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Magic Froth

On my last day off work for the next 13 days, I headed out to the woods, driving far to avoid the crowds at popular locations in Marquette, Michigan. I found myself at the Yellow Dog Falls out on County Road 510. I needed to reconnect to the energy of the earth and believe in the magic that shapes and shifts thru our days.

I thank all those who have visited this blog recently and for the kind and supportive comments. I feel neglectful for not having more time in the day to visit all of your blogs–but the day will come where time is abundant and self-directed. I feel the energy you’ve shared and my heart is grateful.



Day Three–Two Rivers, Perilous


Often descending 200 stairs down to the falls and platforms provided for safe viewing, an adventurous duo, Mike and I would hop the rails and step out onto the bedrock of two different rivers. This photo is on the Presque Isle River within the Porcupine Mountain State Park. Mike is a bit ore daring than I am and his shots of the falls from bottom up always seem more dramatic and lovely.

I made many mistakes while learning to take waterfall shots. I became too entranced with Time-Value and forgot to shoot in Program Mode. Now my mantra is don’t forget to “P” ’cause you might get too experimental and a little LCD screen will not show just how bad your shots truly are. It has created an excuse in my mind to re-visit these sites soon! Here is one of my good shots from Black River, this is the Gorge Falls.


Art Every Day, 8/30, Whitefish Falls

Whitefish Falls, Upper Peninsula Waterfalls, photo by Kim Nixon

The shots of the Whitefish River and Falls were taken on the day we stopped at Lily’s in Traunik, an organic and natural foods grocery in the middle of nowhere (smile). I am calling this series of photos, “Riverbank Series.” It was last Saturday, one long week ago that I had a day off work. The sun was bright, the air warm, it was a glorious day. Snow and rain are predicted today. It is gray and dull as I wake this morning.

I am pleased I have posted every day this month (so far) as part of the Art Every Day commitment. Join in!

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