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Thru the Looking Glass

Thru the looking glass…lately I’ve been trying new angles of looking at my life. I want to push my art to a new level and get back to the “zone.” Years ago, an accident and illness had me close my new massage practice. My life was in upheaval, but I fell into love with a man who let me blossom over and over again as I tried new facets of myself. Some of the new facets showed me difficult mirror images that had me changing it up with tears and frustration.

I went to the beach tonight with a purple corduroy blanket a yellow ceramic coffee mug and a yoga magazine. I moved thru asanas, meditated, waded out into the cool of Lake Superior and journeyed out to the black rocks of McCarty’s Cove as the sunset to my Qigong and Tai Chi practice. Pink sky. Reflections. Violet on the water. Meditations. Breath.

And Answers.

They come, too.


21.5.800–Day 14, Summer Solstice

Sunrise on Summer Solstice, June 21, Lake Superior

Summer Solstice and the sun rose at 5:56 am (it will set at 9:45). I met the sun on the Lake Superior shoreline between Picnic Rocks and McCarty’s Cove and joined my yoga community for a circle-led session of yoga on the beach.

The night before I set out my new bike helmet, a backpack with red flasher attached just in case the predawn was too dark. It ended up I did not need the light to be safe on the bike. The day was born bright and beautiful.

I was surprised I was up with the alarm clock at 5:45 and on my Bike by 6 am. It was easy. I had set the intention that this is how I wanted to enter the second half of my year. This is how I wanted to honor the summer before me. This is how I wanted to live my life, heal, and love.

I opened my lungs to the fragrance of morning on the lakeshore. White and pink roses in bloom all along my ride on the bike path. I rooted my feet in the sands of Superior. I down-dogged and I saluted the sun. As I lay in savasana I opened my eyes to a blue sky with wispy white clouds as Mary said we should look at the art in the sky.

I could not sleep last night the moon bright and waxing gibbous at 75%. The air was crisp and cool with the bright night.  Restless dreams included me going to a yoga school where people did amazing poses and even I attempted to float in air.

I keep thinking the world is at my feet. I am open to the riches of the universe. I am thinking of fruit, fruition, bringing my wildest dreams into being.

I am picturing my elephant self and a basket of fruit. I am dreaming of one-dollar pineapples. Free mangoes for everyone. Spicy chuntey. Mint and Lime. A community meal with music and laughter.

I water the vegetable garden and the petunia plants outfront. I am observing the garden and growth. I see where I have yet to thin seedlings. I think of my tight neck and shoulders and recognize the holding pattern as one tied to fear.

I’m breathing and letting tapas into my body. Tapas is an enthusiasm and fire , a discipline and a letting go. Simplicity. Being Present. Embracing the daily life of yoga.

Today I need to trust that I am right where I need to be. That life is unfolding on a course that embraces the whole of my spirit, and yours, too.

There is no need to swat at my fear as if I am shooing away an annoying fly. No fearing the mosquito that buzzes my ear all night. I can feel the itch and move forward. I can let go the bite of fear and heal.

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