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Beach Bound–Black Rocks

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Day III–Beach Bound at Black Rocks with no-Book.
Thursday was a day off work, the necessity of taking a book and loosing myself in some fiction wasn’t a pressing matter. The day was more-or-less mine. The beach held off until late in the evening and Mike and I had a camera walk on a different kind of beach. Presque Isle has an area on the sunset side called Black Rocks and it is a popular location for cliff jumpers. Even in the cool of this summer evening people were still jumping into Superior. My mood and energy levels are at an all time low today. I remind myself to ride the tide of energy and reflect with the help of that vast blue water letting this low of mine drift and flow.

Color in Winter

Winter normally leaves me longing for color. It’s early winter here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and winter can last into April with cold arctic blasts the norm thru January and February. Today I spotted green on the cross country trails at the Blueberry Ridge Pathway (for more on this outing visit Running Marquette).

Then I spotted this vacant duplex out on Presque Isle today. The color of the bark was warm and inviting and quite a contrast to the biting windchill temps. Mike and I were shooting the waves of Lake Superior which I will end up posting over at A Winter Journal. I plan to continue to seek out color all winter. I also promise to learn filters, and actions, to bring unique takes on art in winter.

Island Life


This was taken on Presque Isle, the sunset on Saturday had the island very busy. Folks were jumping and diving off Black Rocks, picnicking and biking. Some people, like Mike and I were taking photos. This was the same island I was running at 8:30 a.m. (photo taken at 8:02 p.m.).

Presque Isle is one of Marquette’s Gems. This city utilizes it’s waterfront and bike trails. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. Even when it is in close proximity to power plants. This is the Wisconsin Energy Plant at Presque Isle. The WE Energy plant. Some of you might recall on the other side of town is the Shiras Steam Plant. Both are coal powered and the Great Lake barges and freighters supply Marquette with coal. The WE Energy plant also utilizes some hydro-electric, I think. I live a few blocks from the Shiras Steam Plant. I keep hoping wind power will come to Marquette.


A Runner’s World–Surfer Sunday




I took a day off running on Saturday mostly due to heavy rains and a sore foot. But today I woke to sunshine and was back at it. I had to detour around a section of Lakeshore Drive due to water over the road–a big yellow piece of heavy construction equipment was scrapping the road and pushing rocks back into place.

I planned on a long run adding in my new one mile section, even if I had to go slower and walk more. The goal is to up the mileage and get the balls of my feet and my arthritic great toe used to more distance.

It takes discipline for a photographer to get down to the business of running when the sun is shining on Superior and the surfers look awesome in the waves. But I pushed thru my run so I could do my cool-down walk with camera.

It’s a promise I make myself–run this “fill-in-the-blank” distance and then you can take all the photos you want.

After my run this morning I was 154.8. I had already eaten 3/4 a cup of Honey-nut Cheerios and a small Banana and about 16 ounces of water. I’m getting there.

Below is a shot of the beach on my way home. The road is on the other side of the rocks and where that large splash is–that is where the road was closed before my run. It has since been scrapped clean and rocks piled up, again. The road was open, but splashes were still wetting the rocks on the roadside. I love the power of Lake Superior. But I worry this weather pattern has been very November-Like.


Another Sublime Run on Saturday


On Saturdays I run Presque Isle, waking early I get into my running gear and grab my grocery bags for the farmer’s market on my way home. Today I was happy to also have my camera. As I turned onto Lakeshore Blvd. I noticed the high seas of Lake Superior and worried about what type of headwind I’d have to contend with out on the island. As I rounded Picnic Rocks I saw this ore boat headed out and pulled into the parking lot. Buffeted by winds I had to use my car roof to steady the shot. I was excited. The lighting was dramatic and my dread of running into headwinds was averted–I decided this would be a sublime day!


I was excited for my run or I would have taken hundreds of shot. There were at least a 1/2 dozen young surfers on the sunset side of the island. All in wet suits, of course, as Superior is pretty cold. I figured if they could brave the waves, cold, wind and unknown bottoms of the lake I could certainly circle the island twice. I got in my 4 miles with a 12 minute average per mile–pretty good (for me) considering the weather conditions.

After a run on Saturdays there is the Marquette Farmer’s Market–combining the two tasks makes me feel like a hunter-gatherer–still sweaty from my run I gathered yummy produce and goodies. Today I picked up a Head of cauliflower and broccoli grown locally by Seeds and Spores. I purchased 5 mini red-sweet peppers from Farmer Q’s and then stopped by to get treats from Peter at the Marquette Baking Company, two pear-rosemary scones and two chocolate-chip walnut cookies.

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Lessons in Bendable Time

Lessons in Bendable Time, Photo Copyright Kim Nixon
You do your best to maintain a plan, keep to the Day Planner, make progress. But it is March and winter lingers on, this time with an intensified artic blast leaving you in the powerful gusts of -12 Fahrenheit. Fingers numb as you break in your car from the only unfrozen door, crawl between driver and passenger seat, up to the front and wiggle between the seat and wheel. Luckily your smaller, 30 pounds smaller.

You’ll make it to work despite feelings of trepidation and try as you may with clear sun, cannot get past this mood. You are already bailing on the day, looking for outs that lead back to bed and blanket. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? Signs of fatigue, flare-ups, aches too reminiscent. The mail box haunts you, calls to you, it’s what does not arrive. It is what you cannot control. Worries. Fears. Short comings.

You send out ships, visit harbors, waiting. Plays of light make steel look like putty. Blink eyes, shake head, get it clear, form a frame on the image. Losing your grasp you walk away. Run even. Scroll through want ads, wonder at this life and how you got here. Here?

You have a lack of friends, but appearnaces would not lead one to think this. Yet happiness finds you on the trail. Light. Frame. Click. Shutter, exposure, elements. Balanced then tweaked. You pull out the hue and use a strong contrast and ice turns blue, orange, green. Magic creeps in in the digital dark room. 

Just the moon last night, full. Just your cycle mothly, annual, crazed. Tired. The blanket is so close. Or 30 miles away. You can turn the phone off. Or forget it on the bathroom counter in some random house. You don’t have to go near the balck mail box. You don’t have to come up empty handed. Rejected. Overlooked.

Go to a shoreline. Breathe. Cloud Hands on Gaine’s Rock. Part the Clouds. Biting wind. Icy walk and slip away.

You think of two men walking a boat across ice, tied to each other. Tied to each other. Ties. Tied. Strung. Out. Dangerous. Winter.

You’ve forgotten to write all these years. You’ve kept your distance. Stiff. Cold. Dead. Under all that ice, sheets, heavy.

But the light is bending. Rift.

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