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21.5.800–1600 Words in Photos

1600 Words in Photos or 2-Days of No Writing


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I was lost to the world of vegetation  for two days. Farmer’s Market and Garden. I will let the photos speak. Both Mike and I spent all of our Sunday in the Garden. It is wet and wonderful, wild and green, with the promise of foods to come.

My First Oriole

IMOBYOriolecloser_0223 copy

This is my first photo of an oriole and the first to land in our yard. I am as proud as this pretty guy looks. The birds have been pretty happy around here this spring. Having leaves on the trees and blossoms everywhere. Sure beats that year we had hail strip the trees practically bare.

Sylvia’s Magic Garden II

Easter Crossed with Christmas this Year

Oh Holy Spring! Photo by Kim Nixon

“Easter vs. Christmas in the Garden” this year. Failing to take down Christmas decorations before big snows in the Upper Peninsula has left me with a religious holiday identity crisis.

Easter vs. Christmas in the Garden, photo by Kim Nixon

In My Own Backyard–Good Friday

Clothesline with Pins, photo by Kim Nixon

I have been playing with filters in Photoshop; they are add-in filters from optikVerse Labs. This is quite new for me. In the past I have only used Photoshop to work with contrast and do slight color corrections. But I would like to learn more, play more.

These photos were taken afterwork on Good Friday in my own backyard. I am thinking much about the garden and even purchased some peas to plant. There is much raking to do, and old plants that I let fall into a ruckus that have dried and clutter clear views of new sprouting flowers. It is a bulbous time and the music in the garden has begun with crocus. They do not seem to mind the Christmas lights still about the garden. More shots to come this weekend.

Crocus Fade, photo by Kim Nixon

Got Bees?

photo by Kim Nixon

My garden has bees and the bees are intoxicated. Some late blooming plants had bees congregating. I could put my lens right on the bees and they were oblivious. I am allergic to bees and if they were showing any aggression I would have been out of there. But here they were, late season, sucking it up. (photos taken September 15, 2008, Marquette Michigan).

photo by Kim Nixon

Flash Forward Pond in Sepia

Flash Forward Pond in Sepia, photo by Kim Nixon

Here is a flash forward–a look at a winter pond without ice–I was playing with sepia–but the pond was too bright–so in photoshop I toned it down–the result takes away a lot of the sepia but enhances the contrast and detail–even though the whole image has a washed out faded antiqueeky quality that I am lovin’ today–then I curved it more to even the shading a bit. The result I call Flash Forward Pond in Sepia–a  very late autumn look for a photo taken in August here in Marquette, Michigan.

Quenched Garden

Iris Prayer, photo by Kim Nixon

Hover Capture, photo by Kim Nixon

Iris and Fly, photo by Kim Nixon

Iris with Tear, photo by Kim Nixon

First Clematis, photo by Kim Nixon

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