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11/22 AEDM–Reflective


I love that feeling of openness. The little voice in my head said quick turn here and I pulled into the parking lot near Viosport and walked to the back up a parking ramp. There I was surprised by my reflection. I am still getting used to this “me.”

When you have been overweight for over 2 decades. You are shocked looking at photos of the heavy you. I liked to think of myself as the Young Kim at her ideal weight and was always shocked at photos of the Heavy Kim.

Now, I am shocked at the Skinny Kim, cause she is not that teenager at her ideal weight. I am a mature woman, a grandmother, and fit. It is all a bit surreal.


Kim Shoots Negaunee–Self Portrait(s)

Kim in Blue Window

Good Saturday, Mike and I shot Negaunee. The sun was at just such an angle that I kept capturing myself. So giving in I began to play with my reflection in windows. Oddly enough the second shot posted here is in the window of a portrait studio. I wonder what the photographer will think?

Kim in Portrait Window

Art Every Day 5/30, Shadow Self

Shadow Self, photo of Kim Nixon by Kim Nixon

Self Portrait in the Estivant

The Hollow Tree and Me, photo by Kim Nixon

This tree is an old friend and I had to visit it while hiking in the Estivant trails. It is a sneak peak self portrait. I was having fun using flash and no flash while shooting upward on the hollow trunk. The tree is one of the virgin pines in the Estivant. Later that day I had a lesson in balance as we headed toward the Fallen Giant.

Photo Submitted for the Photo Friday Challenge.

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