Kim Nixon is a writer, photographer, and grandmother living in Marquette Michigan near the shores of Lake Superior. A graduate of Northern Michigan University (BS Writing) and the Institute of Natural Health where she studied massage (900-hour certificate). She attends yoga classes at Mukta Yoga in Marquette, Michigan and hopes to become a yoga instructor for those with special needs and those who are overcoming illness and injury. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease and numerous food intolerances, Kim also hopes to study integrative nutrition.

Kim’s recent publications include the cover photo on the summer issue of Health and Happiness Magazine and a poem forthcoming from The Chrysalis Reader in the fall of 2010.

  1. Hi Kim,
    My name is Melissa. I received an e-mail from you about your interest in daycare. I would love to get in contact with you and discuss more…
    Feel free to contact me!
    Thank you, Melissa

    Also, your website is incredible!

  2. I loved your website. Beautiful photos especially from the runs. I went to college at da Tech (Houghton) in the early 70’s, also have been to Isle Royale 6 times, I love the country. Miss it sometimes very much. Was stuck in hot Houston all this summer. All the best to you & your pursuit of health & happiness.

  3. Hello Kim,
    We would like permission to reprint one of your photos. Many thanks for considering. We can send details about our project, please contact us if you’re willing to consider our request. Great site!

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