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Park Benches in Green


These park benches are within the viewing area of the Sault Locks. Mike and I were waiting for a freighter to enter the locks and I was poking around at the other “unseen” images around me. I framed this photo up due to the empty and waiting aspect and the tall tree behind. What do I mean by the empty and waiting aspect? This bench is expecting visitors. The scene wants to unfold and offer something to a visitor. The backdrop with the arms of the tree embracing. I think I stopped to take the low perspective not just to get the full effect of the tree but thinking of the weary tourist, needing to rest their feet. Needing to plant their bum on a bench and the sigh I can imagine they let loose as young children run around and they rest. It is not tourist season yet in Sault Saint Marie, but it is coming. Perhaps this bench is happy to be empty, for a while longer.

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