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Round the Bend into 2013


The month of December was  the most challenging month of 2012 for me and my families. After wok on December 30th I took to the deep woods for renewal and although the light was low I captured this image of reflection on the Dead River in Marquette, Michigan. I tromped thru the snow and reconnected to my soul.


Events have caused some energy leaks in my spiritual sheath, often referred to as our aura.  At the end of the work-day (at what I refer to as my day-job), I’m not happy with the person I was during that 8 or 12 hour shift. It has brought me to my knees in tears. I keep bargaining with myself that I can do this, and over and over again I find bitterness poisoning the positive and healing I strive to be.


In reflection, I know where I’ve been and where I long to be so I am looking around the bend in the river. My theme word for 2013 is Transcend.


Oh Christmas Tree…how has this year passed?

Over the next week I will be working on what I call my “evolutions.” These are similar to goals but usually have more to do with changing my lifestyle. I have been a little bitter that I had not made greater progress. I will be reflecting more on last year’s in the coming week and developing 2010 Evolutions.

2009 Evolutions
Invite family into my life. Be more accessible to my children and grandchildren.

How did I do? I spent more time with Ceiri and Liam but need to improve my contact with the boys.

Work on relationships with other woman and build a sisterhood. Make lunch dates, invite women to coffee. Find a like minded group, ecologically, health, or spiritual.

How did I do? I took part in a Wealthy Spirit Group that consisted solely of women. I did not however build a social life with other women. I did publish consistently with All Things Girl and came on board as one of the Art Editors.

Continue to pay down debt with a stronger emphasis on credit cards. Double savings and be less of a consumer: buy used, utilize CraigList and Yooper Yard Sale, return what you do not use to the community.

How did I do? My debt grew and realizing this I shut down two of my credit cards. I did buy clothes at Vinnies and Goodwill as well as cleaned out closets of clothes I shrunk out of and donated the many bags.

Commit to a travel savings. Keep building a savings in a high yield account or with Certificate of Deposits. Build an escrow account. Get at least one month ahead on bills.

How did I do? I did no accomplish any of this goal.

Build a daily yoga practice that includes breath, stretching and prayer. Build a morning writing practice even if it is 10 minutes after oatmeal.

How did I do? I did write more and publish more in 2009. I do stretch daily–but it is not quite what I had in mind as a formal yoga practice. I did not form a morning writing practice.

Continue with weight loss and remember the emphasis should be on fitness, too. Build endurance for hiking. A stronger core will help me go the distance. Continue with care of arm and neck by utilizing nutritional support, massage and chiropractic.

How did I do? I did all of this!! Whoot! I Lost over 50 pounds. participated in 8 months of PT. I have a stronger core. My nutrition has been tracked for over 11 months now.

The new door that opened in 2008 was related to my photography and connection to beauty. Foster this connection to beauty by staying centered and filling your own peace. What will follow is a sharing of joy, and abundance.

How did I do? I continue to learn and grow with my artistic endeavours.

Flow, this is your theme for the year. Fluid motion. Like the river to the shore. Like the lakeshore and the ever changing shoreline. Contours change and definitions are rigid. Tai Chi, yoga, breathe, laughter, song, will bring more ease.

How did I do? I did not flow quite as well as I wanted. But I learned to run!

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