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Create With Kim

You may have noticed the blog title has changed from The Dailies to Create With Kim! signalling a shift and what I hope will be a more thematic and purposeful change to my blogging.

I have been looking at the future, my Bucket List(s), where I want to be in 5 years, or even the 5 years after that. I’ve been searching for my path which was right under my feet. Maybe it took losing 40 pounds to have the confidence and energy to start forming a new direction, to find the motivation. But much of this I have been doing all along.

I kept thinking, I need some great momentum to launch. Certainly my current life would not prop me up sufficiently and I feared risks and my own energy levels.

Yet, I knew all my own negative talk was fruitless. I knew all the abundant thoughts. I knew how to bring a new “being” into creation. Afterall, I had done it with years ago. Homeroad was a long acronym that stood for Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides, a supportive forum for truck driving families. There was no huge vision when I started, just a need and a passion to help others. And most importantly, a willingness and openness to share my own expereinces, mistakes, and weaknesses. Soon a gathering of women formed and supported each other–it was magic.

Here I stand 8-years after my work with and thinking it has been too long. Time to put my self out there and create again.

What has my path been these past 8 years? What do I want to create as I move forward? What can we share as we move ahead? These questions will help form the new blog. Come join me.

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