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Thru the Looking Glass

Thru the looking glass…lately I’ve been trying new angles of looking at my life. I want to push my art to a new level and get back to the “zone.” Years ago, an accident and illness had me close my new massage practice. My life was in upheaval, but I fell into love with a man who let me blossom over and over again as I tried new facets of myself. Some of the new facets showed me difficult mirror images that had me changing it up with tears and frustration.

I went to the beach tonight with a purple corduroy blanket a yellow ceramic coffee mug and a yoga magazine. I moved thru asanas, meditated, waded out into the cool of Lake Superior and journeyed out to the black rocks of McCarty’s Cove as the sunset to my Qigong and Tai Chi practice. Pink sky. Reflections. Violet on the water. Meditations. Breath.

And Answers.

They come, too.

Up Thru the Atmosphere

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A rare opportunity to fly over Marquette, Michigan arose on Sunday July 17, 2011.

(I will write more about this soon).

Full Moon Dreamboard

Full Moon Dreamboard–Full Buck Moon


The full moon of July is the Full Buck Moon.  I get off from work, most nights at 11pm. I get to see the  thru its phases and I always state this month I will do a Full Moon Dreamboard. Vision boards have been a powerful imaging tool for me for a decade. But I have yet to initiate the energy on a full-moon. This month I accomplished my goal.

I had wanted a rustic window and a board with depth and movement, layers of reveal. The gathering process led me in a different direction. It’s okay.

The I have to admit I struggled with time. I thought, there is no way. No time. No space. But I breathed into my worry and released it. I accomplished my board in less than an hour. No excuses anymore. I told myself, if I only managed to clip two images and put them on a bulletin board so be it.

But this came together, fluid. I love it!

Next month I’m hoping to find that rustic frame that’s deep, 3-5 inches deep. I can dream-it. I can create-it.

In the mean-time for this lunar month I am dreaming of: Massages, trail runs, rest, reading good books, beaches, yoga, and hugs. I’m dreaming bigger dreams too!

Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you mine!

You too can participate with other creatives developing dreamboards with Jamie Ridler!

Setting Intentions and Living the Life!

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Jamie Ridler posted an Invitation today on her Facebook page!  An Invitation to, Start Calling Yourself an Artist Right Now!

And this week is all about intentions and creating the life I dream about. Jamie’s invite just helps me flow creatively into my week with joy and sure-footing.

The slidesows shows the images that fit me!

Feel free to visit her page and find out what fits you!


(Images provided by Jamie Ridler Studios–Thank you!)



Beach Bound–Day 4

Mike came home from work and said, “Let’s go do something fun!”

So off we went into the ever-changing atmosphere of Marquette where we eventually landed at South Beach only blocks from my home on a hill in South Marquette.

Beach Bound without Book on Day Four.

I am noticing a trend when I head out to a beach in the evening with Mike I forgo the book.

Beach Bound–Black Rocks

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Day III–Beach Bound at Black Rocks with no-Book.
Thursday was a day off work, the necessity of taking a book and loosing myself in some fiction wasn’t a pressing matter. The day was more-or-less mine. The beach held off until late in the evening and Mike and I had a camera walk on a different kind of beach. Presque Isle has an area on the sunset side called Black Rocks and it is a popular location for cliff jumpers. Even in the cool of this summer evening people were still jumping into Superior. My mood and energy levels are at an all time low today. I remind myself to ride the tide of energy and reflect with the help of that vast blue water letting this low of mine drift and flow.

Beach Bound, Day Two

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Beach Bound, Day Two was set up the night before with coworkers. We would wake and meet-up and visit the beach at Lil’ Presque Isle just outside Marquette up County Road 550. Three girls, one boyfriend, and a beach. Perfect! We arrived prior to 1pm (work 3-11 shift). We walked thru the tall red pines to an open and almost completely vacant beach. The water warm enough for me to dive in! Not bad for Lake Superior in early July. But then came the black flies. So location for Beach Bound, Day Two rearranged locations to a tropical paradise with honeysuckle, red rose, a crystal clear warm pool and a new friend. Funny thing is I (we) still arrived at work early on Wednesday. But I was sooooo relaxed. BTW–>Not much progress made on the book today!

Getting Some Summer (Before Work) Day One

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Middle Management is Challenging and carving out mindspace is the project of the week. No stress or less stress. So, I’m rewarding myself with a romance novel (I never read romance but it came highly recommended) and trips to the beach. Tuesday, July 5th 2011 was Day One. I visted Picnic Rocks Beach in Marquette, Michigan. The day after the Fourth of July saw only a handful of people, some tourists with questions and 30 minutes of sun before workign the 3-11pm shift.

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