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You Are My Sunshine!

Photo: Ceiri Thomas
Post-Processing: Kim Nixon in PSE, LR, VP

I sing the song “You are My Sunshine” to both the photographer and of course to my grandson! I could not think of a better photo to look at on a snow-day in Marquette then a photo of Hiawatha Music Festival!

Hiawatha–Festival in Pink




Hiawatha Music Festival it’s coming!

It’s summer and we are approaching the 3rd weekend of July. That can mean only one thing in Marquette, Michigan…Happy Hiawatha! The 31st Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival happens at the Tourist Park 17-19th.

Above is one of the music workshops held at 2nd Stage last year. Pictured are Seth & May, and Mike Waite. I was sitting at their feet singing away and ran back to my camper not 200 feet away to grab my camera.

There will be food vendors and artisans like Beth Millner, a local silvesmith and Birchleaf Designs. Beth does wonderful work in copper and silver. I own several of her pieces. Birchleaf makes “whimsical wood and fabric playthings.”

(Pictures depict 2008 event and artists vary from year to year. Visit Hiawatha Music Co-op for more festival info).–Best of 2008

Cafe Bliss, Potatoes

“30th Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival, Cafe Bliss, a food vendor”

Choosing among my photos for what I felt was the “best of 2008” was difficult. I chose to go with the most fun, event photo. has been great inspiration to me; visit the site to see some truly spectacular work!

Hiawatha Music Fesitval 2008–Magic Man

Magic Man with Camera at Hiawatha '08

Magic Man with Camera at Hiawatha '08

I love this man so much I let him have ownership of my Hiawatha Offical tee from 2007!

It was summer 2004 that I first attended Hiawatha (with Mike). Back then he slept on one side of a pop-up camper and his two boys slept in the middle, and I was all the way on the other side with too much space in between.

But we danced our hearts together and felt magic in that land.

Hiawatha Music Fesitval 2008–More Random Views

Hiawatha Music Festival, Attendee Series, photo copyright by Kim Nixon As a new photographer with a new digital camera I often feel like a child. So much to see! So many images to capture!

My formal training is in poetry, which to tell the truth, has not been my direction lately. But that formal training taught me to ground my words with images. Concrete images stay with a reader. They give your writing meat.

This young mother kneeling behind her stroller while listening to a music workshop at Hiawatha caught me. The color of her skirt on the grass. The crisp white of her shirt. The textures. As an artist I wanted to reach out and touch the material. I wanted into her world as mom. I wanted to know the music of her day.

Hiawatha Music Festival, Attendee Series, photo copyright by Kim NixonThis second image is of a volunteer at Hiawatha. If you volunteer for three shifts (3 hours each), you receive a free ticket and a t-shirt. Each year, I, too, put in my three shifts. I feel like an integral part of the festival and it helps keep my abundance going.

But the reason I was attracted to this shot is the curve of her foot on the log. Her flowing skirt. The natural sweater. Wondering how cold she was sitting at her station. Wondering if she wanted a cup of coffee. I imagined her name to be Laura. That she played a flute in high school, that she sings alto, not second soprano, anymore.

Hiawatha Music Festival, Attendee Series, photo copyright by Kim NixonTwo friends browsing the vendor booths at “Artist in the Round” at Hiawatha was a must shoot for me and I have several of them traveling the vendor pathway.

Again it was texture and the richness of their clothing. Color. It was a gray misty cold day for a music festival but these two girls are dolled up. Artsy. Hippie Trendy. Is that a style? Sure it is at music festivals. Brown long hippie skirt and an emerald green crushed velvet shawl. The hat is awesome, too! I know this girl must be an artist. Her friend in denim, white fun skirt, ready for the sun–just slip off the jeans and dance!

Hiawatha Music Festival 2008–Random Views

Listening at Hiawatha, photo by Kim Nixon

Green Team Volunteers, photo by Kim Nixon

Hooped, photo by Kim Nixon

You can float the mouse over photos for titles.

Hiawatha Music Festival ’08–Beth Millner

photo by Kim Nixon

photo by Kim Nixon

Beth Millner is a silversmith and jewelry artist here in Marquette, Michigan. Her booth at Hiawatha Music Festival 2008 was beautiful with new tall pedestal displays crafted by Mike Hainstock (the Younger). Beth’s work in both copper and silver are making a big hit and her work is available at many locales including online at Etsy. Beth vends at fests all summer–next she will be at Art on the Rocks, July 26-27. Beth is also my step-daughter-in-law to be. She is engaged to Mike the Younger. I am tied to Mike the Elder who I often refer to as Magic Man.

Hiawatha Music Festival ’08–A Tropical Campsite

Tropical Campsite Closeup, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Tropical Campsite, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Tropical Campsite Table Shot, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Hiawatha campsites are individual and beautiful, from ordinary to extraordinary. This campsite always has a flower arrangement and this year’s was tropical and vibrant on misty cold days. The site is under the cypress near Lake Wobegone.

Hiawatha Music Festival ’08–Seth Bernard & Daisy May

Seth Bernard and Daisy May, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Daisy May, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Seth Bernard, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Mike Waite, Seth Bernard, and Daisy May, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Mike Waite and Seth Bernard Hands, Hiawatha 2008, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Hiawatha’s Second Stage, Saturday afternoon, a new event with 4 musicians each in a square (or corner). “Washington Square”  it was called. I listened to  Seth Bernard and Daisy May, favorites of Marquette music enthusiasts.

Mike and I camp across from Second Stage just so we can be very close to the performances. We had just finished a bite to eat when I heard Daisy’s voice from inside the pop-up camper. I ran barefoot across the grass to listen. Then, I realized I was without camera and ran back.

After Mike Waite completed, he came over to join Seth and Daisy. I love the image of Seth and Mike’s hands. Magic!

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