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Surrender with Sweetness

January has me embracing change and releasing the ego. I was going to set out on this new decade a warrior ready to race and push my body to extremes. I set goals. Cleared weekends to train. Then my body, (50 pounds lighter than the past decade) said STOP. You must rest. And I am learning to listen to the body. At, first I wanted to react with fear, and as a victim. But I remember the feeling of freedom as I hiked and ran on trails this summer and promised my body I would get back to that.

Yesterday, with the theme of Body, I headed out on a gentle camera walk around Marquette, Michigan with camera. I kept facing disappointment as the images were not coming. My body was tired. My mind was tired. I was heading back to the car when I saw her in a window. She was surrendering with joy to the street to the snow to her life. A poster in a window. Reflections. Color. I found HER! And she spoke to me as a sign of hope. That I, too, can surrender with sweetness and find some rest in January.

I know I can eat a bit less. I can eat clean. I can still walk. And my PT says I can even swim with just my arms (breast stroke) using a pull-bouy between my legs. I can use arm bike’s. I can continue this path and it is all useful knowledge that I can share with others facing injury.

Due to the nature of this post I am cross-posting to both Create with Kim and Running Marquette.

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