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Creative Every Day 2011–Week Four

A little late in posting my Creative Every Day Week 4 due to it being such a huge week! Full of accomplishments and goal setting. BOOST! That has been the word for January! I have given rise to such wonderful energies.

1.23.2011, Sunday

1.24.2011, Monday

  • Joined the Happiness Project.
  • Ran 3.1 miles, stretched and enjoyed the hot tub at the YMCA.
  • Donated clothes which equals less clutter!
  • Gifts arrived in the mail!
  • Stopped in the middle of the road to capture images of pigeons on a wire.

1.25.2011, Tuesday

  • Happiness Blog post at Create with Kim.
  • Watered Plants!
  • Another gift arrived in the mail!
  • Flipped the mattress for better energy flow in the bedroom, complete with fresh sheets.

1.26.2011, Wednesday

1.27.2011, Thursday

  • Yoga with Melissa.
  • Vinnies’ Bag day Sale. Buying used clothing makes me feel abundant!
  • Made my first ever cabbage soup.
  • Clipped magazines for new vision map.

1.28.2011, Friday

  • Supported a local business, Art of Framing for assistance with photo mats.
  • Entered the WinterCharm exhibit.
  • Weighed in for Biggest Loser competition at work.
  • Created new Vision Map.

1.29.2011, Saturday

Creative Sundays

I hung out with my demons today. When I do this, I visit the Alligator and I talk to him. He is a wise demon but likes to fool with me as well (sigh). But he reminds me not to take things painfully and he suggests a good dose of playtime. So where he is demonic and a bit of a trickster this gator is usually worth my time.

By the time I arrived home, after having played in the cool winter air, even after numb toes, I usually get a little creative so I decided to take a closer look at me with that Gator. What could the demon teach me about my visions?

So I zoomed in…

Then I thought, oh this is all much clearer now. I like this. Fresh air and the whispers of the Gator have brought some clarity to the questions demonizing me to wee hours of the morning.

  • Do I take a position that slows the momentum of this creative energy?
  • Do I try to do both?
  • Do I keep taking leaps of faith?

I plugged away all afternoon at creative projects. Here is one answer (below).

I love it when my questions lead to graphic messages! This is my new Etsy Store banner at Create with Kim!

An Inspiration to Change

As I reflect on this passing year I find myself coming back to these questions posted in the right-hand margin of the blog.

  • What are you creating?
  • Most exciting is the change that comes with weight loss and changing to a fit lifestyle. I am creating greater self-esteem and raising awareness of others. Change is a strong possibility with goal-setting and determination. This is creating new directions in both personal and professional ways. I have started the new blog Http://

  • What changes are you moving thru?
  • I’m moving thru a new health challenge that is yet undiagnosed. Possible gall bladder and intestinal pain that seems to be managed by not eating wheat, dairy, meat, and refined sugars. This is causing me to slow down and learn tenderness and to focus on where I have become bitter and hardened.

    I’m moving thru a period where greater focus on my earnings and finances is needed. Greater focus on paying down debt is needed. But more importantly living truer and not letting the moments take over my focus. I was too easily swayed by “wants” often losing focus of the long-term. Now the challenge comes to redefine the financial goals and remember the practicalities.

  • What successes are you enjoying?
  • I’m enjoying the energy and fitness that came with the journey of losing over 50 pounds in one year. I am pleased with the confidence I have gained and my faith in accomplishing tough goals and tenacity to move through adversity.

  • What change do you desire?
  • I want to write a book, an ebook, further develop the web-presence and develop online sales of my photos. I want to build community with other women, writers, and artists. I want deeper connection to family. I want to increase my earnings as an artist. Freedom to schedule my days as I please and more movement in my outdoor daily life. If working a day job find one I can make a good earning at and still walk/bike to work.

    All Things Girl–Lost and Found Issue

    I am happy to announce the new issue of All Things Girl has hit the web and one of my photos made it into the arts section. The theme for the Sept/Oct issue is Lost and Found.

    Lately, I have been finding myself, who I am as artist and woman. A new project is being birthed from my exploration. Watch my Projects page for updates.

    The photo that made it into this issue of All Things Girl is called, Unregistered Baby. It is a child’s lost toy resting on a post near the Bliss Cafe food vendor booth at the Hiawatha Music Festival this summer (2009). Keep open to the out of place. Keep open to the unexpected. Take it in. Take it home–that image, inspiration, or gift.

    Be sure to let the editors of All Things Girl know you enjoy their support of artists and writers.

    Orange Float


    On today’s agenda is the Carp River Gardens and fireworks in Neguanee. I am so far behind with sharing of photos and writing. I keep promising to do better–and I shall. I have signed up for the August Free Write Fling and I must gear up for Ludington Writers Conference in September. I also will be redoing my blog–website set-up and getting online sales of photos up and running in the next 3-6 months.

    This shot was taken at the Marquette Community Gardens in the Park Cemetary, Marquette Michigan. Mike and I caught a few shots last night then dashed for the lake shore and storm shots over town and lake. I will process these soon. I took bracketed exposures and will try my first HDR images. All purely on accident–my camera just ended up in this mode most likely as I picked up the whole tripod and moved it to capture what was behind me and get past a railing that was in the way–So since the universe gave me this accidental camera mode setting of high, low and just right exposure. I think I ought to create with it.

    Here is an image not played with yet. My Magic Man Mike!




    Part of my process has been to push past my limitations–in essence to see differently–to reach. Thus, as I reach, I am playing with fountains and trees (yes they are sculpted trees) and the sky.


    A big reach for me is to see images in a color “other than” what its reality is. This may be stepping back in time to the Black and White days, or applying copper as I did here.


    This one is my favorite. Look how the bark on the sculpted tree comes to life. The “sunset” brings up the detail and color.


    Mystic, daydream, we are entering summer. I watched teenage girls at the beach, and park texting while walking. I thought of the days I laid about as a cat, lazy. Not constantly connecting. I sought disconnect.

    To view these photos large visit my Flickr or click on the images. And please remember all rights reserved. If ya gotta have-it, ask and we can make arrangements.

    Happy with the result…


    Ordered this digital capture in 16×24 from and the result is stunning! The shipping is fast and they ship in a secure fashion; I never worry about the prints getting damaged. I think I need to get an Etsy Store up and running.

    The Garden Bouquet

    The Garden Bouquet in Marquette Michigan is a blessing to Baraga Avenue, across the street from the Children’s Museum and down the street from the Marquette Food Co-op, this shop brings life, grace and beauty. And now they bring to you my postcards. The first image, Man on Bench, which was accepted into an exhibit at the Devos Museum, has been reproduced in postcard size perfect for Father’s Day. It is available now. Soon more designs will be in stock. Drop by and take a look!


    Publication–All Things Girl

    The May issue of All Things Girl is themed “On Display” it was the perfect issue to submit some “door” photos. The doors appeared on the New Wright Street extension in Marquette. My favorite, “She’s Come Undone” is definitely a on display moment. “Door Eye” is an ogle of sorts, a gawker, and intense. This is my second time appearing in All Things Girl they are very open to submissions by new artists and writers.

    Postcards–Man on Bench


    The Man on Bench postcards have been ordered. You can own a Kim Nixon original photo. This photo has been chosen to appear in an exhibit entitled, “North of the 45th” and will appear at the DeVos Museum on the Northern Michigan University campus May 25-July 3rd. The closing reception is the nite of July 3rd. But you can help the artist (me) defray framing costs by ordering a postcard of this image for a 10.00 donation. Mail check and address you would like image sent; image will be mailed in an envelope and sent 1st class mail. Send your info to Kim Nixon, 426 Craig Street, Marquette MI 49855.  Email Kim with questions.

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