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You can’t do it wrong…

“You can’t do it wrong,” Says Cindy. On Saturday morning we sit discussing life . Me with a cup of coffee and her with tea. Mike asleep with the cat. Yesterday was Bob’s Memorial at Prince of Peace church. Family gathered for dinner around the edges of the garden, good conversations and connections with nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Several photographers took in the beauty of family and nature. Life grows. And you cannot do it wrong. Everything is as it should be. Through tears, longing, sadness, and laughter.

It was a Holy Friday and Bob’s ashes were committed to the ground months after his passing. He has roots in the earth and on the railroad tracks of this world. All family gathered and celebrated. I think Bob would have been happy with the conversations around his mother’s garden last night. I imagined him, at times, sitting and talking with brothers and uncles.

The awareness that we can’t do it wrong. That we are right where we need to be on our own individual paths, and that the paths intertwine with everything and everyone. This can bring some peace as we deal with what we see as a separation. Bob’s passing.


Healing Field


The Thin Blue Line of Michigan, Healing Field of Honor 2009, Honoring Peace Officers that have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, Marquette Michigan.

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