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Liam with Mower at Shed


My Grandson turned Two! Here he is with a Bubble Mower and an old shed. I cannot believe how fast he can run with his mower. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. It might be that grandchildren grow-up faster than our children. I loved the colors of the mossy steps and his soft hair in this photo. The moment had me wondering his thoughts.


Mike suggested I try BW treatments of this photo–I like the affect here. I used Virtual Photographer from Optikverve and chose the BW-Bygone Era action and then tweaked it to filter in the red tones. The image becomes and instant classic shot. I like how we do not know how old the toy is now–the plastic colors of the mower are gone.

liamis2_withmoweratshedbwfBACKbLUR_4894 copy 2

With this treatment I loved the blur–it adds to the Flashback mood. I love how angelic it make’s Liam’s hair. He is soft. The stairs grainy, murky and the darkness of the shed more forboding. Here is what I imagine he was thinking when I intially took the photo.

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