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Union Spring


Porcupine Mountains,
Union Spring,

The day was washed out and our cameras wet, fogged, and spotted by drops, it was hard to keep dry. And I’ve dragged my feet editing the trip due to the challenges. Then I played in B/W with images to bring out a washed effect. Here is Mike with rain pouring off the umbrella and camera tucked under his coat.

Trippy Kim, Porcupine Mtns. Then & Now

Kim Porcupine Mtns. 2007

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock
Kim at Tree Near Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains 2007
Size: 18/20

Kim Porcupine Mtns. 2009

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock
Kim at Tree Near Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains 2009
Size: 9/10
Weight Loss: 47 pounds

Kim Tai Chi, 2007

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock
Tai Chi Kim at Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains 2007
Size: 18/20

Tai Chi, Kim 2009 (500px)

Photo Credit: Mike Hainstock
Tai Chi Kim at Presque Isle River, Porcupine Mountains 2009
Size: 9/10
Weight Loss: 47 pounds

Day Two–Porcupine Mountains in the Rain


Day One in the Porcupine Mountains on our fall trip was rain filled. Taking photos meant balancing umbrellas, walking slow and carefully and battling fogged and rain-speckled lenses. Light was challenging in the deep Eastern Hemlock Forest.

Both of these photos were shot during heavy rains on the Union Gorge hike. We entered the trail at an odd location and when we emerged it was on South Boundary Road. At first we walked the S. Boundary road back toward where we parked and then worried it was taking too long, returned to trail and re-traced out steps. So, we did the trail twice. Good thing it is a short one.

Tomorrow I will make a post on our “Enroute Day.” Mike and I never drive straight to a destination. Ultimately there are many stops.

porkiesdy1_mikeunion_0017 copy

9/21–Preparations & Departures


(This print is available in 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10)

Today was all about what would happen at the end of my work-shift–VACATION! I am taking 4 days. The last time we traveled to the west end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mike and I took photos in the Porcupine Mountains. One of those photos is my most often sold item, it has the highest hits to my website, and has become my signature photo, “Mist Woods.”

I went to Balanced Bodies for physical therapy at 7:45 a.m. and had Jeannie Wagner teach me how to “tape” my shoulder with KinseoTape. I also purchased some BioFreeze in a roll on applicator for Mike’s back. I prefer oils of my own making, but this BioFreeze will pack well on the trail.

My hours for the week are submitted. My end of the month paperwork is in. All that is left is to buy ice for the cooler and visit the bank on the way outta town.

The laptop is coming but I do not expect Internet where we’re going. Basically it is coming along (the laptop) just in case my camera’s memory cards become full (I am taking an 8 and 4 gig). So the next, posts on my 21-day Promise will have to be scrolled into a travel journal with ink-pen.

Today, I owned my morning. I prepped. I ate healthy. I was very hopeful.

Nature Photographs to Benefit Local Environmental Causes

Kim Nixon, Northern Michigan University Alum, has committed a percentage of sales to local environmental issues.  Nixon’s nature images captured on trail show the beauty and uniqueness of the Upper Peninsula; they often include a water element.


“I live in the Upper Peninsula because no other place calms me. We are gifted to have such a wealth of trails to explore locally and throughout the Upper Peninsula. Nature gifts us each day and I want to give back, to help maintain these lands and waters for my grandchildren.”


Kim Nixon’s first exhibit includes images from the Eben Ice Caves, Porcupine Mountains, and the Ontonagon River.  “I’m learning about texture and light, how we are called to witness nature, and how the colors of winter ice and brown water have depth.”


A percentage of proceeds from the show at Dead River Coffee will be distributed to local organizations to protect the lands and waters that calm Nixon.


Kim Nixon’s exhibit will be on display through the month of May at Dead River Coffee, 143 W. Washington Street, Marquette, MI 49855.

Mist Woods

Mist Woods, Copyright Kim Nixon 2007
Update: This photo was auctioned for an AMCAB event to raise money for feeding the hungry.

Prints can be yours! Drop me an email.

Update 12/21.2007: Today I posted this as my “Best of 2007” photo at and also had this professionally matted (to be picked up Christmas Eve). 8 x10 Matted prints in a limited edition will be issued in 2008. I will also have a limited number of postcards with this image. Stay Tuned for more info or email me.

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