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Obama Visits Marquette, Michigan

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“Whether westward or skyward…we can do anything!” President Obama.

One of my photos was included in today’s ( February 11, 2011) coverage at Absolute Michigan which includes a link to my Flickr Slideshow.

July–The Day After

It is all about the Day After for me. The Day of I Slept In (due to festivities in Munising the night before), I processed a few photos and headed to work on July 4rth! That’s right I had my usual 3-11pm shift. I left work to a trail of headlights leaving Marquette after the big boomers. No fireworks for me. So, before work on Monday I headed downtown. It was amazing. There was hardly a sign that the night before this town was overloaded with people. We recover well here in the North!

This is the barge next to the old pocket ore dock in Marquette’s Lower Harbor. Mattsson Lower Harbor Park is where people gather to watch Marquette’s Fireworks. It is where I fell in Love with Mike Hainstock in 2004. We have chosen July 4rth as our anniversary and it was sad not to be at his side on Sunday Night.

But my Magic Man was sitting on a bench in the backyard as I pulled up from work around 11:20 Sunday night. He had gone down to take photos, a little late, and he was a little wet from the scattered rain showers. But there he was. Home.

Life is work. And love can be, too. A balancing act of what you gotta get done and what you want to get done. Like working 3-11pm, 4-5 nights a week. It’s not what you WANT. You want to be gardening in the evenings in this magical place called home. But the balancing act is bringing in a paycheck and then getting the loving and gardening in when possible.

The man in the photo (below) was taking care of sand barrels on the shore. Cinching them up with a rope so they did not tumble. I think they were part of safety precautions for the fireworks. He said good morning. He was happy.

It’s all in how you view things! You can be happy wherever you are. There are blue skies all around you. It can be grand. Like a view from a new condo with stylin’ bright red chairs. Grand! A shout of Look UP Here!

Or it can be a bit more humble. Yet full of bright beautiful color and JOY! With tall skies of hope and a whisper of yellow curtains fluttering in the wind.

Whatever your view of the Day Afer is, I hope it is YOUR view. Not someone else’s vision of what you should be, should do, should think. This weekend I got to see myself in various views. In various ways. I was blessed to see so many hearts beating in individuals. They came from a place each called HOME.

“Downtown where all the lights are bright…”



Photos: Kim Nixon
Post Processing: Lightroom
Location: Downtown, Marquette Michigan

I needed color on a gray day. I needed a gentle camera walk. And I needed not to feel overwhelmed by finances or holidaze. So I headed downtown!

An Ordinary Wednesday (with migraine)



Suffering, today, I headed home with a photo-sensitive headache that caused me to draw the blinds all-day at work. Blue skies up the hill in Negaunee, and heavy dark snow clouds hanging over the big lake in Marquette, this is one trigger of headaches, weather fronts that cause a drop in barometric pressure. Other triggers, fears of money , lost shifts, and how I will survive the month of January. The doubt of how on Earth I can follow a dream when broke. Luckily, the sun cast a golden light reminding me of my “sight” my gift of framing up a photo even when in pain and fear. I went with the flow and listened to that voice in my head. The voice that says no, not here drive up the hill. Click. Click. Quick now to the harbor. Click. Out to the island. Click.



Presques Isle–First Fall Storm




Presque Isle Breakwall, Marquette, Michigan
1st Fall Storm, 2009
Lake Superior

More storm photos posted at A Winter Journal.

Island Life


This was taken on Presque Isle, the sunset on Saturday had the island very busy. Folks were jumping and diving off Black Rocks, picnicking and biking. Some people, like Mike and I were taking photos. This was the same island I was running at 8:30 a.m. (photo taken at 8:02 p.m.).

Presque Isle is one of Marquette’s Gems. This city utilizes it’s waterfront and bike trails. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. Even when it is in close proximity to power plants. This is the Wisconsin Energy Plant at Presque Isle. The WE Energy plant. Some of you might recall on the other side of town is the Shiras Steam Plant. Both are coal powered and the Great Lake barges and freighters supply Marquette with coal. The WE Energy plant also utilizes some hydro-electric, I think. I live a few blocks from the Shiras Steam Plant. I keep hoping wind power will come to Marquette.


End of Summer?


Yesterday, I heard a young friend refer to Labor Day as the End of Summer. They, of course, were referring to the return to school on Tuesday. Personally, my summer will not end until the Fall Equinox on September 22nd. The warm dog daysare here for September. I have many more beaches to walk. I have a Shore Run to train for on September 26th. And I will be designing a tee-shirt that states proudly, “I Lost 45 @ 45!” That’s 45 pounds at age 45 (big smile). This is also a new Adventourous Project and I will have more to report by the end of the month.

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008

Marquette Area Blues Fest, 2008–Watermelon Slim & The Workers




This week my anticipation for The Marquette Area Blues Fest is growing. I picked up tickets tonight! The following photos were taken during a very hot blues fest! Good thing many of the artist’s are from the south. It felt like home to them! But heatstroke was a real concern for me and many others. Mike and I have been attending Blues Fest in Marquette since 2004. The festival is put on by the Marquette Area Blues Society. This Year’s Blues Fest is Saturday, September 5-6, 2009

A Runner’s World–Surfer Sunday




I took a day off running on Saturday mostly due to heavy rains and a sore foot. But today I woke to sunshine and was back at it. I had to detour around a section of Lakeshore Drive due to water over the road–a big yellow piece of heavy construction equipment was scrapping the road and pushing rocks back into place.

I planned on a long run adding in my new one mile section, even if I had to go slower and walk more. The goal is to up the mileage and get the balls of my feet and my arthritic great toe used to more distance.

It takes discipline for a photographer to get down to the business of running when the sun is shining on Superior and the surfers look awesome in the waves. But I pushed thru my run so I could do my cool-down walk with camera.

It’s a promise I make myself–run this “fill-in-the-blank” distance and then you can take all the photos you want.

After my run this morning I was 154.8. I had already eaten 3/4 a cup of Honey-nut Cheerios and a small Banana and about 16 ounces of water. I’m getting there.

Below is a shot of the beach on my way home. The road is on the other side of the rocks and where that large splash is–that is where the road was closed before my run. It has since been scrapped clean and rocks piled up, again. The road was open, but splashes were still wetting the rocks on the roadside. I love the power of Lake Superior. But I worry this weather pattern has been very November-Like.


Hiawatha–Sunday Morn with Bass

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