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Seeking Meaning

I needed to unfold and grow this week. Feeling tired and disconnected from my creative self, I grabbed a camera to run my errands around town. Not 5 minutes from home “messages” started to appear. (smile).

Guidance is there if I choose to listen, “We must remember that everything is as it should be. Trust in the Divine guidance you receive. Remain centered and connected to that which makes you whole. When in doubt nourish your soul and listen deeply.”

Creative Inspiration–Bolt

Bolt, National Mine, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is an image of a rusty bolt hanging on the side of our barn-type garage at camp in National Mine. I always find inspiration in the left behind and forgotten, and camp definitely has a history. This land has been one of great sorrow and loss for many. Someone even lost their life here.

My history has been one of overcoming loss and obstacle, of making home where I go. But like the image, finding my edges and definitions has been a hazy process.

I tune-in at camp. It is an empathetic response to the person who could not completely throw away a holy card found in the barn (but had to get it out of the house?), to the whisper in the trees, to the thump of too-fast traffic hitting upheavals on the county road.

It is a listening.

What has been left behind and forgotten, yet draws us, that is magic. Picking up a camera give us permission to listen with our eyes. You don’t have to touch what you find. It can be a cautious step forward and a quick click.

Morning List

  • Green plush flannel sheets
  • Man in blue fuzzy robe
  • Orange on the horizon
  • Rosy pink clouds reflect
  • Wood smoke billows white
  • Small children toting backpacks
  • Dogs track-in snow
  • Oatmeal with pecans
  • Hot coffee with turbinado

Art Every Day, 29/30, Re-grouping for the New Year

I am finding my focus too narrow, projects fall to the wayside, and I need to spurn my growth beyond the lines. Be on the Verge! Stretch past the Contoursof who I am and reach toward who I long to be. Tonight’s project was a regroup. playing with markers I took a look at what I might want to do for the coming months. I am not locking myself into this schedule–it is a guide–an inspiration. Tomorrow I might do a word bubble.

What is yet to be built…

Copper Elbows in Grit, photo copyright Kim Nixon

“Be Mindful of where you put your attention. The shape of your life will follow.” (source: Body + Soul, May 2008, Terri Trespicio)

My photo is full of copper elbows and tees laying in the floor grit of a cabin ( or as we call cottages in the Upper Peninsula, camp) under reconstruction. The image drew me, and as I sat in my home studio studying the image I knew why. The drawers behind me and piles around me are full of supplies that go unused. I had intended to use the supplies, one day, to launch into a new adventure, a new career path, a creative way to support myself. But even though I had put my attention to gathering the supplies I had not put the next steps into play. I had yet to set clear intentions.

I love the book, “Write it Down, Make it Happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser. The book guides you thru setting your intentions giving real life examples of people who attracted exciting change. And where I consider the book a must read, I had followed the book and still stalled.

It comes down to the grit. The facing of your one true self and trusting your intentions and moving forward through that grit, or doubt. Take a step each day, no matter how small and just do it.  Even if you are walking around in a dust cloud, that first step of the day will lead to the next.

What one simple action can you take today? Is it calling a friend, networking online, playing with your paints, designing your business card, maybe even baking that pumpkin bread and sharing it with a neighbor. Let me know what action you took by making a comment below. Give your dreams motion.

Copper Country–Heading Out

Jacob Falls, Copper Country, Michigan, Photo Copyright Kim Nixon

Jacob Falls, Copper Country, Michigan

Tomorrow I will be away. I am already dreaming of what the monks bake at the Jam Pot in the Copper Country. In 2006, Mike and I headed to the wilds of the Copper Country and took photos while discovering waterfalls. It was autumn and the hills in full color. I was still using Fuji disposable cameras and Mike was using a DXG 3.1. We look at the quality of our shots and shake our heads. It will be good to see what our new cameras can capture. I was standing back at the car when I took this photo. I had snuck a bite of a rum raisin fudge brownie and the moment became an inspiration for my column. I was struck speechless by that brownie baked by the monks and I considered the moment holy  but with a lower case “h”–it wasn’t high holiness like a visitation from the Mother Mary–but it was certainly blessed.

I am hoping that this trip, Thursday-Sunday will also yield holy moments, that I can come home and sing praises, sharing the experience(s) with you.

Feel Me

Flower Feel Me, Garden 2008, photo by Kim nixon

Channeling passions and remaining centered as a creator are often difficult tasks, and this year as I headed into Summer Solstice, I found my own axis too tilted. This correlated on a physical and emotional level, manifesting pain.


The physical is the easiest to address: Sit on an exercise ball while typing and editing; Walk beaches barefoot, especially when light breezes bring summer storms; Pull weeds, plant perennials, stopping of course to run hands through thyme; Tai Chi pond-side with birds singing and bathing: Sit in wet sand as cool breezes blow off Lake Superior causing mist to arise at fingertips. Chiropractic and massage. Cry, laugh, sing and release all that has pent up over the last quarter year.


The emotional, mental, spiritual is the challenge for me. How do I know what I think until I write, or speak, express and quit hiding from my self? The only way I know to stay in balance is to do that which makes me, Kim. Sit at the keys and write. Tell stories.


Yet I push and push, the first sign was that low back pain from hips sidling out of place, the tightness of breath, the lack of power in my legs while hiking. The feeling that those around me do not love, enough. I want to scream at everyone-feel me!It is a cycle that ignored becomes serious illness and miscommunication. I get hyper and cannot settle in at the keyboard or journal I cannot even slow to read poetry. My pain spreads external to others.


There is only one cure, to share my love with me-the one person I hold it back from the most.

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