists, and the Artist’s Market (I am trying to get work into the Artist’s Market).

Lamplight Hancock Michigan, photo by Kim Nixon

The bright sun of the waterfront, early in the morning, was only one trigger for my migraine. In contrast the rest of cooler lighting on a side street, the color green, and the oddness that this light could be on during the bright of day, had me pause. It was one of my calmest moments of the day. The migraine mounted causing me to leave (The Copper Country) sooner than planned. I missed many of the photo opportunities, and had to pull over several times on the drive home to nurse my migraine back so it would be safer to drive. I made it back to Ishpeming and Mike’s office where I sought refuge from movement and light. When he was off work, I followed him home and my migraine cleared by Sunday morning. But as we arrived home, we found a package. My new camera had arrived.

Magic Lands–Hancock, Michigan

Hidden Places in hancock Michigan, photo by Kim Nixon

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