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PhotoFriday: Young & Old Submission for the theme, Young &  Old. The Photo “Liam Faces Shed” was taken by Kim Nixon during her Grandson’s birthday party. The image can be seen full size at Flickr.

Advertisements–Extreme Close-up, Extreme Close-up--Dune Grass, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Picking a super-macro shot for the theme was difficult. Extreme Close-up is never easy when there is wind. I like how this shot turned out. Taken in November at the Illinois State Beach down from the retired nuke plant. The day promised storm with dark skies, wind and cold numbing my fingers as I crawled thru grasses to find this perfect frond. Meditation

Bishop Baraga Shrine, close-up, photocopyright Kim Nixon

Roadside America has a nice article on the “Snowshoe Priest,”  Bishop Baraga. The night I arrived the sun was almost down. I was torn between this man’s face and the sunset on the horizon. This is one of three shots I took in an instant. I was intent on the sunset–that’s where I meditated.

This is a 60-foot-tall statue raised up in the air. It is impressive. The size of the snowshoes, he holds. The cross in his hand. Holy Wah!

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Photo-Friday–Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame, Builder Series, photo copyright Kim Nixon

I love the inspiration I get from The inspritation comes from the topic or theme each week–this week is Freeze Frame. And the inspiration comes from viewing the other photographers photos. Please visit to vote for your favorites and to view the world as the photographers come from all corners of our beautiful planet. Submission–Relationships

copyright Kim Nixon

This digital capture speaks to me of the relationship an audience has with the musician(s). In this relationship I was sitting a couple feet away listening to a workshop at Hiawatha Music Festival (Marquette Michigan 2008). Under the tent at Second Stage, the musicians are Seth Benard and Mike Waite.

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Tuesday Twelve–The Passage of Time

Passage of Time--Springs, copyright Kim Nixon

In 2007, I had many goals as a mother, grandmother and artist. Growth in my loving relationship with Mike. Career. I discovered many aspects of myself. The above photo was taken with a disposable camera, Fuji 400 film. I was beginning to fall in love with image, shadow, light, time, age. The photo was taken in the backyard at Ramblin’ Rose Art Center in Mohawk Michigan. It was a trip that would play more into the development of my life as Artist than I would first give the trip credit for. Thanks Carol! Below are the 12 reflections for this Tuesday.

  1. Making personal space for reflection let me know the pattern of my thoughts, tuned me into fears, and allowed me to see the world.
  2. I feel better when walking on trail, spongy ground, breathing outdoor air.
  3. I enjoy photography it allows me to say more than words.
  4. I am beginning to feel like an artsy arrangement of springs left to weather.
  5. Birth, maturity, growth, I am gifted through the eyes of all around me, daughter, grandson, mate…
  6. I crave community, still.
  7. Vines in the garden remind me of adventures and offshoots to the path, vignettes, poems.
  8. I miss my mother, the first creator I was in awe of.
  9. Crayons are still my favorite tool.
  10. Music breathes life into sullen dark days.
  11. Movement heals.
  12. Touch centers us all.

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