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Dance Like No One is Watching

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take I

Photographer: Kim Nixon
Clothing Artist: Eclectique Art Studio, Catherine Brunet

While at the 32nd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival this past weekend I admired how the light was playing with these slips at a vendor’s booth. The wind would make the slips dance. The traditional music and sunshine had everyone in a playful mode. I was walking over to see the children’s parade when I passed the slips and had to turn back to take photos. I took this photo with the idea of playing with “actions”. It was the first time I can recall having these thoughts before taking an image. I framed it with post-processing in mind.

The image directly above is processed in Adobe LightRoom and no actions were applied, yet.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take II

The clothing vendor is Catherine Brunet of Marquette, Michigan. She has a studio on Washington Street called Eclectique Art Studio.

I wanted to play-up highlighting so I used Optikverve’s Virtual Photographer and applied the “Cinnamon” action. I have Virtual Photographer as an add-on to my Adobe Photoshop Elements version 7.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take III

In this version I added a gradient to play up mystery.

Hiawatha Music Festival is an annual event in Marquette, Michigan featuring traditional music the event is always the 3rd weekend in July and starts on Friday afternoon and runs thru Sunday night. Mike and I have attend 6 Festivals in 7 years. We camp, even though it is minutes from our home. We like the magical feeling of the event.

Dance Like No One is Watching--Take IV

In the final version of the post-processing I faded the image, bringing in the softer, sensual feel. This image looks magical, and private.

I have ordered it in an 8×10 from and I hope to add it to my Etsy Store.

Which version is your fave?

Island Life


This was taken on Presque Isle, the sunset on Saturday had the island very busy. Folks were jumping and diving off Black Rocks, picnicking and biking. Some people, like Mike and I were taking photos. This was the same island I was running at 8:30 a.m. (photo taken at 8:02 p.m.).

Presque Isle is one of Marquette’s Gems. This city utilizes it’s waterfront and bike trails. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. Even when it is in close proximity to power plants. This is the Wisconsin Energy Plant at Presque Isle. The WE Energy plant. Some of you might recall on the other side of town is the Shiras Steam Plant. Both are coal powered and the Great Lake barges and freighters supply Marquette with coal. The WE Energy plant also utilizes some hydro-electric, I think. I live a few blocks from the Shiras Steam Plant. I keep hoping wind power will come to Marquette.


The Garden Bouquet

The Garden Bouquet in Marquette Michigan is a blessing to Baraga Avenue, across the street from the Children’s Museum and down the street from the Marquette Food Co-op, this shop brings life, grace and beauty. And now they bring to you my postcards. The first image, Man on Bench, which was accepted into an exhibit at the Devos Museum, has been reproduced in postcard size perfect for Father’s Day. It is available now. Soon more designs will be in stock. Drop by and take a look!


Creative Inspiration–Bolt

Bolt, National Mine, photo copyright Kim Nixon

This is an image of a rusty bolt hanging on the side of our barn-type garage at camp in National Mine. I always find inspiration in the left behind and forgotten, and camp definitely has a history. This land has been one of great sorrow and loss for many. Someone even lost their life here.

My history has been one of overcoming loss and obstacle, of making home where I go. But like the image, finding my edges and definitions has been a hazy process.

I tune-in at camp. It is an empathetic response to the person who could not completely throw away a holy card found in the barn (but had to get it out of the house?), to the whisper in the trees, to the thump of too-fast traffic hitting upheavals on the county road.

It is a listening.

What has been left behind and forgotten, yet draws us, that is magic. Picking up a camera give us permission to listen with our eyes. You don’t have to touch what you find. It can be a cautious step forward and a quick click.

It Takes a Village

Flower Pod, photo by Kim Nixon

The seeds in the pod huddle together and at the right moment one will catch a breeze or float away on pond water. They each hope to grow. They each hope to lodge in a good place. They each hope to survive.

I was upside down in my first inverted pose. All 190 lbs. of me resting on my shoulders. I had not been in such a position since my early teens, and here I was a 44-year-old woman in Basic Yoga class using the wall to get up and over. Who would have thought!

My afternoon at Exhale Yoga was a gift. And my Yoga instructor Martha Bush was just the right teacher. I immediately trusted her and although I was worried about my neck, my arm, my back, my psoas muscle. I went into the poses gently.

My village expanded that day. I will include this teacher in my healing team. I felt more confident and strong at the end of my yoga session. If you live in Marquette check out this Basic Yoga class held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-3:30. It is suppose to be targeted tot he “silver” ladies. But I found it perfect for a mid 40s woman with injuries. Here is the schedule for your convenience.

Feeling well often means looking at your surroundings and making changes. Surround yourself with positive people. When you leave their presence how is your breath, your mood, is your body tight? This is a good way to gauge your interactions. Like that seed hoping to lodge in a good place. If you feel good, others will feel well when around you.

Take a deep breath.

For more information on the Psoas (so-az) muscle check out, The Psoas Book by Liz Koch.

Rainbow Power

copyright Kim Nixon


copyright Kim Nixon


copyright Kim Nixon

In the past I have described my home as having an almost romantic view of Lake Superior–just hold up a hand and block out the two sticks of the Shiras Steam Plant. Now I get to illustrate that. Last night while Mike and I ate chicken curry, I looked over his shoulder and saw a huge rainbow and all I could manage to say is go grab your camera. Quickly we determined we had to get past the electrical wires of our neighborhood and drive down to the waterfront approximately 4 blocks away.

The first capture is from the backyard, zoomed of course. The two photos that follow are on the shores of South Beach. This is where my electricity comes from, a coal power plant ran by the City of Marquette–the Shiras Steam Plant. We have two power plants here in Marquette this one and the power plant at Presque Isle. Both are a huge part of our landscape, skyscape, and the light plays off the stacks in many ways that capture the imagination. I even have photos of coal and limestone piles that I will share with you one day. The limestone is used by the local iron mines in processing pellets. They offload at the power plant(s) from freighters or what you might call barges that travel the Great Lakes.

As some of you know I have been suffering from a headache since Sunday September 28th. I first thought it a migraine, then the flu, and now I am thinking migraine due to the intensity. I know one thing, it most likely has to due with the barometric pressure and the low weather front that is hanging over head. Therefore I will count these photos in my Migraine Madness. I cannot believe, as weak as I was yesterday that I even managed to tie my shoes. But I did and I took 12 photos when normally I would have shot 100s. But I like these. I have some on weird slants that I need to re-angle somehow. I will poke around and see if I can figure it out and let you see some more magic rainbow light.

Magic Lands–Hancock, Michigan

Hidden Places in hancock Michigan, photo by Kim Nixon

Michigamme Building I

Michigamme Building I, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Michigamme Building I, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Michigamme Building I, photo copyright Kim Nixon


Thursday at Wetmore Pond

Blooming at Wetmore, photo copyright by Kim nixon

Pitcher Plant, photo copyright by Kim Nixon

Wetmore Pond, Photo Copyright Kim Nixon

I once read a quote on “Ground of Being” and I like to think of the Wetmore Pond area as my ground of being, walking beneath old growth hemlock, the magic of the bog mat, climbing Hogsback, or even crossing the road and going to the shore at Wetmore Landing where I can lay out on a granite boulder and slip into freezing cold Lake Superior, this is the land that renews my being.

On Thursday of a very busy week, my “Magic Man” took me to the trails in search of morel mushrooms. The nights had been balmy but with not enough mositure, we soon abandoned our hunt for shrooms and fell in love with minutia and reflections–of course we both had our cameras.

Mike took the new shot that appears as my avatar here at WordPress. It is one of the few shots of myself that I have tolerated, in fact I am quite enamored of this shot. I actually look healthy, young, and not so chunky. I feel and look happy and vibrant. Good Job, Mike!

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