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Wishcasting Wednesday: What 12 Wishes Will You Wish For?

Along with the 12 wishes listed below I also wish for new inspiration with my blogging.

1. I wish for divine guidance and clear direction on a new path/career.

2. I wish to release the worry and fear that has caused panic attacks this year.

3. I wish to rededicate to my weight loss and fitness goals.

4. I wish for medical insurance and greater healing in 2013 (and beyond) without amassing debt.

5. I wish to afford my alternative health care treatments, massage, healing touch, chiropractic and other modalities.

6. I wish to attend trainings that further my career and lifestyle goals.

7. I wish to travel more often.

8. I wish for new direction in my photography and the opportunity to go on photo shoots more often.

9. I wish for more time outdoors in nature.

10. I wish to increase my earnings in 2013 (and beyond).

11. I wish to pay down debt and increase my savings.

12. I wish for a new car that can take me on photo-adventures safely and efficiently.

You too can join others in Wishcasting on Wednesdays at Jamie Ridler’s website.


Slowing it Down

Photograph copyright ~ Kim Nixon ~ All Rights Reserved

The goal is to slow down enough to read, stretch, and breathe deeply. The goal is to snowshoe, ski, hike and take photos of frozen white crystals of ice. The goal is to play with my grandson, connect with my children, and make family meals we all enjoy. The goal is to decorate and create a home, a safe nest from the world, a retreat that replenishes the soul.

The best $10.00 you will ever spend may be on this book, Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It [Paperback] by author, Henriette Anne Klauser.

Please share what books have inspired you to make changes and create abundance in your life!

When I go to France…

…I must know how to speak some French. Does anyone have a copy of Rosetta Stone?

I also must create abundance to fund my travels. I currently make far less than some. Aaaahhh how to convey this without kicking myself in the butt. Abundance is everywhere! I know this. But in the past funding a trip to downstate Michigan has been an ordeal and now I am thinking International travel for a month. It is a big step for me.

Let’s just say my two day jobs pay slightly more than min. wage and I work under full-time hours most weeks. Yet, once upon a time we found a way to send my oldest to Australia. We believed he needed to go and we made it happen. I therefore believe I am going to France.

With my son’s trip to Australia we sold tee shirts that said, “Send a Swimmer Downunder” and the continent of Australia on the front. My high school swimmer, as part of a sports exchange program swam in the Olympic pool at the Sydney Aquatic Center.

My trip to France will allow me to travel as an untrained photographer (as I have had no formal training). I will also be writing. I want to spend 1 month.

I am starting a piggy bank now.

I think I can get there by Fall 2009.

Please leave suggestions, ideas, and knowledge below.

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