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6/21 Promises–Breakfast Fuel

This morning I woke still shaking from the weekend’s migraine. Something happens neurologically and my body has to recover. Today I chose quality fuel for my body that also tastes fantastic.

Breakfast Cereal
1 cup of Quaker Oat squares, Maple (210 calories)
1 4oz. serving of Stonyfield Farm, Okios organic Greek Yogurt with honey on the bottom (calories 90)
1 cup of sliced strawberries (46 calories)

Total Calories: 346

Sometimes the way I honor my mornings is by fueling my body properly so I have the energy to reach the challenges of the day. The Okios has 0g of fat and a whopping 10g of protein!


Kim’s Power Foods:Go-to Grabs

My go-to power foods are easy to grab, pack, and quick to eat. As a Community Living Specialist I cannot always take breaks when I want. This can throw off my eating patterns. I portion out and plan ahead. Here are some of my stand-bys.

Stonyfield Farm Organic Fat-Free Yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom

I like this yogurt for multiple reason. The consciousness of the company to provide a great healthy product and to better the environment. Two words Fat Free! This yogurt has vitamin d added and contains a blend of active cultures. It comes in a 6oz container. I mix this with an organic granola and add some nuts like almonds. Visit Stonyfield.

Quaker Simple Harvest All Natural Multigrain Instant Hot Cereal

This hot instant cereal is perfect for the person who hates to take a lot of time in the morning . I use two packets for a meal of 320 calories. It is proven that eating within 30 minutes of waking speeds your metabolism. My favorite is the maple brown sugar and pecan. Visit Quaker.

Breakstones’s Lowfat Cottage Cheese with Live Active

This cottage cheese comes in a 4 oz package (90 calories) and couples well with a cup of pineapple. Making a perfect go-to food for before workouts or mid-afternoon slumps. Visit Breakstone’s.

Weight Watcher String Cheese and Pink Lady Apple

The cheese stick at 60 calories also gives you 20% of your calcium for the day and 9 grams of protein to balance out your afternoon until dinner. Plan ahead if you’re going to have a late dinner. Combine protein with crackers or fruit so you don’t put yourself in a bad place.

Next week I will share my power foods that are not prepackaged and commercial products.

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