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Full Moon Dreamboard — Full Flower Moon

Jamie Ridler prompts her viewers that the Full Flower Moon asks: “How would you like to bloom? Who are you when you’re in full bloom?” And this month I feel my process did not bring that question to the surface. What I do notice in my dreamboard is simplicity and a lot of space. I see I’m being drawn by the idea of summer, space, the beach, and the open feel of imaginative living.

I asked a yoga instructor in my community for a private session. I want to develop a home practice that honors my body where it is now. I’ve been coping with injuries and perceived limitations. It messes with my mind and spirit. I am trying to let go, blossom, and unfold.

I would like to bloom, like a flower mandala each petal a lesson I can share with others. I am a healer and envision running and owning a healing spa with art and bodywork.

May Full Moon Dreamboard, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday–How do you wish to spend your time?

This is a photo from my backyard. I returned home from a day of facing-up to things. And I was still mulling over the question from Wednesday and I was disappointed for not accomplishing my Wishcasting Wednesday post.

I decided to make a post on Thursday, as I make necessary changes in my daily life the question of How do you wish to spend your time? is very pertinent. Pertinent and yet, frightful.

I was worried that if I am frightened how do I achieve abundant thinking? How do I make that energetic shift?

I needed hope after my physical therapist gave me the latest news which included–don’t practice yoga for a bit. No twists, No forward bends. No stretching. And sit with a lumbar pillow.

Facebook Status I

Bolstering Hope–the theme of my day as I face the challenges of my life/style. Bought myself carnations on clearance. Found a wonderful scarf at Goodwill. Counted change for a latte. Went to physical therapy. Documented on documents and set appointments to ensure a healthy future. Talked with artists, friends, and worked on building a supportive network. I am a strong person and I can rise to any challenge. And, yes, the tropical aroma of the carnations help ;-)

Facebook Status II

Planning brings certain words to mind: Positive. Social. Spirit-based. Energetic. Balanced. Service. Healing. Smiles. Assist. Beauty. Fresh. Natural. Organic. Warm. Eco-Conscious. Love. Light. Fit. Supportive.

But the big question still looms!

How do you wish to spend my time?

  • I’d like to read for long periods of time.
  • I’d like to take photos and publish them frequently.
  • I’d like to write articles and get back to journaling.
  • I’d like to heal my injuries and feel confident enough to retrain for a career.

There are many ways I wish to spend my time. Tonight, I’m going to finish some chores and return to daily journaling.

Join Jamie Ridler and her followers in WishcastingWednesday!

Wishcasting Wednesday–Treasures

What treasures do you wish for?

A long healthy life!

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010, during what some call Spring and we in the Upper Peninsula call Winter, I felt cursed.

As a teenager, I had endless infections: tonsillitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. I was told I had IBS in my 20s. My doctor told me I had Chronic Fatigue in 2000.

In 2004, I had to close my massage due to a slow to heal injury.

I had to walk away from my next job as well.

And another.

(You get the idea).

My list of symptoms, long.

My list of options, short.

Today is a new day. Thanks to a clear diagnosis.

Each day I feel stronger. I find more mental clarity. I feel nourished. My endurance is wonderful. I’m not fatigued. Healing is such a blessing. I am looking forward to the day I reopen my practice. It might be a slightly different plan, but I’ll get there!

The treasures of this life come from the experiences that have shaped my reality and views on life. Healing is a daily event. We are active participants in the process. We have to be. It is the way to discover the course of action, navigate the ups-and-downs, and make it to the next shore.

My 4-year-old grandson likes pirates. I like sword fights. We are caught up in the possibilities of the open sea, treasures, and spitting into the wind. I think he and I really do believe we can fly. He takes a leap off the bed. I take a leap from one point to the other (quite frequently), too.

Funny that I bring up pirates? (Raise of my eyebrows.)

We steal moments of truth and freedom between the hard spots, the diagnosis, the somewhat pessimistic comments of doctors and others. We have to see the gold sparkle as the healing surfaces like a treasure in a deep cave filled with tide. It is the patience and the make-believe that keep hope shining.

I see abundance in a chest of experiences and creative projects. I see it in the touch of hearts and hands. Deep in that chest of treasure are smiles, hugs, and laughter. Deep Comforts!

Will you sail with me?

(Stay tuned for new adventures with Create with Kim!)

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy with Jamie Ridler Studios!

Wishcasting Wednesday–What do you wish to let go of?

Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie! I needed a solution to get me blogging and I found it with Jamie Ridler. The weekly prompt on each Wednesday has me connecting with my purpose and my desire.

This week, “What do you wish to let go of?”

And a photo of a Nest?

Now how does that jive?

Can you be hatching eggs and letting go at the same time?

I need to make space for the new in order for growth and surprises

I wish to let go of…

    • Clutter.
    • Negativity.
    • People who do not see me in a positive light.
    • The last 20 lbs. of weight.

Letting go follows my desire to Change up the Energy and to Create Space!

I will try to check back in periodically to let you know how I’ve taken action on my list.

Wishcasting Wednesday–What do you wish to make time for?

Every Wednesday (or most Wednesdays) I take part in Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler Studios. This week our prompt is, “What do yo wish to make time for?” A perfect prompt for me as I attempt to Change up the Energy in my daily life.

Before I took a my current position I had more free time. As an on call person I could carved out Wednesday as Art Day! I rented space at the Peter White Public library and I’d paint or collage with wonderful sky lights above making even February in the Upper Peninsula seem energized.

On a recent trip to Duluth I had the rare treat of unstructured time to discover what pulls me. At the close of that day it was a mug of coffee at Jitters and a brand new journal purchased just moments earlier in a World Trade store for 4.00 dollars. It was conversation with complete strangers like Jeffey the Roller Derby Reffie a sharp pencil and he sound of an espresso machine that made my magic spark!

In the coming weeks I wish to make time for Art, Writing, Collages and I promise to put me back on the schedule. I want a day where I ignore everything else from 9 a.m – 5 p.m. Yoga class is allowed. No cell phone. Only that creative spark, pull, guidance on what is needed to keep me shining!

Wish Casting Wednesday

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Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios offers wonderful prompts to help me focus on dreams. This is Wishcasting Wednesday and my prompt is, What do you wish to do one day?

I believe I have to tackle this wish in a list!

  •  Support my needs in a sustainable conscious way thru my creative and healing interests
  • Acquire a full DSLR camera and take photo assignments/gigs in adventurous locales
  • Be an artist in residence at the Porcupine Mountains
  • Hike on Isle Royale
  • Run a 1/2 marathon trail race on Grand Island
  • Study Ayurvedic healing at Kripalu
  • Become a yoga instructor that helps people overcome illness and injury

My biggest dream and desire is to return to work within the Healing Arts. I believe in the power of intention. So most of all I wish to make new steps in that direction this day. I believe the funding will come forth o help me in m pursuits. May the means come to me in new and unexpected ways. And so I wish and so it shall be!

Wishcasting Wednsday: What do you wish for this summer?

This is my first time participating in WishCasting Wednesdy with Jamie Ridler and I am excited (see Kim smiling). I believe strongly in the power of intention. Once upon a time, I wanted to go to massage school. I had no idea how I would afford school but the intention was set in motion by cleaning out a spare bedroom in my home and buying the first set of sheets for my massage room. I understand the sky is the limit!

My wish this Wednesday is to develop the perfect wellness plan that will fit with the time and scheduling of my “day-job” which can be 7-days a week and any of the three shifts. My plan will include:

  • Partners and supporters I want my journey to include community
  • Weight training
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Tai Chi
  • Massage
  • Farmer’s Market

This will help me have more consistency, move me toward my goals, and help my immune system to heal. And yes, I want these to be weekly events.

This is my wish. My first step is to go to yoga tomorrow!

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