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9/21–Preparations & Departures


(This print is available in 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10)

Today was all about what would happen at the end of my work-shift–VACATION! I am taking 4 days. The last time we traveled to the west end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mike and I took photos in the Porcupine Mountains. One of those photos is my most often sold item, it has the highest hits to my website, and has become my signature photo, “Mist Woods.”

I went to Balanced Bodies for physical therapy at 7:45 a.m. and had Jeannie Wagner teach me how to “tape” my shoulder with KinseoTape. I also purchased some BioFreeze in a roll on applicator for Mike’s back. I prefer oils of my own making, but this BioFreeze will pack well on the trail.

My hours for the week are submitted. My end of the month paperwork is in. All that is left is to buy ice for the cooler and visit the bank on the way outta town.

The laptop is coming but I do not expect Internet where we’re going. Basically it is coming along (the laptop) just in case my camera’s memory cards become full (I am taking an 8 and 4 gig). So the next, posts on my 21-day Promise will have to be scrolled into a travel journal with ink-pen.

Today, I owned my morning. I prepped. I ate healthy. I was very hopeful.

Free Write Fling, February 11, 2008


Sometimes it comes from an unexpected friend, a clerk in a local store who says, “I’d like to see your photos.” And making a date to show up exactly one week later. I shared my photos with Sherry who enjoyed my shots taken this fall at the Porcupine Mountains.

Migraine Art, Now on Sale at Elixir, copyright Kim NixonI got back in my car and headed to Ishpeming on empty-not daring to stop for gas and avoiding red lights so as not to run for home instead. 20 some odd miles later I was taking the photos into Elixir in Ishpeming. Fran, the store owner took on 3 of my photos. One is the shot of the breakwall in Marquette and two are fall landscapes from the Porcupine Mountain trip. Of course, I was disappointed that he only took 3 and that I did not agree with pricing. So I thought what next?

Two stops. I walked into Art UP Style on Washington in Marquette but the store owner, Carol Papaleo was not available. So I headed across the street to Dead River Coffee.

Today is Theo McCracken’s birthday and he shares a cup of coffee and a chocolate with me and looks at my shots. Then surprise, he offers me “The Wall” starting in early April, this year. Theo is a great supporter of the arts and young artists. On the wall right now are Emily Nyman’s black and whites. He has had many talented artists on display.

Let me tell you I did everything to avoid walking out the door today but I did at shortly after 1pm this afternoon. I had framed photos, and some matted photos. I have been getting this ready for what seems like months. Oh, yes, it has been months. First, came the decision of where to print photos-was there some one local-who do the professionals use-what quality could I expect from online companies. I decide on Snapfish, for now.

I gathered mats, and frames, and fretted over which shots to print. Just before Christmas, I chose the shots and some of them turned out fantastic. The “Mist Woods” shot I had professionally matted at Art of Framing and the photo really popped. I have since had 5 more matted the same way. I have sold one and gave one away to my father.

Now I am seeing things come to fruition. I am thinking of promoting my photos by doing a poetry reading in Ishpeming and inviting people to a more formal opening as well.

My writing I am used to sharing. I have read aloud in large and intimate gatherings. I have sent my work out with great hopes to receive form rejection letters. But this was new, walking my photos in and facing someone head on-I had to have value for my work. I had to be brave. And you know what, I survived the experience.

How do I feel about this free write:

Excellent. Powered-up. Ready.

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