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New Beginnings

What many do not know about my history as writer and photographer is I created a website for trucking families on my graduation from Northern Michigan University in 1997. The website was and I ran the website from my living room near Gwinn, Michigan. I eventually sold the website to and came on board as their managing editor. With, I traveled as a photojournalist taking photos with the ‘company camera’ at truck shows in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Louisville. This was my first experience as a photographer in a professional manner. I knew absolutely nothing, but I was developing an eye for what worked, what drew interest, and fell in love with color, light, and contrasts.


Life threw me some curve balls and due to a divorce, I walked away from my life in trucking to work on healing my soul. I worked as an AmeriCorps worker in Gwinn schools, attended massage school, and returned to my interest of nutrition and natural foods. Along with healing, came a new relationship to a man who hiked trails with a camera. On hikes, I would bring along a disposable camera and click carelessly exhausting my 27 images long before the end of hikes. I eventually purchased a digital point and shoot, then a bridge camera, and finally a big girl DSLR. I was discovering a new genre, photography.


Love of the trails led to becoming a trail runner. I often ran with a camera. But as I healed my soul, and gained fitness, I also began collapsing after races. Irony, as I healed my soul I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Celiac Disease. Try as I may to heal my body I was reaching roadblocks. I now had to learn to listen on a deep internal level to the needs of my health. I stepped away from running the trails and back to hiking with my camera.


As this autumn approaches, I am feeling the strength of brining my journey to others, to bring words, photos, and story together to help heal others thru my experiences.


Create With Kim

You may have noticed the blog title has changed from The Dailies to Create With Kim! signalling a shift and what I hope will be a more thematic and purposeful change to my blogging.

I have been looking at the future, my Bucket List(s), where I want to be in 5 years, or even the 5 years after that. I’ve been searching for my path which was right under my feet. Maybe it took losing 40 pounds to have the confidence and energy to start forming a new direction, to find the motivation. But much of this I have been doing all along.

I kept thinking, I need some great momentum to launch. Certainly my current life would not prop me up sufficiently and I feared risks and my own energy levels.

Yet, I knew all my own negative talk was fruitless. I knew all the abundant thoughts. I knew how to bring a new “being” into creation. Afterall, I had done it with years ago. Homeroad was a long acronym that stood for Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides, a supportive forum for truck driving families. There was no huge vision when I started, just a need and a passion to help others. And most importantly, a willingness and openness to share my own expereinces, mistakes, and weaknesses. Soon a gathering of women formed and supported each other–it was magic.

Here I stand 8-years after my work with and thinking it has been too long. Time to put my self out there and create again.

What has my path been these past 8 years? What do I want to create as I move forward? What can we share as we move ahead? These questions will help form the new blog. Come join me.

National Poetry Month–from The Long Haul

from The Long Haul

The Ice Dam

I cannot see the tiny white lights
of the cross atop the water tower.
The lights that burn faith
until someone remembers to turn them off.

I’m feeling that need again,
the one where ego takes over
and ambition becomes selfishness.

Sleet pelts the window;
the laundry room ceiling drips from 15 places.
I’ve run out of buckets
and resort to the blue tub we wash the labs in.

You’re shooting pool at the Casino Bar, and
I worry that you’ll total my truck
as you did yours,
on Missouri Road between National Mine and Palmer.
Seven trees were sacrificed before the truck
Slammed into rock;
The only warning the slight shift
as the back tires swung left.

Is this how my mother felt,
drinking Popovov Vodka
to melt resentment,
an ice dam formed
supporting her husband?

Holding a lemonade pitcher,
I count the drops falling like heartbeats,
and wait for headlights
to slice through the storm
and turn up the drive.

 Copyright Kim Nixon

The Long Haul is a collection of poetry that you will not find in chapbook form (yet). The voice is the reflections of a  wife during the first years of her husband’s search for employment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and his choice to eventually become a over-the-road truck driver. The work is by Kim Nixon and is highly autobiographical and feels like a lifetime away now.

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