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4/21 Gotta Run

Kim Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Kim (blue bandana) Talks with Erik Winkelmann Pre-race

Almost every Saturday morning this summer I have set an alarm clock, slipped from bed and into running clothes. I run 3-5 miles. Afterward, I go to the Marquette’s Farmer’s Market. It is my hunter-gatherer mode. I come home to Mike and a pot of coffee having brought the fresh fruit and scones.

This Saturday it was time to reap the rewards from my training. I ran the Lake Superior Shore Run which benefits the Superiorland Cross-Country Ski Club. I placed in the middle of my age group, 40-49. Normally, I have been running a bit faster than this–last night I had a migraine and neck spasms–today during the race I felt off, weak, and heavy. But it was a fantastic overcast day, the rain held off and the temps in the low 60s.

Photo by Mike HainstockThe race was at Little Presque, and ran along the Lake Superior shoreline and Songbird Trail. It was crazy crossing the suspension bridge with everyone running. I thought I’d spill right off! It was really quite freaky and fun! The photos are taken by Mike Hainstock, my towel boy, and long-term boyfirend.

I am wearing my I Lost 45 @ 45 Tee-shirt. My race sponsors were: Kudeyirah, Stonehouse Window & Door, Health & Happiness Magazine, and my own biz, Create with Kim. I thank my sponsors for their support and encouragement. They are part of something much larger than just this race. I Lost 45 @ 45! Will include public talks and a new direction in my life and a return to healing arts as a career.

Age Group Place: 8
Overall Place: 74
Time: 34:45.7
Pace: 6:57/K

<Photo by Mike Hainstock>

Kim Heads to a Strong Finish


Song Bird Trail, Marquette

View of Little Presque, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Delta Reflection, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Up a Tree, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Last Year's Bounty, photo copyright Kim nixon

Duck Eggs, photo copyright Kim Nixon

 Beaver Berm, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Today I went to Song Bird Trail in Marquette, Michigan to scout for a hike I will be on with others this Saturday. I wanted to know the path and I wanted to spend my day off out-of-doors.

I saw a red squirrel, deer droppings, two Canadian goose flying over head, various song birds in the delta brush, and I flushed a duck, on accident, and took the opportunity to quickly take a shot of the duck eggs. I believe she was a female mallard. I saw my first live fresh water calm and spaced it out to the bottom of this post–the colors are not great due to shooting a macro thru water–when I get a new camera I hope having a polarizing lense will solve problems.

I saw lots of deadfalltrees and many cut by beaver for a dam, berm but did not see the lodge. I saw high bush cranberry, lowbush blueberry, Labrador Tea, and wintergreen. Not much is green or new–we are still on the edge of spring and winter in the Upper Peninsula.

The water level was low but at the mouth of the delta where I thought I could cross I sunk past my knees into a type of quicksand. Luckily I had my Keen sandals and wool socks off and my pants were rolled. This was Lake Superior water washing up creek and winter melt coming down. I was iced! I had to pull my legs up slow and place them carefully backing up my steps to the shore I started on.

I had started out on the trail with a fleece jacket, sweat shirt and t-shirt, winter hats and gloves. I had my red backpack (with wings), lunch, water, and extra batteries. I met a couple from Colorado who were biking trails. They shared thier dissappointenet that the ferry was not yet in season to go to Grand Island in the Munising area. I told them what bike sho0ps in town could help with maps of trails. I finished the trail much warmer. I found sun on sand and warmed myself. My pants were wet to my hips. I had over half the trail to go.

 Fresh Water Clam, photo copyright Kim Nixon


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