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Looking Ahead with My Magic Man

Mike on Shore of Lk. Superior, copyright 2007 KimNixon

I am looking forward to 2008 and the new adventures that my Magic Man and I will set out to discover. I look at this Christmas Holiday, our 4rth, and I know how blessed we are. Life might not be easy, but I look around and see how others struggle. Life is warm in our home full of plants and life. Warmth of home and arms that welcome me each day — I cannot ask for more. But you know some days I get caught up in wanting my arm healed, or my business back. It is Mike that helps me heal and remember to be grateful for this life–the one I am living today–not the one I had before my car accident.

Looking Toward 2008

Kim on Summit Tower, photo by Mike Hainstock, 2007

Kim on Summit Tower B, photo by Mike Hainstock, 2007

Hiker on Summit Peak Trail–October 7, 2007

Hikeron Summit Peak Trail, Porcupine Mountains, copyright Kim Nixon

As I struggled up the Summit Peak Trail this serious hiker sped past. All his gear all very top of the line. I quickly grabbed this shot as he not only looked strong in his pace and gear but he made the shot, or is it he helped frame out the shot. Anyway, I rather like it. I am getting photos ready to order and I think I will get a couple 5×7 and 8x10s of this one as I think they would sell well here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Published Photo–Mist Woods

I have been publishing my writing for many years. I even worked as a Managing Editor for a major trucking website and as a journalist snapped many photos of awesome semi tractor-trailers. But today, On Michigan in Pictures, what I consider my first real artistic work was published, a photo that has appeared on my own blog in a smaller version called Mist Woods. The image was captured heading up Summit Peak Trail in the Porcupine Mountains in October. I was using a DXG 5.1 Mega-pixel camera. the photo was slightly optimized in Adobe Photoshop.

Please visit both Michigan in Pictures and Absolute Michigan. The folks at these sites are doing an awesome job of promoting Michigan. Michigan in Pictures is designed to showcase the state of Michigan through visual means.

Photo-Friday: Two-Vined

Two-Vined (divine squash at Park Cemetary), copyright Kim Nixon

Two-vined, (Divine Squash at Park Cemetery) is a digital image taken in the Marquette Community Gardens. A black-and-white image of this shot appears on the cover of “Food for Thought: The Newsletter of the Marquette Food Co-op,” Volume 7, Number 5, Oct./Nov. 2007. I took the image (and others) while suffering from writer’s block. The article I was suppose to be working was themed Community and Harvest. So, I headed to the Community Gardens in the back of Marquette’s Park Cemetery. I also took shots at the Farmer’s Marquette that day and of a public art installment that was being dismantled (see Gramma Door posts). The theme of this week’s Photo-Friday contest is, Two. And these divine veggies came to mind immediately.

When Opened

When Opened, Copyright Kim Nixon 2007

From photo series, “Images from Camp” this photo was taken during November. I am trying to learn contrast, finding light in dark, and texture. Winter is coming to the Upper Peninsula and the color gray is something I dread. But this gray, this wood, I want to embrace. I feel on a threshold. When opened, I wonder what I will find.

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