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Promises as I head into the weekend…


My promise as I head into the weekend is to remember my goals not matter how unattainable they might seem. The photo above is from a building awaiting renovation in Wakefield. You can visit the photo set at my flickr account. This project looks to have stalled.

I have been aware that the end of the year is coming and some of my projects are unfinished, some are not yet in motion. But the one that I have had the most success with is losing weight. My Bucket List had a goal to lose 30 pounds and keep it off. I am now at 46 pounds down.

I will be kind to myself this weekend. Rest. Eat well. Do my PT exercises and drink water. I am approaching the end of my 21-day Promise to take ownership of my day in the mornings. I feel more centered and balanced and like I run my life.

The List

17/21 Friday–Attended my physical therapy appointment, round up some errands and headed to my daughter’s for a Mother-Daughter Day. Taking ownership of my day lasted from the time I woke until 4:30p.m. Ceiri and I had a lovely lunch at Rubiyat.

18/21 Saturday–After a 16-hour over-night shift, ending at 9 a.m. I headed to the Heritage Trail head at Jackson Mine and ran for 44 minutes. Crisp morning with heavy frost and the most beautiful fall colors I’ve seen yet this year. After my run it was on to the farmer’s Market in Marquette: swiss chard, dill, red potatoes, pumpkin, broccoli from Seeds & Spores. Cortland apples, tomatoes, organic horn peppers from Farmer Q’s.


Promises, Catch-up–Making a List


Sometimes the best of plans go awry. And my 21-day Promise did just that. I can blame it on vacation, the trying to catch-up after vacation–and I still have things to unpack–the busy life we all have. The macro above is ground foliage beside the Black River in Gogebic County, Michigan.

The List

10/21 Friday, Day 1 of Vacation– I did not rush or freak ot when we departed alter than expected. I just moved slower and accepted the pace.

11/21 Saturday, Day 2 of Vacation–Thanks to pre-trip planning the lack of a microwave (promised with our room) was no big deal I ate a bowl of Quaker Oat Squares with almonds and Okios yogurt. The slow pace set from yesterday was good training for my feet as rain slowed us further on the trails of the Porcupine Mountains.

12/21 Sunday, Day 3 of Vacation–Sun still not out, Mike and I raise early and expectant and head to Lake of the Clouds with an inner glow. I accepted the spontaneity needed on the rainy trip and flowed as needed.

13/21 Monday, Day 4 of Vacation–It was a secret that we arrived home last night. I claimed this day as mine by not rushing back into my work week. Letting my muscles recover. Not hearing the phone ring off the hook.

14/21 Tuesday and Back-to-Work–I started the day knowing the weight I gained on the trip was temporary and packed a good healthy lunch and snack.

15/21 Wednesday–Started my day with physical therapy, difficult and deep neck adjustments that left me sore for two days. I still planned fitness for later in the day meeting with Olivia for coaching on my running. Ran the inner trails of Presque Isle.

16/21 Thursday–Realizing I could have called this Promise and List Carpe Diem–Seize the Day. But it seems too strong of wording. Today claiming the morning meant sleeping to 7:45 and waking to a beautiful sunrise.

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